Water, Water, Everywhere?

In 2002, the Likud Party won the Israeli General Elections and declared that it would object to the creation of a Palestinian state.  The issue: WATER.  Said Benjamin Netanyahu:

“A Palestinian state would control the aquifer, which gives us 30 percent of our water. Yes to a Palestinian state means no to a Jewish state, and yes to a Jewish state means no to a Palestinian State.”

That is how important water is to all of us, and I am constantly reminded of the hardship people in the Klang Valley had to go through during the water crisis of 1998, and the fact that it could happen again come 2014 (provided the Mayan Calendar’s gotten 2012 all wrong).  My fears are further underscored by this blog written by a friend who was a senior Water Engineer in pioneering Non-Revenue Water control work.

When Pakatan Rakyat gained control of Selangor in 2008, the first thing they did was to supply the first 20 cubic meter of treated water to consumers FREE OF CHARGE, a move I thought was foolish, unprecedented, and was definitely not carefully thought through of.  Nothing more than an election feel-good reward to those whom had vote for them, I believe it only encourages wastage of treated clean water as people do not have to pay for that first 20 cubic meters of water.

Then on 5th August of 2011, Elizabeth Wong, Selangor’s version of Fuziah Salleh of Kuantan (the former is the water “expert” while the latter is the nuclear “expert”) said in The Star that studies done on the growth in demand for water in Selangor by SYABAS was erroneous as it had relied too much on the National Water Resources Study (NWRS) conducted by the Economic Planning Unit in 2000.  That shows how shallow Eli Wong is, as SYABAS had used data collected over the last five years (2005 to 2010) to forecast the future of growth in demand for water.  In fact, Eli Wong went on to say that “… the “Water Demand approach” (SYABAS) used was based on the national GDP growth projection that varies according to the global economic market that has not been stable since the world economic crisis.”

Miss Wong, had you the ability to understand what you read, then you would know that the NWRS based its findings on four components: 1) Domestic Uses, 2) Commercial Uses, 3) Institutional Uses, and 4) Industrial Uses.  Only component (4)  uses GDP as a growth indicator for forecasting demands, and looking at what was written above by my friend, if the Selangor state government does not address this issue now, we may face a serious water shortage issue come 2014.

More alarming is Miss Wong’s continued feeding of misinformation over the Internet over the Selangorku website (SYABAS Gagal Turun Air Tidak Berhasil, Bekalan Air Bersih Terganggu) whether by default that she is ignorant of the water issue, or by design that this misinformation is fed to the masses to serve a much bigger agenda.

Air Tidak Berhasil or Non-Revenue Water for laymen like you and I actually means TREATED water that is lost through leakages in old pipes, theft and other methods, and not billed – cost was incurred to treat the water  but no revenue was able to be collected.  Eli Wong does not understand the economics of NRW.  To lower NRW level, it requires a form of investment. However, the economics of NRW is such that there comes a point where further lowering the NRW level will result in a cost that is too high for a water operator to bear.  The methods used to detect leaks etc is by no means cheap, nor is the replacement of old and faulty pipes.  Selangor is a huge state that the cost of replacing ALL these pipes would be beyond exorbitant.  For the same reason, Kelantan has less than 60% treated piped water supply coverage.  Penang on the other hand has a low NRW because it is far smaller compared to Selangor.  So, how does the PR-led Selangor state government plan to reduce NRW to 10 percent?  This is why the Federal Government has proposed for the building of the Langat2 plant for treating raw water supply from the neighbouring state of Pahang.  Without it, the current Selangor water buffer stands at 5 percent.  If any two water treatment plants in Selangor have to be shut at the same time, say for maintenance, then we will have serious water supply problems.

Water is a very important commodity in life.  Water is beyond necessity as it is life.  The Pakatan Rakyat’s gamble with this water issue should be seen as a gamble with the life of the rakyat.  And in my opinion, Eli Wong should just STFU and let the experts do their job.

In A Bowling Lane There Is A Gutter On Each Side

So it’s gutter-politics when you drag in the child/children of politicians to serve your cause.  Unfortunately, politics is like a bowling alley – there’s a gutter on each side of the lane.

