A Step Farther

A tenth of a score is the number of years
that your mother is now almost free of tears
the day that her love and mine were sown
was the day I took you as my own

Two years it has been that time has flown
not once have I ever rested a single bone
one was for us to know each other
the other I became your stepfather

Taking you to the clinic at night’s not a bother
your life is what I try make smoother
to my kids sometimes I wish to do the same
even though you always have for me a name

For you I cook, bear the heat of the flame
hoping the taste you would not find as lame
being loved by you was not what I sought
missing my children is the feeling constantly fought

I am sometimes filled with fraught
I know that your father I am not
I know that I can never be perfect
all I hope for is some show of respect

For I always try to take a step farther
but it is never always easy being a stepfather…