Surrendering Freedom

The last time I don office clothes and left home to go to office was on the 21st April 2006 – a day after coming back from deploying artificial reefs in Tioman for DHL. I went in to pack my things, and so did 5 others. All of them returned to working in an office within the year whereas I chose to remain as a freelance, spending most of my time underwater, among other things.

Come Monday, I am returning to an office – working in the oil and gas sector. On that day, Wifey will also be going back to office, having been unemployed since 3rd September this year.

I am 42 going on 43. Working underwater has really made me feel my age, and healthwise I am no longer fit to spend long hours underwater at such depths. About a month after the divorce more than a year ago, I have contracted two other illnesses – namely Asthma and Hypertension (brought about by the stressful conditions of my previous marriage), the latter discovered only 3 weeks after I was given a clean bill of health after my biannual full medical check-up.

Yesterday, Wifey and I went out to hunt for office clothes for me. I had thrown or gave away almost all my office clothes back in 2006, keeping only 4 pairs of suits: the two pairs I made in Bangkok, a pair I had made in KL (emergency measures) and a pair of Zegna.

In this setup I will be joining on Monday, I will be handling 13 job scopes including things like providing technical expertise on all operational, oil and gas and marine issues, managing a fleet of work barges and other offshore support vessels for the oil and gas industry. The fact that a subsidiary is also involved in the construction of oil platforms, barges, work barges and support vessels – meaning they also work on Saturdays, means I will also have to work on Saturdays, limiting my dive weekends to only Tioman. Other places including Perhentian and Redang can only be accessed during long weekends: meaning I will only fly to those places as I hate to drive during long weekends. That also means having to stay dry for 24 hours after my last dive before catching a flight home.

This job will be a challenging one, nevertheless, but at 42, telling people that you freelance is not exactly cool. And having a 9-5 job means I no longer have that pressure of having to market myself although I will only be paid the equivalent of a full Admiral of the Royal Malaysian Navy’s starting pay.

Let’s hope my brain can still do office wonders…

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  1. haha… finally SD bekerja…. i know u longer as a jobless…oppss i mean ‘freelance’…. heheheh….. which company is that?? i need kerja kosong la… 2009 coming… getting MAT’s approval soon… keluaaarrrr barisss

  2. wahh…back office ehh…but sadly no more diving as u wish afta this…hope this goes well wif u bro.. 😉

  3. Kimi…hahahha…soon our office will be nearby. I foresee moving to the place near yours in January.

    Mocha…hahhahaha…technically jobless la…dapat duit semua clean. Am joining this O&G outfit la…not at liberty to say here. Nak kerja kosong boleh…in the midst of expanding operations sebab banyak dapat contract. We can bring clients for Bak Kut Teh.

    Rumet…Full Admiral’s pay starts at RM7875.03 and stops at RM9853.39. Not a lot at all.

    Accordburuk…well, I can still go off on Friday evening la sometimes. Not all the time. But at times I will have to dive to inspect hulls, structures and monitor divers’ work. So I still get to dive 😉

  4. Zaza, your sister and I will work hard to bring Kazu and you back here next year and we shall all go to Perhentian island. You will love it there. We both hope that you will be able to find a good and better paying job there. Keep in touch should you guys need anything. Take good care!

  5. and that is also the amount saved by full admiral every month!! hahaha… dun haf to spend a single cent!! haha

  6. Mocha…ya lor…elaun perumahan aje dah RM2K. Staff car…batman, makan kat mess…main golf dengan subordinates dah tentu menang and dapat “betting” money…on top of that makan kat golf club semua subordinates tanggung…

  7. good that u dah kerja bro!! so, ada masa paintball tak? nak shot ur kepala botak hahahaha sorry.. i mean kepala ala admiral!

    mana lagi can tembak kepala admiral!

  8. countloon: u nak jadi parade commander or contingent commander?? kalau parade commander, i kasi u local rank tmrw… go do FFI dulu… haha…

  9. ada can ke offshore kah?
    all the very best ok.. (lupa nak wish tadi..)

    as always bro.. cayasamalu!

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