Sample of (not limited to) websites from the holier-than-thou side:








Pot calling the kettle “black”?

Ana al-Haqq

The very utterance of the sentence above got the Gnostic Mansur al-Hallaj incarcerated and subsequently executed in 922 A.D by the Abbasid Caliph, al-Muqtadir.  The sentence simply says, “I am The Truth.”  However, it was deemed heresy based on the following Quranic verse:

Wa qul ja’a AL-HAQQ wa zahaqa al-batil (HAQQ has come and falsehood has perished) – Quran 17:81

However, in Malaysia you find a group of people who are holier than thou and they come from the same political party that supposedly fights for Islam.  What they say or decree to them are nothing but the truth, perhaps transcending God’s Haqq even if they don’t form even a micron of sense.

The latest furore occured during the Parliament sitting on the 20th October 2011 when the Member of Parliament (MP) for Kuala Selangor who is from that political party uttered the word “BABI” at another Member of Parliament who is a former ally for pointing out the draft of an enactment made by the then State Government when Terengganu was under the control of that party that allows husbands to bugger the rear orifice of their wife/wives.

Let me bring your attention to the already-published though yet-to-be-verified Hansard transcripts for that day’s sitting:

Hansard transcripts for 20th October 2011

On Page 73, you can find the Member of Parliament for Kuala Selangor uttering the word “BABI”:

Dr Dzul says "Babi!"

This issue was highlighted in the party’s online mouthpiece in an article called: http://bm.harakahdaily.net/index.php/articles/analysis-a-opinion/6117-zulkifli-noordin-jahil-murakkab-tentang-hudud

This is a screenshot of the article:

Zulkifli Noordin Is Ignorant About Hudud

In one of the paragraphs, they even mentioned the name of their idol, Abul A’la Maududi, an extremist by my definition who had a distrust of non-Muslims, supported the subjugation of women among other extreme intepretation of the Islamic jurisprudence:

PAS idolizes Abul A'la Maududi

As depicted above, Section 14 of the proposed Terengganu Syariah Criminal Enactment, the act of buggering the rear orifice by a man with another man, or with a woman other than his wife, is punishable according to the Hudud that is championed by this party.  You can understand how twisted was the mind that had drafted this enactment.  Abul A’la Maududi was also like that.  What did Abul A’la Maududi say about the rights of non-Muslims under his version of the Islamic rule?

The rights of non-Muslims are limited under Islamic state as laid out in Maududi’s writings. Although non-Muslim “faith, ideology, rituals of worship or social customs” would not be interfered with, non-Muslims would have to accept Muslim rule.

Islamic ‘Jihad’ does not recognize their right to administer State affairs according to a system which, in the view of Islam, is evil. Furthermore, Islamic ‘Jihad’ also refuses to admit their right to continue with such practices under an Islamic government which fatally affect the public interest from the viewpoint of Islam.

I am glad the President of the non-Muslim supporters club of that particular party has seen the light and has challenged the party leadership to come clean on the issue of Hudud.  For those non-Muslims who think that a rule by that party will not affect them, let us see another part where that party mimics Abul A’la Maududi:

Non-Muslims would also have to pay a special tax known as jizya. This tax is applicable to all able adult non-Muslims, except old and women, who do not render military service. Those who serve in the military are exempted. All adult Muslim men are subject to compulsory military service, whenever required by the Islamic State. Jizya is thus seen as a protection tax payable to the Islamic State for protection of those non-Muslim adult men who do not render military service.

Isn’t that happening already in one of the states under their control?  Oh, and what about your rights to the next concert by Michael Learns To Rock?  Forget Mariah Carey in skimpy bikini because members of that party will demonstrate at the venue:

Copying cultural practices of non-Muslims was forbidden in Islam, having very disastrous consequences upon a nation; it destroys its inner vitality, blurs its vision, befogs its critical faculties, breeds inferiority complexes, and gradually but assuredly saps all the springs of culture and sounds its death-knell. That is why the Holy Prophet has positively and forcefully forbidden the Muslims to assume the culture and mode of life of the non-Muslims.

