Dogs of Whore

In March 2008, I decided to go diving during the general elections. I was there a few days before voting day. What made me decide to spend my time on the island was the braggadocio of UMNO personalities, some of whom got very personal and attacked my father in the mainstream media. I had left UMNO 3 years prior to that so I could remain my personal self. But I returned the eve of voting day to vote for my then ADUN from MCA because I believe he did a good job. Alas, he suffered a great defeat at the hands of a newcomer from DAP not because the latter is good, but MCA suffered from the braggadocio mentioned above. I am sure we have ALL not forgotten the keris-wielding issue; the constant barking at committee members of BN’s component parties by people whose head got so big because the then-Prime Minister was asleep on the job, and they thought a certain someone would be a big-enough umbrella to protect them.

“PADAN DENGAN MUKA (serves you right)”

That was my reaction when I woke up on 9th March 2008, and I’m sure many UMNO members felt the same then. As bitter sweet as it was, it was a wake-up call for those whom had been silent to start kicking out filth from the BN. And before any of you PR-sympathizers can say anything, I’ll say it for you:


Of course, a broom does not sweep 100% efficiently, some dust remain.

When Najib took over the helm, I see some changes being done; but this positive trend is, from time to time, dragged down by characters that did not get to be swept by the broom. Despite not getting swept by the broom or appointed to any Deputy Ministerial post, Khairy Jamaluddin is like that accumulated dust that gets longer by the day, rearing its ugly head every now and then when the wind blows strong enough in its direction.

Several weeks ago, while the rest of the Malaysian Twitter world was discussing an important topic, Khairy (or KJ as he is known) decided to take on the extra-terrestrial TV-channel provider, ASTRO, claiming the fee charged is exorbitant compared to the service provided. When I pointed out to him that there are more pressing matters that he, as the UMNO Youth Chief and a Member of Parliament, should be addressing, he blew up and said that ASTRO is of interest to the rakyat. I love the thought process that goes through that empty shell sitting on his neck. Maybe he ought to remember that there is always free terrestrial TV available 24/7, and all they have to do is pay for the electricity bill. ASTRO is a luxury, not a necessity. If you cannot afford it, don’t subscribe to it.

I have been Tweeting since 2009, but I kept my tweets private because I use it as a form of communication with relatives. I started addressing “national” issues during the recent Sarawak State Elections. After BERSIH2.0, I made my tweets public. In engagements with politicians from the Opposition, I find that when they get cornered, they block you. Well, there have you: the advocates for freedom of speech. The politicians from UMNO, however, are mostly quiet because although they have a Twitter account, their Blackberry is mostly for sending SMS. Yes, I still believe that UMNO politicians are still trapped in that Buku Hijau period, and probably still think that public phones (which you can hardly find anymore) still have buttons ‘A’ and ‘B.’. For the benefit of those born after 1975, this is what I am talking about:

Old public phone - courtesy of Everything KL
Telefon Awam jenis A/B courtesy of Everything Kuala Lumpur

Anyway, for KJ, whenever he gets cornered, or is about to get cornered, he will unleash his dogs. Let us take yesterday’s episode. Early yesterday, he and Zaki Zahid were talking about Lim Kit Siang’s demand that the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on Electoral Reforms be headed by a MP from the Opposition. I could see that there was a ding dong of this issue and it looked like it was going nowhere. So I interjected by saying:

The PSC should be co-chaired by an ex-General of the Armed Forces, and an ex-IGP

Of course there was no reply. Then later in the day, the MIC Youth’s Secretary, Sivaraajh Chandran, got his membership suspended for questioning the party President’s decision to admit the three Gerakan Anti-Samy members and reinstate them to their former MIC posts which is a breach of party constitution. When something goes wrong in a household, whom do you expect to handle the problem if not family members themselves, right?

WRONG! According to KJ, he has every right to barge into MIC’s affairs and dictate. The following are the tweets pertaining to this fray:

Khairykj Khairy Jamaluddin
Jadi Menteri terus bunuh bakat muda? Wassup @GPalanivel? RT @mkini_bm: Setiausaha Pemuda MIC digantung 12 bulan

SangSapurba Wan Mohd Shahrir
Eloknya @Khairykj tak perlu campur urusan dalam MIC.

