The Mahathir SPR Connection

Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abd Rahman, former SPR Chairman who is now a PPBM strongman

It was reported by ASTRO Awatni tonight that there is a reason for former SPR Chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abd Rahman joining Pribumi.  It is all to ensure that U-Turn Mahathir gets a seat that he could win, carved out in the latest delineation exercise by the SPR.

Mahathir, who left his job in 2003 hoping that a proxy would run the country on behalf of him, has returned to active politics for the past two years and even formed a party called Pribumi, a party for mostly prehistoric indigenous people originating from the Indian subcontinent where he is the Chairman.

The new Parliemantary seat called Xiao En Jaya, which is in northern Negeri Sembilan near Nilai, will include two state seats namely Xiao En and Nilai 3.  Unnamed sources in SPR said that Tan Sri Abdul Rashid had specifically instructed insiders to propose the new constituency during the previous delineation exercise.

Tan Sri Rashid spcifically wanted a seat where Mahathir can win.  Xiao En Jaya  was chosen because there is enough phantom voters from Xiao En Memorial Park (also known as the Nilai Memorial Park) supported by the 40,000 Bangladeshis and Pakistanis working in carpet shops in Nilai 3 who could vote for Mahathir,” said another unnamed source.