Lim Kay Kiang

Kay Kiang is a Hokkien term to describe someone who acts smarter than he really is. So Lim Kit Siang is actually Lim Kay Kiang.  His parting shot for Friday’s Twitter was to ask Najib Razak about an allegation that RM9.5 million was paid to Shafee Abdullah who was prosecuting for the government in Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy 2.0 trial.

The allegation was made by Sarawak Report which said that two payments were made by Najib Razak using 1MDB funds from an Ambank account.

I shall not comment about the status of the accounts mentioned by Lim Kay Kiang. I shall let others handle that part.  This is typical shit-stirring by Lim Kay Kiang who has turned a blind eye on his son Chao Ah Beng’s corrupt practices.  Chao Ah Beng, who is a quintessential Ah Beng said that he will fight to the end to clear his name has been delaying his own trial to play for more time.

What Lim Kay Kiang ought to realise is that firstly, no matter the amount that was paid to Shafee, the money could not have come from 1MDB.  Even Pakatan-mouthpiece Malaysiakini said that the money had been transferred out of Malaysia the day the account that held the money was closed – 30 August 2013.

Secondly, Shafee was the prosecutor for the trial. You can pay him all the money available in Malaysia but the verdict and judgment rest on the trial judges.  Therefore, what effect does paying Shafee have on the outcome of the trial?

The money that was received by the account bearing Najib Razak’s name was for UMNO.  Whatever amount that was not used was transferred out of the country.  I am sure that there is nothing wrong with receiving funds for political purposes, to make the country a better place.  If you don’t believe me, you can ask Pony Tua who is the DAP’s chief mischief.

Perhaps Lim Kay Kiang should ask Pony Tua what he meant by “What’s wrong with foreign funding to improve democracy.”

Lim Kay Kiang can stir all the shit up if he wants to but he should also surrender his son to the nearest prison before commenting on a non-issue trying to make a rocket of a dildo.

Anwar’s Lawyer Says It Is Not Sinful To Use His Butt Lovingly

Afiq M Noor, the former ASSistant Manager for Sisters In Islam (SIS) and a lawyer who once represented convicted sodomist Anwar Ibrahim claims that nowhere does Islam condemn LGBT.

He said in those days there was no consensual sodomy but only acts of aggression and rape.

He said that in Surah Al-A’raf verse 80 God specifically mentioned sodomists and not homosexuals.

I now know that straight people bugger male bungholes just to express anger and to humiliate the person because he can.

Of course he knows Arabic better than any of the scholars that have gone through the Quran for 1500 years.

This is what I call “selective quoting” of the Quran. By selecting only Verse 80 of Al-A’raf he deduced that Islam allows LGBT.

Of course if he was not being selective, he would have seen the next verse which is 81 where Allah said:

“Indeed, you approach men with desire, instead of women. Rather, you are a transgressing people.”

Desire doesn’t sound like rape or aggression with the intention to humiliate at all. It just says that the person loves to be in deep shit (pun intended).

Let us take another example from Ash-Shura verses 165 and 166:

Do you approach males among the worlds” (165). 

And leave what your Lord has created for you as mates? But you are a people transgressing.”(166)

So these males who rape other males rape only males? But they do so with desire? And leave women folks? Does that not sound gay to you?

And in An-Naml verse 55, Allah said:

Do you indeed approach men with desire instead of women? Rather, you are a people behaving ignorantly.”

So Allah talked about men who desire other men instead of women. And these are rapists who are out to shame other men? If they so desire, why don’t they desire to sodomise women instead?

Perhaps he is trying to find a way for people to go up his Hershey Highway, or was borne through one.

The Buggerer and the Buggered

I see people on my timeline jumping with joy when they saw the above photo making its rounds on the Internet and social media.

I hope they will have their feet planted firmly on the ground when they see this.

Do read more about it here.

It seems that Anwar the Buggerer has been buggered twice by Chief Buggerer Mahathir. Oh, don’t be naïve. Especially to those too young to remember what Mahathir had said about Anwar on the 22nd September 1998, two days after Mahathir had Anwar arrested.

Makes you wonder who’s the Buggerer and who’s the one Buggered, doesn’t it?

Cheap Discount 

The Discounted Lim Guan Eng

Mention the name Lim Guan Eng and two words come to mind: cheap and discount. Not only did he buy the bungalow with a cheap discount but he also takes cheap shots, while anything he says to defend himself can easily be discounted.

From the day he was released on bail after being arraigned and charged for being a corrupt official, Guan Eng, or more famously known now as Tokong has been going around for public sympathy and bad-mouthing the Attorney-General that if I were the Chief Justice, I would have issued a Writ of Mandamus to the court handling Tokong’s case to cite him for being in contempt.

Yes, contempt.

