As I Turn 43

Here I am, in Miri.

It is 1.07am on my 43rd birthday. I fell asleep for a while just now but woke up when I remembered I had not taken my medicines. In a little over 7 hours, I will be going to the yard to give a speech on behalf of the company and launch our latest vessel.

And I feel contented.

I feel contented because I feel I’ve done it right this time around; I feel contented because I now have someone very special in my life; someone who is truly a wife.

I feel contented because I have four lovely children, and in addition to that, I have three lovely step-children.

I now have one great sister-in-law (plus her crazy but fun hubby), two great brothers-in-law.

I also have very close friends who are also part of my ‘other’ family.

And I have a great brother, and cousins.

And I have me…a new me…whose total cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure levels are within good range.