Khairykj Khairy Jamaluddin
@SangSapurba Saya Pengerusi Pemuda Barisan Nasional. Faham?

SangSapurba Wan Mohd Shahrir
@Khairykj ok faham, cuma harap jgn jadi tikus membaiki labu. Good luck!

seademon John F SeaDemon
@Khairykj I think it would be wiser for you to speak personally to @GPalanivel together with @TMohan18 instead

SangSapurba is a lawyer from Pahang who is an active UMNO member, while TMohan18 is the MIC Youth Chief. KJ did not take this advice kindly:

Khairykj Khairy Jamaluddin
@seademon And I think it would be wiser for to understand that Parliamentary Select Committee only for MPs not ex-Generals

seademon John F SeaDemon
@Khairykj really? And what has that got to do with your barging in on MIC’s internal problems?

Khairykj Khairy Jamaluddin
@seademon Haha. Oh, if it were that simple. Just telling you to know your stuff before advising ppl this & that.

seademon John F SeaDemon
@Khairykj and it’s condescending tone like yours towards other parties that cost BN the 5 states

Khairykj Khairy Jamaluddin
@seademon There are different ways and means of putting something across. You assume I haven’t made calls to find out what’s going on.

seademon John F SeaDemon
@Khairykj ah! The all too powderful Pengerusi Pemuda BN, eh? Your phone is obviously for tweeting only. You could’ve called @GPalanivel

seademon John F SeaDemon
I assume nothing. Remember this tweet? RT @Khairykj Jadi Menteri terus bunuh bakat muda? Wassup @GPalanivel?

There was no reply from him. I asked again:

seademon John F SeaDemon
@Khairykj so did you call @GPalanivel BEFORE or AFTER you made that tweet?

Again, there was no response. Not long after, enter the dogs of whore:

Edzfahmi edzrul fahmi Mohamed
@seademon @Khairykj @GPalanivel Ko nak gag order YB KJ ke seademon? Kang kata PPUM takda taring pulak. Pemuda kena bersuara lantang.

seademon John F SeaDemon
@Edzfahmi @Khairykj bersuara lantang against who? Eh, why am I talking to you?

I did not see the need to entertain this dog.

Edzfahmi edzrul fahmi Mohamed
@Khairykj @seademon Macam la MIC ada nilai tambah pon. Sedemon u barking up the wrong tree la.

daxmuhamad dax muhamad
@Khairykj @seademon dont see why kj cant air his views on matter.

seademon John F SeaDemon
@daxmuhamad @Khairykj now what if someone from another component party for whatever reason does the same to @NajibRazak ?

Edzfahmi edzrul fahmi Mohamed
@seademon @Khairykj Aikk..ko twitter ni ko punya ke?

seademon John F SeaDemon
There is such a thing called DECORUM when it comes to handling matters pertaining to component parties. @daxmuhamad @Khairykj

While this went on, I received BBMs from friends who told me to ignore those dogs. Then one of them got personal:

Edzfahmi edzrul fahmi Mohamed
@seademon @Khairykj @daxmuhamad Knp Seademon u frust ke Ayah mentua u dulu tak dpt jadi MB Johor? Dato Mat Zahri ek? SB tak line clear ke?

Obviously this person, whose mother made it out with a dog and never washed herself after and subsequently gave birth to this imbecile, does not know me well. According to the electronic media, my father and other directors of the company he works for earn an average of RM100 million per annum, do I need my father-in-law as the Menteri Besar?

So, there have you, the Ketua Pemuda UMNO cum Pengerusi Pemuda Barisan Nasional is just an air-head who rears dogs to do his dirty work for him. Just when I thought it was safe to vote for Najib’s aspirations, I know now that I should just plan another dive trip come GE13.

Would I vote for BN? NO.

Would I vote for PR? NO.

Talking about dogs, does any of you remember this?

Big Dog’s Christian PM claim reckless, says Khairy

“Don’t be so arrogant Fat Dog. If you’re wrong, the consequences are grave and extremely serious.

“I think if you’re proven wrong you should be charged w/ spreading false news and/or sedition. Berani buat, berani tanggung (dare to do, dare to take responsibility),” Khairy wrote on Twitter earlier.

In light of what has happened at the Damansara Utama Methodist Church, maybe the all-knowing KJ should offer to resign for not knowing.