Are You Both A Fool And A Mule?

First thing’s first.

Iran is a hardline Islamic Republic.

Or so it seems.

It has become the symbol of the Islamic revolution that a political party even mimics the organisation structure of the Iranian government with a spiritual leader put above the party President. The only difference is that one tolerates Judaism and the other does not.

Yes, Jews have lived in Iran for more than 3000 years, and in Tehran alone there are around 25 synagogues.

Anyway, some time last week, there was an article in one of the mainstream dailies about a syndicate run by foreigners targeting local women who are single (single/divorced/widowed). They befriend these women over the Internet, usually in dating sites, claiming that they are from so-and-so country, so on and so forth, and ask these women what they do for a living to select potential targets. Then they will ask these women for their phone number, talk to them, convincing them that they are for real. They then go a step further, telling these women how special they are that they would like to send a gift to them. So they ask for their house address. Then they tell these women that they will be visiting Malaysia soon and if they could meet up.

Out of the blue, like in a day or two later, they would call up the intended target saying that they have arrived at the airport but have been held by either the Customs or the Immigration, and would like the assistance of these women since they are the only ones this person knows. So, this man would then pass the phone to one of the “Immigration” or “Customs” officers. These “officers” would then ask for some payment to be made, and usually an “officer” would go to the house at the given address and demand for the payment from these women.

So, if you’re single and desperate for a fuck, call a toyboy or get an equally-desperate acquaintance to help you out.

Anyone can be anything on the Internet.


Another trend now is to use these women as drug mules. Single Malaysian women have fallen for charming, sweet-talking and seemingly rich foreign businessmen who live in posh condominiums abroad, and these women would be lured to fly to wherever these men come from…and on one of those trips, get framed and jailed for drug-trafficking, or hung to death.

If you really are in need of a good fuck, you can always look for someone desperate here locally.


I seriously cannot comprehend why, for the life of me, would a super-duper rich businessman from a foreign land want to have any form of serious relationship with these women when they can buy supermodels or other equally-good looking women? If I were a filthy rich person, I would probably buy all the beautiful girls in Russia and move them into my mansion.

So for all you single/widowed/divorced women, please take a look at the photos below and tell me seriously if you think you are far better looking than the women depicted below:

Chinese modelNeeds no introduction

Come on, face the truth. Don’t become a fool and be conned, or become a drug mule and get arrested.

One day you are going to look into the mirror and see only this:

You're a fool