Tokong has been charged in court and a court proceeding process commences the moment the accused is arraigned. Unlike in the UK, the power to cite a person for being in contempt in Malaysia is given by statute. Attempting to influence opinions on a case that is still in process is being in contempt.

The Attorney-General has issued a warning to Tokong to stop his attacks on the former. My take on this is that the presiding judge should be firm and issue a warning to Tokong et al.

It is funny how Gobind Singh Deo, the counsel for Tokong, issued a counter-warning to the Attorney-General in support of his client’s behaviour.

I believe Gobind, a DAP office-holder, is just prodding the Attorney-General to see what ticks by making things more personal. It is just a ploy to find a reason to get the Attorney-General to be disqualified from the trial. For those who don’t know, the Attorney-General is a no-nonsense man and is a man with very few words. He is very careful with what he says and the need to say it.

Gobind is trying to say that it is within Tokong’s right to explain himself to the people, and I would like to reiterate that it is in contempt of court. I would like to bring you to an earlier event to show the hypocrisy of the DAP and also Tokong.

There was a time when government-appointed prosecutor Shafee Abdullah went on a roadshow to explain the Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy 2 case. The whole opposition jing-bang went to town to crucify Shafee. This included an opposition-leaning institution that is well-known for issuing statements drunkards would – aptly called the Malaysian Bar. They even wanted to disqualify Shafee from the legal profession.

Let us remember that Shafee conducted his roadshow AFTER the Sodomy 2 trial had concluded and a judgment had been made. In no way was Shafee ever in contempt as firstly he was explaining the case, and secondly he never disputed the judgment made. Tokong on the other hand had gone to town trying to vindicate himself and say that the Najib government is trying all out to oust him. And this is done while the trial is still underway and judgment has not been made.

Interesting that Gobind, as Tokong’s counsel, had asked the Attorney-General to shut up instead of giving proper legal counsel to his client. And for making public statements, I remember what the Malaysian Bar had said about Shafee:

“…holding press conferences, giving media interviews…”

I hope to see a motion by the Malaysian Bar to censure Gobind but I won’t bet on it. But I sure hope Penang Langs would discount Lim Guan Eng from being next term’s Chief Minister of Pulau Pinang.

Will The Real PM-in-Waiting Please Stand Up

Slightly over 5 hours of campaigning time to go when this blog post is typed. One after another of Pakatan Rakyat’s lies are being debunked. Hoping for a trump card in the issue of the indelible ink which saw the Pakatan Rakyat fall flat on its face, they turn to another issue:


Their alternative media troopers quickly went on a roll accusing Barisan Nasional of ferrying voters from Sabah and Sarawak to the Peninsula to be distributed to hot seats, then of bringing in foreign nationals, especially the Bangladeshis and this got Pakatan supporters in a frenzy that they even put up numbers for people to call in case they see foreign nationals voting:


Everywhere on the Internet people are told that Bangladeshi immigrants wearing blue coloured t-shirts or Barisan caps have emerged at the KLIA where hundreds of them appear every single day without fail be it the elections or otherwise. But of course, I found some Bangladeshi workers wearing t-shirts sponsored by PAS and caps by the Red Bean Army of DAP:


If you ask me, why should the government be so stupid to bring in Bangladeshis who look nothing like Malays? Indians, maybe, but Indians could tell if one is a Bangladeshi, or a Malaysian Indian, or an Indian Indian. It would have made more sense, if I were the power that be, to just give fake identity cards to the two million Indonesian immigrants already here. Why bother go through logistical and financial trouble when you can do things cheaper and covertly?

But of course, as a voter, I am worried about foreign voters. Instead of Bangladeshis, I am more worried about Chinese-looking voters. Hey, mind you there are 50 million Chinese people living all over the world, other than the 1.37 billion already in China.

How do I tell one apart from the other, if one is my friend’s girlfriend, while the other is probably one who would spread her legs if the price is right? Compared to the Bangladeshi who could speak fluent Malay after a few months, many IC-bearing Malaysian Chinese can’t even ask properly where the toilet is!


And 2.8 million of those live in Singapore. And guess what was found today (4th May 2013) by a friend, Bastien Onn, in Segamat, Johor?


I would be very worried that Chinese people from Singapore are being brought in to vote as well! Are my fears founded? Face it! It is not easy to own a car in Singapore. Under the Vehicle Quota Scheme, you have to have to bid for a Certificate of Entitlement (COE) before you are allowed to buy a car or a motorbike in Singapore, and it would be bloody expensive as well:

Registration fee + Cost Price + Road Tax + COE + additional registration fee (140% of OMV) and customs duty (31% of OMV)…OMV being the Open Market Value of the vehicle

But I am not the first to blog about this phenomena of Singapore-registered cars bearing flags of the Opposition, blogger Big Dog wrote about this in April 2013!

