Colour Of Skin

When DAP’s ADUN for Kota Alam Shah in Selangor made an insulting remark about the Malaysian flag on National Day, there was an outcry and a call for him to be punished.  DAP did just that by suspending him from the party for six months.  This was later commuted to just a severe reprimand from the party’s “disciplinary committee.”  It was a punishment nonetheless.

DAP’s office holders are notorious for not respecting the Rukunegara, which was based on the Federal Constitution.

After the political Tsunami of 2008, several DAP’s assemblymen from Penang, Perak, Pahang, Johor, and most recently in Sarawak, refused to either don the official attire and/or the songkok.  The songkok, to them, symbolizes Islam, which is the official religion of Malaysia.  Several rulers were insulted by these people that the Sultan of Johor even made a remark about the behaviour of one who was thrown out of Johor’s Dewan.  Coincidentally, this same state assemblyman is now serving a six-month suspension for using the party’s money for his own interest (if this was done by a BN rep, they would have asked for a Royal Commission of Inquiry).

When the Chief Minister of Penang made a defamatory remark regarding the state of Johor, he too was let off without even a pinch given.

The difference between all the people mentioned above and the Kota Alam Shah’s rep is: the latter is not Chinese.

So much for a so-called multiracial party.