This Is It

Michael Jackson's This Is It

It’s almost half a year since MJ’s passing, and it seems as if the world has finally accepted the fact that MJ’s gone and will never come back again. I sometimes wonder if people actually miss him. And after almost 3 weeks of hitting the big screens, This Is It was what I went to watch with Wifey.

I have written on this blog before that I am not truly a MJ fan; I listen to only a selected few songs of his, and I acknowledge him as probably being one of the best entertainers (if not THE best) that have ever lived.

However, This Is It allowed me to see MJ the person, the man behind the myth, what was he really like when he was being himself doing what he liked most. And it was sobering to see a man so filled with love and compassion, a child who never grew up but was filled with excitement, and a friend who cared for all.

All that imperfection shown on the screen, did not show MJ at his best. But it also showed what it took to be the best, and the best MJ was, and will always be.

It is the first movie that I did not see anyone standing when the ending credits began to roll. Everyone waited until it was truly over. And when it was, they clapped.

And I guess, they do miss MJ, and will continue to miss MJ.