Paternal Thoughts

It’s Fathers’ Day today in Malaysia and in most other countries as well. We celebrated last night with Wifey making Chicken Rice, and friends like Komar, Aiz, Din, and Alysha dropped by. I must say this has been the best Fathers’ Day ever – simply because no one has ever done anything for me prior to this.

And after 456 days or 65 weeks and 1 day, I woke up this morning hearing the voices of my children again – Fazira, Farhan and Nisaa slept here last night. Only my eldest, Farhanah, is away in Singapore.

And it feels good.

Happy Fathers’ Day, people!

Nisaa and Fazira mucking about with the webcam downstairsFarhan with his stepbrothers Yunus and Ali playing PS2

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