Finding An Old Friend

I was reading updates on my Facebook when I saw someone’s request to be added as a friend was approved by an old friend, Eizlan Yusof. Last I bumped into him was at a show by Anita Sarawak at the Shangri-La back in 2000, and had lost contact with him since.

So I decided to request to be added as a friend on Facebook, and attached a message asking if he still remembers who I am. The reply came a few hours later:

Eizlan Yusof's Thumbnail on FacebookEizlan Yusof
Today at 01:55
apa pulak tak ingatnya…apa kabar abg? akhirnya jumpa kat sini lak ya… masih terjun?

Another old friend found, thanks to Facebook.

Eizlan Yusof's profile pic on Facebook