Previously, this floor had been a happy and clean floor. I had a good time dumping crap, as many as 3 times a day here. There was only one other company housed across the floor.

Then, sometime mid this year, another company moved to this floor, located, too, across the floor. That was when the toilet started getting dirty, and I had to scold some Kampung Punya Anak Haram at one point.

After Aidil Fitri, another two companies moved in across the floor, and I try not to go dump crap there anymore if I have to….like unless it would be detrimental to my image (and pants). I cannot believe the toilet manners and etiquette of the employees of these companies – several times I caught them not flushing after urinating (let alone wash hands after); there would be tissue paper strewn all over the toilet floor. Some would be at the base of the rubbish bin (not inside, for some weird reason). There would be fresh pee spattered on the floor beneath the urinal bowls. These people must have snail for dick or something.

Just today, one yuppie came into the toilet, stood at the urinal next to where I was, unzipped his fly, and all I saw was urine shooting out from don’t know what (cos I doubt he has a dick), and it hit the rim of the bowl, splashed on the floor. Then he zipped up his pants, and walked to the wash basins. No, he didn’t flush. Neither did he wash his hands. He proceeded to press the zits on his face.

After flushing, I walked over to the wash basin to wash my hands. There was zit juice and blood on the wall mirror where he stood, and also inside the wash basin. Then he combed his hair and proceeded to the door. I was pissed. I scolded him:

“Mak bapak engkau tak ajar ke lepas kencing flush?”

He just stared at me and said nothing. As he was halfway out, I screamed at him:

“Lain kali jilat la nanah jerawat engkau tu!”

I went after him and shouted:

“Bodoh! Dasar mak bapak main dengan babi!”

He ran away.

I can’t wait to move to my new office now.