Running Dogs

Running Dog – a literal translation from the Mandarin words zu gu, used to depict a servile follower or a lackey

Short of a month six years ago, Ronnie Liu of the DAP attempted to get the sympathy of Malaysians towards Chin Peng et al. I hold the view that Man must seek knowledge and truth for justice to prevail. But Ronnie Liu’s was doing a white-wash by equating the communists’ struggle to nationalism by describing the clamping of the British on PKMM in 1947 as the reason the communists took drastic action to free the Tanah Melayu from colonisation when in fact PKMM sided with the Malayan Union in 1946 by working with AMCJA and PUTERA that have close ties with the CPM. It was on 1st April 1946 that PKMM supported and welcomed the appointment of Sir Edward Gent as the Governor of the Malayan Union.

The CPM had been around since the 1930s if not earlier, and with the capitulation of the Kuomintang in China, the CPM was more interested in making the Tanah Melayu a China-leaning satellite communist state.

Body of a policeman at the Bukit Kepong police station burnt by the communist terrorists
Body of a policeman at the Bukit Kepong police station burnt by the communist terrorists

Fast-forward to the present day, where the VP of PAS, Mohammad Sabu (aka Mat Sabu) glorified Mat Indera, leader of the 4th Company of the CPM that attacked the Bukit Kepong police station and massacred the police personnel as well as family members in February 1950, as the true heroes of the nation. At the same time, he claimed that the policemen who had died in that tragedy were officers of the British Empire (read Mat Sabu hina pejuang negara – Utusan Malaysia 27th August 2011.

Mat Sabu had said the above when giving a political ceramah at Tasek Gelugor, Pulau Pinang on the 21st August 2011.

Mat Sabu glorifying the communist terrorists at Tasek Gelugor (Utusan Malaysia)
Mat Sabu glorifying the communist terrorists at Tasek Gelugor (courtesy of Utusan Malaysia)

Mat Sabu also went on to describe Dato’ Onn Jaafar and Tunku Abdul Rahman as British officers. Six years ago, Ronnie Liu went on the same line by saying UMNO and MCA were British lackeys, or “friends of the British.”

Mat Indera, Samsiah Pakeh and a few other Malays who joined the CPM were mostly Indonesian nationalists from Sumatera whose people were not of the Sultan’s people. Therefore, they look to the Indonesian freedom struggle for inspiration.

What Mat Indera did to the survivors of the Bukit Kepong massacre who could not escape in time is nothing to be proud of, even if he is to be regarded as a nationalist. He and his men burned the police station and quarters down and even threw children of the deceased policemen into the flames alive. Mat Indera was later captured and hung to death.

When the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu gained independence in 1957, the CPM did not lay down arms. In fact, their struggle to turn Malaya into a communist satellite continued for another 3 years despite pulling out of Malaya in defeat in 1953 and headquartered in southern Thailand. There was a brief lull until they resumed with the Second Emergency in 1969. If they were truly fighting for independence, why then did they go on killing thousands up until 1989? Let us also not forget that when Malaysia was formed in 1963, Chin Peng refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of Malaysia and joined forces with the Indonesian Armed Forces during the Indonesian Confrontation to crush Malaysia. So, can you call Chin Peng a nationalist?

Chin Peng, Mat Indera et al contributed to Malaysia nothing more than the wastage and destruction of wealth and lives.

As for UMNO and MCA being friends of the British, I hope both Mat Sabu and Ronnie Liu could explain then why did Sir Gerald Templer call Aziz Ishak a rat? Ronnie Liu’s blatant attempt to paint that the independence was given on a silver platter by the British to the Alliance is nothing more than a display of ignorance, one that is now being parroted by a lower-IQed Mat Sabu.

Why did Tunku and the Alliance members who won their federal, state and municipal seats walk out of these chambers in protest?

Why did Tunku and T.H. Tan have to lobby their friends in the British Parliament before the Colonial Secretary would see them?

I hope and pray that Mat Sabu will give such a talk in military bases as well police stations; not forgetting also to veterans of the security forces and wait long enough to see what they think.

As for me, it is my opinion which you may not share, that Ronnie Liu is the CPM’s running dog, while Mat Sabu is DAP’s running dog.