Yes, no, yes, no.

It is the perception of some that Nik Aziz’s wanting to exercise the Hudud is a smoke-screen aimed at throwing people off PAS’s back after the crappy reception it received due to Mat Sabu’s open support for the communist, Mat Indera.  It is my opinion that Mat Sabu’s support for Mat Indera was very much DAP’s script.  It is an open secret that Johor is the target of DAP – you split the Malays in Johor, you will break UMNO’s back.  Coming from DAP, that is nothing new.  DAP had tried to pit the Malays in Penang against each other by trying to introduce the Mosque Committee elections.  Had the elections gone through, it would have seen Malays of different political stand battle each other and the congregation of each mosque would never be the same again.  Let the Malays fight each other, you will have the solid backing from the Penang Chinese community, thus Penang would remain in DAP’s hands come GE13.

In the period of  PR’s political “maturity”, Nik Aziz’s stand on the Hudud issue was uncalled for.  It successfully displayed to the public what kind of coalition PR is – same bedfellows with different dreams.  The only thing they have in common is to oust BN from power.  Whether or not the motley team can unite to run the country effectively remains a big question.  While DAP controls Penang in toto it was not the case when PR was running Perak, and certainly not so now in Selangor.  In both these states, although headed by a Menteri Besar from PAS and PKR, DAP is the one calling the shots.  The PR Perak saw DAP assemblymen doing things at their own whims and fancies; in Selangor the DUMC fiasco saw three DAP assemblymen (and only them) at the initial damage-control press conference held by the PKR Menteri Besar.  Nik Aziz seems like a rogue to the DAP on the Hudud issue, veering away from the PR tangent, and Anwar Ibrahim’s initial support for Nik Aziz has seen an about turn.  What is PR without DAP’s support?  Where would Anwar be without the DAP?

Therefore, yesterday’s press conference announcing the reaching of an amicable solution between the three parties seem more of a window dressing for damage has already been done.  It only goes to prove who, among the three parties,  now calls the shots – and how powerless Nik Aziz is.

The speaker is not in power
The larger one is the one in power
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