And for those who plan to vote for them or any of their partners that would put them in power as well, to form the next government, read this:

Islam (in Abul A’la Maududi’s twisted view) wishes to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam, regardless of the country or the Nation which rules it. The purpose of Islam is to set up a state on the basis of its own ideology and programme, regardless of which nation assumes the role of the standard-bearer of Islam or the rule of which nation is undermined in the process of the establishment of an ideological Islamic State. Islam requires the earth—not just a portion, but the whole planet …. because the entire mankind should benefit from the ideology and welfare programme [of Islam]

So, if you vote for them, you are voting for the Abul A’la Maududi’s version of Islam.  Now, going back to the “BABI” issue.  Now Section 14, as I mentioned above, says that it is a crime to bugger someone’s rear orifice other than that of your wife.

It's okay to fuck your wife in the ass

However, in trying to twist words around, the party’s foul mouthpiece contradicted itself:

Eh? It's not a crime to fuck your wife in the ass, but it's a punishable offence. Isn't that CRIME too?

Now let us see what the Malaysian Penal Code says about screwing someone’s ass, be it your wife or not:

Which part of this law is NOT Islamic? You don't need 4 people to witness you getting buggered

Anyway, a few people and I confronted the MP from Kuala Selangor over his uttering of the word “BABI” to a fellow MP.  We all felt that as an MP representing a party that champions Islam, it was very unbecoming.  This is what he had to say in reply:

Ana al-Haqq: the PAS version

So it is okay for him to swear at another because his twisted version of the religion of Islam says it is okay to do so.  And this is based on his understanding of Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali’s teachings.  It would be interesting to see what another Islamic scholar had to say about Imam Ghazali:

If we assume that someone narrated the view of the salaf but what he narrated is far removed from what the view of the salaf actually is, then he has little knowledge of the view of the salaf, such as Abu’l-Ma’aali, Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, Ibn al-Khateeb and the like, who did not have enough knowledge of hadith to qualify them as ordinary scholars of hadith, let alone as prominent scholars in that field. For none of these people had any knowledge of al-Bukhari and Muslim and their hadiths, apart from what they heard, which is similar to the situation of the ordinary Muslim, who cannot distinguish between a hadiith which is regarded as sahih and mutawatir according to the scholars of hadith, and a hadith which is fabricated and false – Ibnu Taimiyyah

Imagine all the crap oozing out from that party.  But how surprising can it be coming from a party that only has sex on its mind as illustrated by the kind of advertisements they have on their official online mouthpiece:

PAS: Pasti Ada Sex

What more can I say?

Colour Of Skin

When DAP’s ADUN for Kota Alam Shah in Selangor made an insulting remark about the Malaysian flag on National Day, there was an outcry and a call for him to be punished.  DAP did just that by suspending him from the party for six months.  This was later commuted to just a severe reprimand from the party’s “disciplinary committee.”  It was a punishment nonetheless.

DAP’s office holders are notorious for not respecting the Rukunegara, which was based on the Federal Constitution.

After the political Tsunami of 2008, several DAP’s assemblymen from Penang, Perak, Pahang, Johor, and most recently in Sarawak, refused to either don the official attire and/or the songkok.  The songkok, to them, symbolizes Islam, which is the official religion of Malaysia.  Several rulers were insulted by these people that the Sultan of Johor even made a remark about the behaviour of one who was thrown out of Johor’s Dewan.  Coincidentally, this same state assemblyman is now serving a six-month suspension for using the party’s money for his own interest (if this was done by a BN rep, they would have asked for a Royal Commission of Inquiry).

When the Chief Minister of Penang made a defamatory remark regarding the state of Johor, he too was let off without even a pinch given.

The difference between all the people mentioned above and the Kota Alam Shah’s rep is: the latter is not Chinese.

So much for a so-called multiracial party.

Donkey Hotey

Don Quixote was a Spanish fiction work written in the early 17th century about a middle-aged man whose pursuit of ideals was impractical and foolish.  It was from Quixote’s name that the adjectival form was derived: quixotic.

Quixotic is best used to describe the alternative budget offered by Anwar Ibrahim in Parliament, days before Prime Minister Najib Razak presented the government’s version.  One glaring carrot Anwar presented was setting the minimum wage for Malaysians at RM1.100 per mensem, while Najib’s government is still discussing the issue (or are they?).  Whatever it is, you can have a RM5,000 minimum wage level but it means nothing if all you can buy with it is a packet of asam boi.  Everyone should be thinking of how to increase the purchasing power of the Ringgit.