Therefore, please ask Pakatan why do they have foreigners trying to create imbalance in voting population especially in Johor!

The other question you should Pakatan is, who will be their PM should they come into power day after tomorrow. There seems to be this runaround given. One minute it’s Anwar, then Hadi, then Anwar. But do we want Anwar whose vices have been known to DAP since 1984? Yes, nine years longer than the police ever did. Of course DAP would deny, but no one can deny that in August of 1998 in Kubang Krian, Kelantan, it was Mat Sabu who gave Anwar the moniker al-Juburi. As a matter of fact, it was Anwar Ibrahim al-Juburi.

In fact, Karpal Singh raised this question in Parliament on the 22nd October 1997. Please refer to the Hansard images below:









If you want to know why has DAP not pursued this matter further, I shall tell you about it at the end of this post.

The above is further substantiated by this book about Anwar Ibrahim’s character that was published. If you read the book, all the contents were given by his former close friends and aides, some of whom were founder members of ADIL (later Keadilan, now Parti Keadilan Rakyat). I shall first thank my follower who provided me with the following images:


They include Chandra Muzaffar, Datuk Zahrain, then we have the infamous Datuk Eskay who first exposed Anwar’s tryst with the China Doll – an episode that has had Anwar’s Omega wristwatch missing from his possession until now.






What I am most interested in is a confession by one Rahimi Osman, a young aide who like Yuktesvijay, idolised Anwar from young. Who is Rahimi Osman? He was the one who brought Saiful Bukhari Azlan, the person Anwar reportedly sodomised, to work as a temporary helper. Yes, Saiful Bukhari was a temp. But Anwar took a liking for the guy that when Saiful Bukhari’s contract period had ended, Rahimi was asked to bring Saiful back.

The rest, of course, is history. You can ask Rahimi himself how he initially refused to believe Saiful, but after putting two and two together, NOT THE DAP CEC WAY, decided there was truth in the madness.



Which brings me to a comment on my previous blog post in Malay that caught my attention:


So, why hasn’t DAP pursue the matter? DAP is jockeying Anwar Ibrahim for political gains. Anwar is the fastest mule in the stable. All Anwar has to do is follow DAP’s pointer and jump when told to. He doesn’t even have the right to ask how high.

Corruption? Sex scandals? Abuse of power? Anwar Ibrahim is all that.

Therefore, before we go to cast our votes tomorrow, will the real PM-in-waiting please stand up!



“Oh! I haven’t seen your tummy in such a long, long time!”

That is how I would caption the above photo. However, since this is not a contest that I am running, I am here to share with you part II of the Anwar Sodomy Saga as written by a former member of his defence team, Yuktes Vijay. Enjoy your day:

The real story behind Sodomy 2 – Part 2

This article is in response to the claims of Dato Omar Abu Bakar in a video that was shared by Anwar Ibrahim on Facebook.

Why Anwar was in the apartment?

Anwar at various times claimed that he was in the apartment to meet some economists. However, none of these claims was ever substantiated. Not even one of the economist were brought to court to verify their presence with Anwar in court.

The truth is the defence council did interview 2 of the economists but they declined to take stand to support Anwar. Why? Were they really present there? Ask Anwar. This was indeed baffling as their evidence would have given Anwar a chance to prove to the general public that it was INDEED A BN CONSPIRACY. Anwar claims he was set up but the question is what was he doing in the apartment? Typical Anwar. He puts the blame on one and all but fails to provide the sufficient and relevant evidence to come clean when he has the chance to do so.

Remember China Doll-Omega saga? If only he had shown his Omega watch or denied having one, he would not have the need to flash his tummy in every ceramah or press conferences to prove his innocence. Well, the truth is at that point of time, he did have a tummy which was carefully concealed by a bullet vest which made him look not having a tummy. How I know this? I should thank Anwar for the wonderful tea he served in his house on March 21 2011. What happened on this day? Google it up!

The landlord of the apartment

The landlord, his wife and 2 maids were brought as defence witness’ for interview in KL High Court. Even he declined to be a witness. Imagine this. I have a friend. He gives me his house to have interviews, talks and even negotiations with people but hesitates to take the stand for you. I overheard a lot of disturbing things during this course of interview. For the record, the interview with the landlord was the longest and yet he did not take the stand.

What was spoken here and discussed here? I am privy to the information but I am declining to reveal much for now as I fear for my safety. Not wanting to sound dramatic but I do know the amount of harassing calls I am getting every single day.

All information that I know with regards to the issues that I have highlighted here will be out in my final part. Part 3. I promise to release it on nomination day. Part 3 will include the real story of why the house owner hesitated, alibi list, Anwar’s flip-flop game with the defence counsels, and PM Najib’s name was brought in to smear his credibility.

Cukuplah Anwar. Stop lying. Please.

Yuktes Vijay

This is going to be a very interesting general election.

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