Daging Goreng Kunyit (Beef Stir-Fried in Turmeric)

No, I’m not a cook, but there are times that I feel like cooking – a trait I noticed when I was in high school. I do not have a recipe for things, but when I eat something, I imagine the ingredients through the taste and conjure a recipe for it. And I have had several requests for the above recipe, so for those who would like to try it out, do so at your own risk. And although oozing profanities is what we have in common, don’t expect me to write a recipe like Gordon Ramsay would:

Beef Stir-Fried in Turmeric


500 grams of beef (I use rump steak)
Turmeric Powder
Sugar (as a stand-by in case you put too much salt in it 😛 )
One big Yellow Onion
3-4 Cloves of Garlic
Capsicum (for the colour)
Long Beans
Cauliflower or Leek (your preference, really)


Slice beef into pieces
Cut Yellow Onion as if you’re making Onion Rings
How you want to cut the rest is up to you

Put 3-4 tablespoonful of Turmeric powder into a bowl
Sprinkle some salt
Paste beef with this mixture
Add 2 cups of water into a wok
Put beef into wok and let it boil ’til dry
As it is drying up, taste the water to see if it gets saltier. If you find it a tinge saltier than you would prefer, add some sugar

Once it is dry, put some oil into the wok and stir-fry the beef until it is nice and brown (don’t overcook it because you’ll make the meat tough)
Then put all the vegetables inside and cover for about half a minute.

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