What was the Ringgit at versus the Greenback before Anwar’s superb fiscal policy as the Finance Minister almost destroyed the former? It was at around RM2.50 to a Dollar or something to that effect.  What are we at now? RM3 to a Dollar or somewhere there.  Simple minds would say that we’re still 50 cents off, therefore to a simple person like me, we have not fully-recovered from the 1997-98 Asian Financial Crisis.  Tun Dr M’s recovery plan which was to continue with what the opposition termed as “wasteful mega-projects” proved vital in helping ordinary Malaysians get back on their feet.  The local spillover effects from those projects were hardware stores get orders for construction materials, workers flock to Malaysia for jobs and spend their money at the local canteen set-up by the makcik who buys her ingredients from the local sundry shop and market.  Every one gets something out of a project, and every one including that makcik becomes a crony.  This is evident when trying to be a popular person, a certain sleeping Prime Minister stopped many mega-projects and caused the economy to slide down.  He learnt the lesson a hard way.

Najib’s budget makes Malaysia attractive for FDIs, and allows the lower income group to have more purchasing power.  When more money circulates in the economy, you create more jobs.  I’m no economist but I think that is how things work.  Setting a high minimum wage will only encourage traders to increase prices of essential goods, thus raising the inflation rate.  When inflation rate goes up, your purchasing power goes down.

Of course, PR is filled with things quixotic, but they are also notorious for not keeping promises made.  Let us take the promises made by PR in Selangor in its 2008 Elections Manifesto:

I want to know how many of you whose baby was born in Selangor has had an account set-up by the Selangor State Government with RM100 in it?

I want to know how many of you do not have to pay any form of fees for your pre-school children?

I want to know how many of  you have received between RM50 to RM100 for every child that you have to send to a nursery?

How many of your invalid kinsfolk has had a Takaful insurance subscribed by the State Government for them?

How many jobless single mothers with children below 12 years of age has received a fixed allowance of between RM150 to RM250?

How many farmers and fishermen have received a minimum wage of RM1,200 per month? (Co-incidentally, Anwar has reduced this to RM1,100!)

Those are among the promises made but have yet to be fulfilled by the Selangor State Government; yet, Anwar dared to make an even bigger promise through his quixotic budget.

Is Anwar a Don Quixote then?  At least Don Quixote’s loss of wits wasn’t as bad as the Donkey’s delirium.

The Segamat Line

When you talk about the defence of Johor, you will often hear the term “Segamat Line.”  It is that theoretical line that cuts from the east coast to the west across Segamat.  I shall not elaborate more on that matter, just that I chose this as the title for this posting.

Much has been said about Mat Sabu and his glorification of Mat Indera and the Johor communists that led to youngsters who were still swimming inside their father’s balls when members of the Communist Party of Malaya still went around killing policemen, armed forces personnel, civilians, attacking various places with bombs etc to glorify them as well.  What Mat Sabu did invoked the wrath of the majority of Malays that Nik Aziz saw it fit to raise the Hudud issue again just to put the Malay support slide in check.  Did the PAS central committee sanction Mat Sabu’s script?  I don’t know but I don’t believe so.  His script echoes that of DAP’s Ronnie Liu’s – a cry to glorify Chin Peng and his cohorts back in August 2005.

To me, it was DAP’s script that Mat Sabu used with the intention of splitting the Malay votes in Johor.  It is no secret that Johor is UMNO’s strongest bastion.  You split the Malays there, UMNO is doomed.  DAP Johor, with Boo Cheng Hau as the State Opposition Leader,  is not in the position to take the lead in this process.  Why do I say so?  Despite portraying itself as a multiracial party, DAP is a chinese-based party.  For example, Johor has 3,3 million inhabitants.  1.8 million or 54% are Malays; 1.0 million or 30% are Chinese; 200k or 6% are Indians.  But the composition of DAP’s State Committee has only one Malay committee member and two Indians while the other 12 are Chinese.   This is not limited to Johor only.  The same numbers represent Kedah,  while in other states you can hardly find any Malay committee member.  In DAP’s Central Committee, out of 31 members only two are Malays and three from the Indian diaspora.  In DAP Women Section, the only odd one out of 11 members is an Indian who is only the ASSISTANT Publicity Secretary.  She’s there only for publicity.  In DAPSY, out of 23 members only one is not Chinese.  He is a Sikh, and no, his name is not Jaswan Singh.  So, is DAP in essence a multiracial party?  I leave that to your judgement.

