How I Got Another Joseph Abboud Shirt

Joseph Abboud - pic from Bridgeport dot E.D.U
Joseph Abboud – pic from Bridgeport dot E.D.U

I attended two meetings with two drilling companies in the vicinity of KLCC the other day, then finished the meeting an hour before lunch time. Then I took Wifey for a short meeting on branding before going to Pavillion for lunch. Rainmaker and Me And My Life joined us at Yo! Sushi! for a eat-’til-you-shit sushi lunch. LITERALLY! After that horrendous bingeing, Rainmaker and I felt the urge to go and dump crap. Unbeknownst to me, Rainmaker had gone to his office’s restroom to do his deed, while I, went from one floor to another, searching for an empty booth.

I found several, on the top-most floor. But at that moment, the maintenance people were there. Apparently they had some water pressure-related problem there, and they were frantically talking to people manning the valve controls somewhere, via walkie-talkies, asking them to turn the pressure up. A few flushes later, the booths were certified “fit for farts – and beyond.”

I got in, stripped down, and continued with my good deeds of making this month’s pay for the sewage treatment people at Indah Water worthy. If I had had to run to the other end of the mall to search for an empty booth, something runny would have ran down my legs.

My deed completed, I turned on the tap to wash.


The tap just blew out from the wall, uncontrollable jet of water now hosing me from top to bottom. I struggled to put the tap back in but to no avail. The pressure was just too high. Well, if you can’t beat them, join them, or so they say. So, I proceeded to squat on the toilet seat and shove my arse towards the water jet. Painful! But it had to be done.

Soaked like a drowned rat, I put my pants back on, my right side totally drenched to my socks. I was contemplating to sue the mall management for exemplary damages, but thinking of the morale torture I would have to undergo, explaining to the court what I was doing prior to the pipe bursting, and having that splayed all over the print and electronic media…not worth the pain.

I sent a text to Wifey to explain to her of my predicament. She rushed up to meet me and suggested I buy a new pair of shirt. I had just paid for lunch, and was short of cash. I’d be dripping water all over the mall if I went down to the ATM – four levels down. Imagine the looks I would have gotten from shoppers, furthermore it was during lunchtime. So, Wifey agreed to buy me a new pair of shirt.

So, friends, that was how I got me another new pair of Joseph Abboud. 🙂