Revisiting Sipadan – Day One: Tawau

I’ve been looking forward to this trip since November 2008, booked the flight tickets back in December 2008, and now I am here in Tawau, typing this out, and will be leaving for Mabul Island in 6 hours time.

The day started very early, as I had to send Wifey to Renek’s place by 6.15am. After watching her and Dalie leave for the airport, I went back home feeling lonely. I got home, got back into bed, and held Wifey’s baju tidur to my nose and continued sleeping. Got up at 7.45am, showered and all, sent Medina to her kindergarten, and then went for a meeting with the drillers at 9.30am. Then off to Renek’s and his dad sent us to the airport for our flight to Tawau.

Here are some pics of the day’s activities:


Kimi and Renek reading

Approaching Tawau

Having dinner

Tomorrow, we’re moving to Semporna at 6.45am, and then off to Mabul.

(To be continued)