Therefore, using Mat Sabu and his party would definitely help the cause.  But to a certain extent, it backfired.

Enter Gwee Tong Hiang.

Who is Gwee Tong Hiang?  On the 21st June 2008,  His Royal Highness the Sultan of Johor had this to say about Tong Hiang:

Ada yang kat sini, yang semalam atau yang hari kelmarin, yang menunjuk-nunjuk jaguh, yang tak mahu pakai senonoh, kalau hendak, ini jam keluar kat sini (There are people here, who yesterday or the day before, tried to be heroes by not dressing decently … come out now here).”

Tong Hiang is one of many DAP state assemblymen and Parliamentarians who have trouble memorising the Rukunegara especially Rukuns number 2, 3 and 5.  For those of you having the same problem, please Google it.

Tong Hiang was not a favourite of the Johor DAP State Committee, and when he promoted himself as a GE12 candidate for the Bentayan state seat, B00 Cheng Hau was not at all pleased.  However, being in Lim Guan Eng’s circle, he got his wish.  When he was accused of the improper execution of the sale and purchase of Muar’s Wisma DAP in 2007,  Guan Eng instructed Tong Hiang to bring his 17 accusers to court.

Tong Hiang’s arrogance, along the way, has caused discontent among DAP Muar’s members and many have left him since GE12.  He is dubbed “the Ronnie Liu of Johor” for his purported association with loan sharks and other seedy characters.  Early this year, DAP Bakri was reported to have had around RM60,000 but just after mid-2011, it was left with aroound RM2000 to RM3000 in the bank.  In August of 2011, the DAP Bakri Liaison Committee had its annual election, members who have been told of the financial crisis faced, ousted Tong Hiang as their Chairman.  Finally, in September 2011, Tong Hiang was suspended for six months by DAP’s Disciplinary Committee for improprieties in managing DAP Bakri’s funds.  He was alleged to have issued a party cheque for an amount of RM45,000 for the purchase of a pick-up truck that was registered in his company’s name.  If a BN person did so, I am very sure DAP would have asked for his head for breach of trust, but as expected and as Guan Eng’s henchman in Johor, Tong Hiang was only given the suspension.  Hardly a punishment considering how much party funds he had misused.  To add insult to injury,  the DAP Party Disciplinary Committee Chairman also issued a gag order for members not to make any statement regarding Tong Hiang’s suspension.

Tong Hiang’s latest stunt, holding a press conference claiming that someone from the BN had offered him RM500,000 RM150,000 to jump ship should also be taken with a pinch of salt.  No one sane mind would want to be associated with someone who is under suspension from his own party for the misappropriation of party funds.  I can only deduce that he pulled that stunt to shift the people’s attention away from his misdemeanour.

Therefore, we know now that as the State Committee Chairman, Boo Cheng Hua only controls south of the Segamat line, while the one in control of the north of Johor is Guan Eng.   Perhaps more of those not aligned to Tong Hiang will be ousted in the future.

As for whether Tong Hiang will ever be reported to the authorities for breach of trust and misappropriation of party funds, we’ll wait and see.  But I will definitely not hold my breath.

Ong Boon Hua: Death of a Murderer

I hope he is dead.  At the time of writing, he is comatosed and dying in a hospital in Bangkok.


And it is this man I am talking about: Mr Ong Boon Hua, otherwise known as CHIN PENG.

Ong Boon Hua alias Chin Peng
Ong Boon Hua alias Chin Peng: the Butcher of Malaya

If you think you see an old man in the picture above, let me remind you at one time he butchered Malayans (and subsequently Malaysians).

