Ong Boon Hua: Death of a Murderer

I hope he is dead.  At the time of writing, he is comatosed and dying in a hospital in Bangkok.


And it is this man I am talking about: Mr Ong Boon Hua, otherwise known as CHIN PENG.

Ong Boon Hua alias Chin Peng
Ong Boon Hua alias Chin Peng: the Butcher of Malaya

If you think you see an old man in the picture above, let me remind you at one time he butchered Malayans (and subsequently Malaysians).

Chin Peng was born in Sitiawan, Perak on the 21st October 1924.  He embraced Communism when he was 15, and by the time he was 17, he not only led the underground cells of three Chinese secondary schools, workers, shop assistants and the domestic servants of European families, but was made a member of the Perak State Communist Committee.  He took over the leadership of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) in 1947 as its Secretary-General, replacing Lai Teck (a.k.a Loi Tek) who turned out to be a double-agent and had absconded with the Party’s funds.  But it was on the 16th June 1948 that Chin Peng was propelled to infamy, when CPM members in Sungai Siput, Perak, murdered three European plantation managers and started a state of Emergency that saw thousands of Malays and Chinese alike, displaced from the land and homes; 8,850 security personnel and 4,468 civilians were killed or wounded by the CPM from that point of time until the end of the First Emergency in 1960.  Chin Peng had, by 1953, retreated to South Thailand with his Central Executive Committee, and subsequently to China when the First Emergency was declared over.

To some, the struggle of the CPM was an act of anti-colonialism.  To these people who have very shallow understanding of the nation’s history, please read my previous postings on the CPM and whether or not the Malay Peninsula was “colonised”:

Having said that, the struggle by the CPM was far from over.  On 17th June 1968, the Second Emergency commenced by the killing of 17 members of the security forces in Perak’s Kroh area.  This Second Emergency also saw the CPM dispatching two high-ranking police officers namely the late Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Hashim, who was the Inspector-General of Police on June 1974, and Tan Sri “Jimmy” Khoo Chong Kong, the Chief Police Officer of Perak a year later.  By the way, the Police finally apprehended the assassins.  Although the police believed that the same people were responsible for the murders of both Tan Sri Rahman and Tan Sri Jimmy Khoo, they were only tried for murdering the latter.  Read an account by Najib Rahman about his father’s assassination

Guess who defended Lim Woon Chong, who was one of the assassins, in court?  Find out here:

In this article , Raja Petra’s shallow way of thinking had made him conveniently blogged that since the Malaysian government has ties with THE China that supported the CPM, then there is nothing wrong with the CPM nor is there anything wrong with allowing Chin Peng to come back to Malaysia.  Would Germany have allowed Hitler to come back if he was still alive?  Raja Petra’s leaving out historical facts is a blatant act of trying to influence the shallow ones amongst his readers to think that he is right.  I would suggest he does more reading and find out why did China stop supporting the CPM LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNG before the Hat Yai Accord was signed in December 1989. If he is too lazy to do any research, then he ought to read

If only Raja Petra knew of the KPI set by Zhou En-Lai to Chin Peng, then he would know why Chin Peng had said the following:

Chin Peng a Chinese, but not a Malaysian
Actually, Chin Peng would have won Malaya had he the support of the Malays, but he did not

So, Raja Petra, Najib Razak shaking hands with the Chinese, as did his father in 1974, had nothing to do with whether or not the Malaysian government agrees with Communism.  Anwar Ibrahim is very close to Paul Wolfowitz, the architect of the death of millions of Muslims since 9/11.  So was he implying that Anwar is anti-Islam? It was just a naughty attempt by Raja Petra to make the Chinese hate the Malays for not being sympathetic towards Chin Peng. Very seditious indeed, in my opinion.  Furthermore, what colonialism was Chin Peng fighting against from 31st August 1957 through 2nd December 1989?  Should Chin Peng have been allowed to return to Malaysia?  My answer would be a straight NO.

Do I have any sympathy for the man responsible for the deaths of thousands of Malaysians, disrupting the lives of tens if not hundreds of thousands more?  Should I even feel sorry for him since he is an old and dying man?  Not a hint. I hope he suffers and rots in whichever hell he belongs to.

So, to those who think that I am heartless for not feeling sorry for Chin Peng let me ask you a question.  Did the Jews weep when Hitler died?

Mr Ong Boon Hua, please die quickly.  I hope they cremate you and flush you down the toilet where you and your supporters belong.

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  1. Raja Petra has always been too simplistic in his thoughts. Pelik that many find him intelligent. Looks like there are a lot of stupid people out there.

    1. Only those of IQ lower than his would think of him as an artsy-fartsy person, English-like, articulated etc.

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