Mad Sailor

Do you get annoyed when you hear people who have bad command of the English language attempt to speak English with an accent that’s neither English nor American? I cringe every time I hear someone utters the words ‘VEGETABLE‘ (pronounced VARE-GEE-TAY-BUHL) and ‘ELEPHANT‘ (pronounced ALLEY-F-ANT (as in SEMUT), and any other mispronounced simple word.

Yesterday evening as I drove to pick up my wife from the office, I was tuned in to this radio station that offered the Album of the Week to the person who could spell certain words correctly. Then there was this caller who spoke with an accent that no mat sallehs would use, and it annoyed me like hell. When the DJ asked her to spell the word ANTAGONIST her reaction was:


Did you notice the absent ‘H’ above? Yes, suddenly, she spoke perfect Manglish. And the DJ repeated the word ANTAGONIST again.

“Oh no! Errr…U-N-T-O-G-A-N-I-S-T”

Not wanting to self-flagellate any further, I quickly changed the station…

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