Chin Peng was born in Sitiawan, Perak on the 21st October 1924.  He embraced Communism when he was 15, and by the time he was 17, he not only led the underground cells of three Chinese secondary schools, workers, shop assistants and the domestic servants of European families, but was made a member of the Perak State Communist Committee.  He took over the leadership of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) in 1947 as its Secretary-General, replacing Lai Teck (a.k.a Loi Tek) who turned out to be a double-agent and had absconded with the Party’s funds.  But it was on the 16th June 1948 that Chin Peng was propelled to infamy, when CPM members in Sungai Siput, Perak, murdered three European plantation managers and started a state of Emergency that saw thousands of Malays and Chinese alike, displaced from the land and homes; 8,850 security personnel and 4,468 civilians were killed or wounded by the CPM from that point of time until the end of the First Emergency in 1960.  Chin Peng had, by 1953, retreated to South Thailand with his Central Executive Committee, and subsequently to China when the First Emergency was declared over.

To some, the struggle of the CPM was an act of anti-colonialism.  To these people who have very shallow understanding of the nation’s history, please read my previous postings on the CPM and whether or not the Malay Peninsula was “colonised”:







Having said that, the struggle by the CPM was far from over.  On 17th June 1968, the Second Emergency commenced by the killing of 17 members of the security forces in Perak’s Kroh area.  This Second Emergency also saw the CPM dispatching two high-ranking police officers namely the late Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Hashim, who was the Inspector-General of Police on June 1974, and Tan Sri “Jimmy” Khoo Chong Kong, the Chief Police Officer of Perak a year later.  By the way, the Police finally apprehended the assassins.  Although the police believed that the same people were responsible for the murders of both Tan Sri Rahman and Tan Sri Jimmy Khoo, they were only tried for murdering the latter.  Read an account by Najib Rahman about his father’s assassination http://www.nst.com.my/nst/articles/Myfather_theIGP_wasgunneddown/Article/

Guess who defended Lim Woon Chong, who was one of the assassins, in court?  Find out here:  http://www.nst.com.my/nst/articles/11ccig/Article/

In this article http://www.malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/no-holds-barred/43359-the-issue-is-chin-peng-is-chinese-and-not-malay , Raja Petra’s shallow way of thinking had made him conveniently blogged that since the Malaysian government has ties with THE China that supported the CPM, then there is nothing wrong with the CPM nor is there anything wrong with allowing Chin Peng to come back to Malaysia.  Would Germany have allowed Hitler to come back if he was still alive?  Raja Petra’s leaving out historical facts is a blatant act of trying to influence the shallow ones amongst his readers to think that he is right.  I would suggest he does more reading and find out why did China stop supporting the CPM LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNG before the Hat Yai Accord was signed in December 1989. If he is too lazy to do any research, then he ought to read https://seademon.wordpress.com/2011/09/04/domino-theory-part-3/

If only Raja Petra knew of the KPI set by Zhou En-Lai to Chin Peng, then he would know why Chin Peng had said the following:

Chin Peng a Chinese, but not a Malaysian
Actually, Chin Peng would have won Malaya had he the support of the Malays, but he did not

So, Raja Petra, Najib Razak shaking hands with the Chinese, as did his father in 1974, had nothing to do with whether or not the Malaysian government agrees with Communism.  Anwar Ibrahim is very close to Paul Wolfowitz, the architect of the death of millions of Muslims since 9/11.  So was he implying that Anwar is anti-Islam? It was just a naughty attempt by Raja Petra to make the Chinese hate the Malays for not being sympathetic towards Chin Peng. Very seditious indeed, in my opinion.  Furthermore, what colonialism was Chin Peng fighting against from 31st August 1957 through 2nd December 1989?  Should Chin Peng have been allowed to return to Malaysia?  My answer would be a straight NO.

Do I have any sympathy for the man responsible for the deaths of thousands of Malaysians, disrupting the lives of tens if not hundreds of thousands more?  Should I even feel sorry for him since he is an old and dying man?  Not a hint. I hope he suffers and rots in whichever hell he belongs to.

So, to those who think that I am heartless for not feeling sorry for Chin Peng let me ask you a question.  Did the Jews weep when Hitler died?

Mr Ong Boon Hua, please die quickly.  I hope they cremate you and flush you down the toilet where you and your supporters belong.