The Sister I Thought I Never Had

I’ve been wanting to write this…since more than a year now.

Coming from a family of four (originally it was five until my elder sister, second in the family, passed away), one would think that we siblings talk to and confide in each other. Well, no. The only sibling I am in contact with is my brother, who is more or less in the same boat with me as far as family matters are concerned.

There were several moments in life when the only other sibling I would talk to is my deceased sister, whose grave is located behind my current office building. Therefore, she is close by in a weird way. If I needed to let things off my chest, or even cry for no reason, I would go to her grave because she would be the only sister whom I could talk to and not get any negative response in return.

I have another sister – long before Wifey and I got married. I only saw her commenting on Wifey’s blog three years ago, and as my relationship with Wifey grew, so did my relationship with her. And when I finally got to meet her at the airport last year a week before our wedding, it was like meeting a sister whom I have not met for a long, long time. She’s fun, she’s crazy, and quite a character – and I’d say the same about her husband. And in the short two weeks that she was back here last year, all I know is that I absolutely love these two crazy characters…fluorescent lime green phone skins, equally fluorescent luggage.

And I miss this sister of mine. I would love to be able to fly them back here at least twice in a year, but I don’t know how possible that would be.

I just want her (and her husband) to know how much Wifey and I miss them. It is always fun to be crazy.

Take good care of yourself, sis.

My sister-in-law, Nazra, with Milo on her head

3 Replies to “The Sister I Thought I Never Had”

  1. Ya la it’s been a year already. We miss you guys too. 😦 We’ll try our best to balik hopefully late this year but most probably next year. We really have to sort things out, especially about his dad.

    Thank you for being such a wonderful brother yourself. I had always wanted a big brother. When I met Kazu, I really thought he would be a great big bro. Tak tau pulak he had feelings for me. :p Now I have two funny, entertaining, loving, caring wacko big brothers! Hahah!

    You guys take good care of yourselves.

    p.s. Nak tergelak tengok gambo ni. lol Milo was so tiny! And he didn’t mind at all being put up there on my head.

  2. tumpang lalu eh SD….za! seriously…aku tak sangka tu milo, kalau ko tak ckp…hahah…aku igt topi ke penutup telinga tuh..;)

  3. Hahahahah tu Milo masa dia baru 1-2 months tu. senyap je dia duduk atas kepala. hhehe

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