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Every time I shower, or drive to and from work, or sit on the porcelain throne, I would have millions of topics that I would write about. I have so many drafts written and left halfway because I’d lose track as another topic sets precedence.

So help me here, please.

What would you like me to write about?

5 Replies to “Writer’s Blog”

  1. SD, anything that irritates you seem to be irritating to me too.. hehehe.. I just want to know if there’s one or two that’s not.

  2. Blader, lu kasi tulis sikit pasal mimpi. Lu tgk itu Inception movie dulu lor baru tulis.

    Kalau mau Malaysia punya kontek, lu kasi tgk Dua Alam….hehe

  3. Mr. SD, your collection of satire is great! keep writing. You have an outstanding flair for writing.

    1. Miss Leo, Thank you for your confidence but somehow I find myself unable to write as smoothly as I used to. But I’ll try

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