What’s In A Name

There used to be a time when it’s fashionable to have an Anglicised name, and I have covered this in one of the topics previously. You’d have Albert Baker, or Baker, or Ashburn, or Ash or simply Burn for someone called Abu Bakar. Others would have Raymond for Rahman, James for Jamsuri, Jam for Jamal, Keith for Kifli. I wonder why Zakaria would become Zack, when a closer and direct translation would give it a more glamourous name: Happy Cock.

Just this morning, Wifey pointed out at a faggot driving a car that overtook us, who happens to be the gay partner of one of her ex-colleagues’ ex-husband. She mentioned that he would introduce himself as Max. I cannot think of a name, a Malay name for that. Max. Probably his real name is Kimeks, or that may be what people call him, which is a shortened and adulterated version of the swearword Puk*m*k.

This brings me to a study of Etymology.

As I have mentioned, too, before, there is no one person who is an Ulama. You can’t say “So and so is an ulama.” That would be wrong. The root word for Ulama is Ilmu that means knowledge. Ulama is the plural word for Alim which means “the knowledgeable one.” Unfortunately, unlike 1500 years ago, the ulama of our time know nothing about maths and science, and astronomy. Most of them can only speak in two languages, Malay, and kindergarten-level Arabic perhaps.

Islam, is neither a cult nor is it a religion. And if you say it is an Agama, you should be banned! The word Cult originates from the the Latin Cultus that is still in use today, and is defined as:

“…a system of religious beliefs and rituals…”

What then is a religion? Religion is derived from the word religio that means:

“…belief in a divine or superhuman power or powers to be obeyed and worshiped as the creator(s) and ruler(s) of the universe…”

But why do religious people go out destroying cults if there is hardly any difference between the meaning of the two words? Simple. Religion is a cult that has grown big that it controls everything. A cult may have several thousand followers, while a religion has a billion or more followers. Christianity and Islam were regarded as cults during the early days. However, as they grew bigger, they were regarded as religions.

Islam, however, is mentioned in the Quran as Deen, which simply means “way of life“, a complete code on how to live your life without pissing other people of, let alone God, by whatever name you call Him.

So, why then is Agama wrong?

Well, according to “Siva Sutras: The Yoga of Supreme Identity” by Vasugupta, Jaideva Singh, Agama in the Hindu context is a word derived from Sanskrit:

“…a traditional doctrine, or system which commands faith…”

Therefore, Jabatan Agama Wilayah Persekutuan (JAWI) is a Hindu department. Therefore, it should be banned, since Yoga is said to have its roots from Hinduism.

So, that’s it. A writing of mine when I am feeling absolutely bored.