An Apology Does Not Equal Exoneration

MANY asked me about Tun Haniff Omar’s apology to Lim Kit Siang as read from an agreed text made in the court yesterday.

The apology was made for a remark made in a forum organised by Sinar Harian that the Member of Parliament was responsible for and had the intention to direct DAP to separate or divide Peninsular Malaysia into two parts based on race, and intended to sow discord between the Malay and Chinese communities.

Malay apologists were quick to jump the gun claiming that Malaysians had been duped into thinking that Kit Siang was involved in inciting the various races in the country that led to the May 13 tragedy.

The apology was not about that at all.

Let me reiterate in all fairness, that Lim Kit Siang did not utter those said words.

I was made to understand that they were the words of another politician who was also arrested for sedition after the tragedy, as was Lim Kit Siang who was arrested for other reasons.

When the movie Tanda Putera was shown, many pro-Malay bloggers said it was Lim Kit Siang who was involved in a scene depicting a group of non-Malays who urinated at the base of a flag pole.

I wrote on my blog that that scene did not involve Kit Siang, as he was arrested in Kota Kinabalu and was not in Kuala Lumpur when that and the rioting happened.

In fact, it was almost two months to the day of the tragedy that Kit Siang was arrested under Section 11(2)(b) of the Internal Security Act, 1960 for six offences under the Act ranging from 27 July 1968 in Tanjung Malim where he claimed that the education policy was designed to achieve an eventual extermination of Chinese newspapers, Chinese schools and Chinese languages, to an incident on May 13 1969 at a rally at Kampung Air in Kota Kinabalu where he said that the government was trying to have a Malay Malaysia by dividing the people into bumiputera and non-bumiputer, that “the Malays were first class Bumiputera” and that the government was carrying out a policy of “Malaysiation” of Sabah whereby all top post were held by the Malays.

He was also alleged to have stirred anti-Malay and anti-Islamic religious feelings by telling the audience at Kampung Air that the government was pursuing the policy of exploitation by Malays of other races and that the government, by holding an International Islamic Conference in Kuala Lumpur, had intended to send Malaysian citizens to die in the Middle East in order to capture Jerusalem for the Muslim World (Jerusalem was captured by Israel during the 1967 Arab-Israeli War).

Kit Siang had only offered explanations for the inciting speeches he made, but I never saw any apology made for saying those things.

So, no. Yesterday’s apology should not be misconstrued into an exoneration of Lim Kit Siang’s guilt of fanning the sentiments that led to the May13 1969 tragedy.

It was only to underscore the fact that Kit Siang did not utter those words and was arrested because of that as mentioned by Tun Haniff.

(this article first appeared on The Mole )

Farewell Uncle Zaman

The fish head curry group in August 2020

Our fish head curry group that consists of former senior police officers and security practitioners have lost a very iconic member today. Tan Sri Datuk Mohd Zaman Khan bin Rahim Khan (4th from right), former Director of Criminal Investigation of the Royal Malaysian Police, and former Director-General of the Prisons Department has left us peacefully all at 10.15am.

The country has lost an iconic hero who was always on the literal front line as a crime buster. When he was the Kuala Lumpur traffic chief (1972-74), instead of directing and controlling traffic at a crime scene, he was the one who raided the criminals before the actual raiding party arrived. Soon after, he was made the Officer-in-Charge of Criminal Investigations (OCCI) of Selangor.

Tan Sri Zaman Khan loved his fish head curry, and we’d always gather on a quarterly basis at the Restoran ZK in Kampung Attap. We even said that ZK stands for Zaman Khan. This photo was taken last year in August when we could still dine-in in groups, and was the last time we gathered with him. We were just planning to have another gathering as soon as he’d be discharged from IJN.

When he was hospitalised at the Nephrology Ward HKL, my wife and I spent a couple of hours with him. We spoke about those days back in the 1970s and 1980s, but he literally lit up when talking about food. He was always a foodie.

He was a very close family friend. I knew him since I was 9. We used to go on holiday trips together. My father has lost a brother, while I have lost a father figure. We’d always talk about him visiting the kebun again soon, since he used to join us back in the mid 1970s.

Our condolences to his widow Aunty Rosnah and children Anna, Kimi, Lily, Abe and Aya, sons and daughters-in law, and grandchildren whom he loved so much. May Allah SWT continuously shower his soul with His blessings and love and place him amongst the righteous. This is a very sad day for me indeed.

Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un.