Let Me Ask You This…

Who is the stupid one? I shall give three scenarios based on actual people and let you decide.


Girl wearing tudung with a well-paying job meets a 40-year old single father who has no fixed income. The latter had probably won her by spending the money he had inherited from his late father, but is now as skint as the Sahara on a summer’s day. They live together in a rented apartment. He gets jobs here and there but either never delivers, or will always deliver after the due date, but since talk is cheap and so is he, he keeps telling her to hold on as the BIG ONE will be coming in soon! So, all plans for marriage is on hold until the BIG ONE comes.

In order to get the BIG ONE, he will have to have an assistant, and tells her to leave her job. Three months later her car is repossessed by the bank, and the BIG ONE is still nowhere in sight. Yet, she continues to harbour her hope that the BIG ONE will soon come their way, while he spends his time playing PS2 hoping that the BIG ONE will soon fall from the sky.


Husband is a 30-something job-hopper. His longest stay in a company is only for a year and a half. In 9 years, he has worked in 6 different companies. None of his colleagues, current or former, can stand him. Yet, he thinks that all the crap at work is caused by his colleagues, no matter where he goes. The wife works in the private sector with a steady income. The husband spends his time in entertainment establishments on the pretext of entertaining clients, and charges back to the company. Then one day, tells the wife that the BIG ONE will be coming soon, therefore he plans to retire and start a business in HER hometown. So, he tells her to ask for a transfer to a branch at her hometown. Being the loyal wife, she does so. The BIG ONE never came, and she is still waiting there while he never goes back during weekends to see her citing tight schedules.

He courts a 20-something woman and for the past 4 years they have been staying together. He also promised to marry her latest by the first quarter of 2010 but has yet to fulfill his promise. Not a breath on it, in fact. Being the loyal girlfriend, thinking that her boyfriend will soon get the BIG ONE, stays with him.


A 30-something woman meets a guy whom she likes and the guy reciprocates. To show her seriousness in this relationship, she adds his siblings as her social-network website friends. Both she and the boyfriend work in the same line, so both should know how hectic working life can be. This also means that she should know that he would have to spend time with clients and travel to meet them. And every time that he’s busy, she would throw tantrum even threatening him with break-up after break-up, and at one point, even declared to her friends that she had broken up with the boyfriend because he chose to do his work than spend time with her. Not long after, she declared that she was back with him again.

Then came the second crunch – during a long weekend, both wanted to visit their respective relatives. And she gave him another ultimatum to him: choose between visiting her relatives and his, and went male-bashing at the same time drumming up support for her cause. Remember, the boyfriend’s family members are her online friends as well.

They probably are still going out, but as with the two previous cases, who’s the stupid one in this particular case?

This woman probably could not update her Facebook status often enough

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  1. Hi

    First time I leave a comment here.
    (better to introduce myself 1st). I’m Mr. Lam. Really enjoying your blog with some musing attics writing.

    Let see what are my opinion……

    The gal is smart. BIG ONE means she will be preparing ONE BIG COFFIN for him so that she can inherite that guy $$$. The only BIG ONE I always tcss (Talk Cock Sing Song) is preparing my own coffin. No need any big capital and work paper too. Just wait the correct time only.

    Never question your superior or boss. Not sure whether the person you mentioned work in managerial postion or not. Unfortunately our malaysian society being trained no to front mouth others but damm expert in back mouth when turning around (everyone is devil in disguise). What to say…..we are good in hiding facts and twisting facts. Even data can manipulated. Felt sorry for his wife for the illusion but hope she can be patient and start siphoning her hubby assets into her own (pls don’t let your wife know this tactics) and preparing ONE BIG COFFIN to his husband.

    Indeed strange. What to say…..human being is truly strange. Other people poison might be another people meat. But in this case, she found a very lean meat with high tenderizing resistance. Everytime need to marinate with diferent type of herb and spice. End result : still the cook don’t know what to do with the lean meat. What do you said, cook problem or meat problem?

    That’s all

    *Pardon my england. Blame it on Malaysia school education system.

    1. Hi Alan,

      Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your comments. I find some parts hilarious and entertaining. Thanks for making my day! In the third scenario, I think there is a problem with the cook…but the meat must have been doctored too…that is why it is so soft.

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