The Lazy Husband

I wanted to blog about this yesterday but I felt so burnt out after office that I just crashed myself onto the bed the moment I arrived home. It’s a compelling issue that has been playing on my mind for a few days now that I thought I should pen it down as soon as I can before it ends up as one of those countless drafts I have on this blog.

Anyway, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a lazy husband. He is so lazy he didn’t leave home to have an affair!

Lazy Husbands exist. My wife had a lazy husband for 7 years before deciding she;d had enough of being the sole breadwinner in the family; feeding not just the kids, but the husband too. Ontop of that, she had to fork out for the groceries, pay the car’s monthly installments, finance his “teh tarik” sessions with “potential clients“, working her butt off while he lazes at home busy on the Playstation.

Anyway, what prompted me to write on this topic is because of what happened to me a few days back. It concerns a “kakak” from a different subsidiary whom I have hardly spoken to, but suddenly approached me at my office asking to lend her some money. It wasn’t a small amount. When told I do not have that kind of money to spare, she left, looking for other “victims” to borrow from.

I didn’t know anything about her until some of my staff members saw her approach me. Apparently according to them, her husband doesn’t work. Not because he is disabled, but because he is just plain lazy. He would portray himself as a successful businessman, but in reality beats his wife up if she doesn’t give him money to spend. They have two children, staying in a double-storey terraced house near Rawang that she’s paying for. She commutes by train to work daily while he drives around Rawang and wherever else in the car that she pays for monthly. She has been borrowing here to cover for the previous loan there. I understand now why my boss’s secretary has been asking her to cater for our office’s small do’s – she can cook well. I think if she were to cook nasi lemak for the husband to sell on a daily basis, they would make at least RM100 per day; that would be more than enough to supplement her income to feed her family and the lazy husband as well.

Of course the husband would have none of that – he does not want to be seen doing odd jobs or jobs that look petty in his eyes.

Deeper probing have revealed that other managers have lend her money before, some up to three years ago, which she has yet to settle. And the amount runs into five-figures, almost triple my gross salary. The problem doesn’t just lie in him as the lazy husband, but in her with her denial syndrome as well. Any talk about asking her husband to look for a job would be met with the usual response, “My husband is a good businessman.”

I certainly feel nobody should lend her anymore money. If she does not want to help herself by either asking the husband to get a job, by her getting out of the marriage to save her future and that of her kids, then she does not deserve help.

As for this kakak, I just wish her well and hope one day her husband will knock some senses into her head – literally.

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  1. the kakak and the husband can clobber each other till they can finally knock some senses to each other.

    what i hope, what i sincerely hope, is that: no child shall be hurt during the process.

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