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Koreking The Past – Part 1B: Tudung…Wajib Atau Tidak?

Posted on: April 11, 2008

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Only one response came from one of the Ketua Cawangans. As usual, responses lack reference.


— In, Ainul Adzellie
> Setuju dengan pendapat salam madu. Malah, ketika meniti
siratulmustakim, setiap wanita akan meniti rambutnya yang tidak
ditutup dan dibelah rambutnya kepada tujuh.
> Menutup aurah adalah WAJIB seperti juga SEMBAHYANG..kadang-hadang
kita sebagai manusia ni leka..banyak lagi dosa besar lain kita
buat …nauzubillah…NO FURTHER COMMENT….

My response:

Well, that’s your opinion. About titian siratulmustaqim, I have
heard various versions of it. Even men have to walk the 7 helai
rambut. Now, for a person like me, or Dato’ KB, that’s gonna be a
problem. Although KB has more hair than I do. Probably Hisham worse la.
On the other hand his jambatan maybe shorter in length.

As you say, menutup aurah is wajib. I do not dispute that. But if
you read this thread carefully, all I’m asking is…is RAMBUT part
of a WOMAN’s aurah?

So please answer that with your nas. I’ve given mine. Like I said, I
don’t believe in Taqlid, I believe in Ittiba’. And I don’t really
believe in the mazhabs either if I believe in Ittiba’. you know what they mean?

God wants spiritual fruits; not religious nuts!

There is nothing in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim that says women
who do not cover their hair will have to walk on their hair which
has been spliced into seven splices as the Siratul Mustaqim.

The only hadiths that were there pertaining to hair were of women
who oil the husband’s hair will be spared hellfire and will cross
the Siratul Mustaqim with easeness. The other one was about the
wearing of wigs and dyeing of hair. The Prophet SAW cursed those who
wear wig or have their hair lengthened, but wants Muslims to dye
their hair because Jews and Christians don’t do it. That’s a cue for
you Darul.

All I’ve heard about Titian Siratul Mustaqim is it’s breadth is the
equivalent to seven splices of hair, and it doesn’t matter who, or
what gender crosses it, the size will remain the same.

That’s what I’ve been saying about Taqlid dan Ittiba’…and of



Response from a Syariah Lawyer:

Tak Wajib. Actually terpulang kepada mana school of thought yg
mentafsirkan perkara ini, Apa yg saya tahu ada pandangan mengatakan
bahawa memakai tudung itu in actual fact means meliputi diri seseorang
dengan akhlak yang sempurna/baik menurut hukum-hukum allah. This
actually is a better translation sebab memkai tudung itu hanya fizikal
dan tak da kena mengena dengan baik buruk seorang mahupun samada
seoarang itu a good muslim or not.

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mebbe u can ask about the compulsory conversion of non muslims shud they want to marry one…

m dying to know who will tanggung their sins coz i have never been a believer of converting to a religion for the love of a person.

Deepy…conversion is only a requirement of a mazhab (school of thought), never a requirement in Islam. I shall write about this another time when I have the time. It has always been a topic I like to dwell on.

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