The Case For Turun Zakir Naik

Zakir Naik.

A name that I never knew of until last week, when a lawyer-friend asked me what I thought of him. I never gave the question much thought until this morning.

Zakir Naik was a doctor in India until he decided to abandon his practice to pursue his idea of helping Islam, or so he believes.

His speeches have irked so many that he was refused entry into the UK and Canada for glorifying terrorism and other inflammatory remarks. You can read more about it here.

He is due to make an appearance here in Malaysia. Blogger Dhanyaraam described Zakir Naik as a person who could affect the harmony of Malaysia’s plural society. Zakir Naik on several occasions have made fun of the Hindu lord, Ganesha.

Would I want a person like Zakir Naik here in Malaysia? I hope the authorities would seriously look into this matter. But as a Muslim, God’s warning in Surah al-An’am (6: 108) is reason enough for me to not allow him in.

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  1. i personally think the media is manipulating his reputation. Thats why we at tehtarik yb interviewing him direct n we found out he is actually a modest muslim ulama who worth listen to ..

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