The Definition of Integral

When the Turks charged at the British lines during the Battle of Gallipoli, they cried “Allahu Akbar.” The British soldiers retorted, “Come and get your Allah here!”

If the same British soldiers are here now, they would be utmost disappointed that the Christians in Malaysia now want to accept Allah – the name of the God they believed to be false – as the special noun to replace the word “god”.

Why am I still on this issue? Some lawyers now say whatever decree the Agong issues, is not binding for non-Malays and non-Muslims.

Fine. The Malay Rulers may not have intrinsic powers left apart from dissolving or withholding a cabinet or state assembly, appoint a Prime Minister or a Menteri Besar, and protect the religion of Islam and Malay customs. I shall not dwell too deeply into this but my friend SatD has written a very good piece on this in his blog Pure Shiite.

What is most important is that when the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) confiscated those Bibles containing the special noun “Allah”, they were acting on the provisions of Section 9 of the Selangor Shariah Criminal Enactment which prohibits the use of 25 or so Islamic words and nouns in non-Muslim publications. You will be committing a crime merely by having one in your house or car, let alone propagate one to a Muslim (or more).

What does the Shariah enactment have to do with non-Muslims, you may ask. Everything! It is NOT an Islamic law, it is a State law! Actually, it is a State Criminal Law! And a state criminal law applies to all be they Muslims or otherwise. And it is a STRICT LIABILITY law! Like I said, you have one, you break the law!

You constitutional law sexperts may also argue that the law is unconstitutional. It may be so. But it is the state law until and until a Constitutional court decides otherwise.

Oh, cry foul all you want and claim that the Apellate Court judges were all Malays. This is the part that I do not understand. All these challenges to the decision of the Apellate Court may be a norm to some of you common criminals and petty lawbreakers; the judges may not even hazard to act against them but the person who should be taking action, the Attorney-General, should. It is in contempt of a court ruling. What does that tell me, a layman? The A-G is simply useless for allowing lawlessness become a norm.

When Muslims cry foul to the Christians saying that “Allah” is an integral part of Islam, it is because the concept of trinity is an antithesis of the “Oneness” of Allah. The special noun refers to The God, One and Only God. Not a God that needs a trike to be able to “stand.”

The Christians lashed back saying that the Muslims should not tell them what is integral and what is not to them, saying that Allah is integral to the Christians. Else why quarrel over the special noun?

The word “integral” means something that if not present, does not complete something. Like tyres to cars.

Let me ask them this: if “Allah” is integral to the Christian faith, does this mean that the Popes, for 2,000 years, all the way from St Peter Petrus, have gotten it all wrong?

Maybe those adamant to use the special noun “Allah” can now shout to the Pope to come get his “Allah” here.

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  1. Good argument. The Christian Evangelists are really acting foolish in this issue. It is plain obvious that they can’t use the word Allah as a translation for the word god. Yet they are still acting as if they are right.

    1. Whatever that is happening now is a reminiscence of how it was pre-13th May. They will keep pushing the envelope until the Muslim/Malays explode, then cry foul for the oppression of the minorities, begging foreign intervention to depose the government and put them up there.

      Why the A-G fails so far to see this is beyond my comprehension, and this situation is made worse by the ill-advise to remove the ISA.

      1. True. They made a real great mistake by signing the treaty by the UNHRC which made it a compulsory for the government to deplete ISA. Why hadn’t anyone make any noise on Singapore? They still enforce their ISA. Compare the crime rate before and after ISA was removed. It took only a short while for the gangsters to go havoc. Thankfully, we have a good police chief and a great Zahid Hamidi to take care of the security affairs and not H20.

  2. Assalamualaikum my dear brother. May The blessings and mercy of ALLAH SWT be with you and all your loved ones.
    Over the last few months, both you and SatD have streneously argued against the Misuse of The Kalimah Of Allah SWT by the Mushryiks in their Bible.
    Recently a friend of mine…a christian asked me what was my stand. Without fear or favour , i told him my stand and the reasons for my objections. I am Glad to say, that we still remain as friends.
    I am convinced that the everyday Christian isnt too bothered about the use of the Kalimah. They (the Malaysian Christians) liken themselves to the westerners way of life. The very last thing these people want is to use an arabic term for God in their Daily life.
    The real reason as we all know is about Propergation of the Christian faith to Muslims and if anyone tells you otherwise is a liar.
    This Whole affair which continues to polarise this country. So…who is to be blamed you may ask…well ….i Blame the damn Muslim politicians in this country. They are (with the exception of a few who appear to be insignificant in position) the true Hyporites who are trying to gain from from this entire saga. Muslim Politicians on both sides of the devide want to milk the issue for what ever wordly benefit they may reap from this issue. I would like to take this oppotunity to warn them against this act of hypocracy against the Qalam of Allah SWT.
    FURTHER….Our leader (DS. Najib) just cant stand by the way side and hope for the best . More is expected from a muslim leader. I am seriously restraining myself from unleashing a torrent of abusive expletives and may ALLAH continue to give me the strenght to do so.
    Salam my Dear Brother and as always i await wt eager anticipation for your next blog posting.

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