As I Turn 44

This would be my 5th birthday post on this blog. I turned 44 today. I am overwhelmed with wishes on the phone and especially so on Facebook. I had this list of names of those on Facebook whom have wished me, thinking I could type them all here. Alas, the names ran into the hundreds. So, to those of you who wished me in any way and form, I would like to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart. You know who you are.

So, what have I done for the past one year?

July 09

Delivering a speech before launching the vessel
I launched our company’s first offshore support vessel on my 43rd birthday.

Posing at 58 knots
Posed at 58 knots on board a Ultrafast Patrol Boat with Khun Sateeb


Wifey and I at 24 meters
Wifey finally becomes a diver

Attending NEBOSH
I attended what was the toughest short course ever…and passed with Credit while some failed

Diving during the fasting month
During the fasting month, we went diving at Tioman


Eidul Fitr with the BP family
We celebrated Eidul Fitr in Batu Pahat

At Tulai island off Tioman
We went diving in Tioman on the 3rd day of Eidul Fitr


Sailing to Bintulu
I spent 15 days offshore between Miri and Bintulu

Hana and Wifey off Tioman
And I took my daughter Hana to dive in Tioman before her SPM examinations


Wifey in Genting Highlands
I took Wifey to Genting after work for a surprise dinner date


Ushering in MMX
We had a dinner at home with friends ushering in MMX


Wifey with my photo
My photo was one of 42 chosen to be displayed at the National Arts Gallery

I attended two more courses
I attended two more courses back-to-back


On Erb West Drilling Platform B
I went offshore again to do a platform inspection 80km offshore Sabah

Group photo at Sipadan
We went for our first trip together to Mabul/Kapalai/Sipadan

MAY 10

Shah and Wifey underwater
Shah took his open water diver’s license


Approaching PC4 drilling platform
I did another platform inspection 200km offshore Miri

Wifey watching Germany vs Argentina
Of course it was World Cup 2010 season too

As I turn 44
And this was me as I turned 44…

It has been a great year for me.