Nasi Ganja

“Vangga! Vangga!”

That is how the waiters of the Nasi Kandar Ayam Merah stall would call out to customers, lending the other nickname to this famous stall: NASI VANGGEY

Yong Suan Restaurant on Jalan Yang Kalsom

Located inside the Restoran Yong Suan, on Jalan Yang Kalsom, Nasi Kandar Ayam Merah is also called NASI GANJA; not because it has any illegal ingredients in it, but because the taste is addictive. I will not go into the history of this place; all I know is I have been eating this stuff since I was little.

The array of dishes

A typical Nasi Ganja meal would consist of a plate of rice complemented by the specially-prepared chicken (it takes 8 hours to prepare the chicken), lady’s finger, curry, and the ganja: coconut and mint sambal, without which the rice would taste like any other nasi kandar.

The typical Nasi Ganja plate

The GANJA (coconut and mint sambal)

Of course, I have my personal preference.

My personal preference

For thirst-quenching drink, try the Limau Asam Boi.


If you are from either the North or the South, exit at Ipoh (where you can see a TESCO Extra on your left if you are coming from the North, and right if you are coming from the South). Go straight on Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, until you see a flyover ahead of you and Hospital Pantai Putri on your left. Keep left until you get to a traffic light junction and turn right at the traffic light into Jalan Raja DiHilir.

Tambun Inn should by now be on your left to confirm that you are on Jalan Raja DiHilir. Go straight across a roundabout until you hit a traffic light junction. On the right is a police station (Balai Polis Pekan Baru). Here, turn left into Jalan Yang Kalsom. Restoran Yong Suan should by now be on your left.

The way to Yong Suan

Be there before lunch break for you to eat in relative peace. From 1pm onwards, be prepared to share a table with strangers. I have seen people queuing up for food here at 3pm. That is how good the food is here.