13 Ghosts

Ask anyone in Tawau what Kampung Ice Box would mean to them, a big majority would cite prevailing lawlessness. Tawau, being close to the border, has been facing numerous problems involving cross-border criminals.  Therefore, it is not surprising that of the 13 suspected Jemaah Islamiah (JI) militants arrested there recently, 6 are from a neighbouring country.  Not too long ago some 150 kilometers away, Abu Sayyaf terrorists kidnapped foreign tourists as well as Malaysian staff from resorts on Sipadan island, some 2 hours away by speedboat from the southern Philippines.

Upon the arrest of the 13 by the Malaysian authorities, PAS was among the first to criticise the arrests saying that since the Internal Security Act is about to be abolished, it should not be used.  The Commission for Human Rights of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) also criticised the move to arrest the 13 and demanded their release.

I was engaged on Twitter by a member of SUHAKAM on my criticisation of the  Commission for calling for the militants’ release. He cited Article 9 of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (UDHR). The Article says no one Should be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.  What he fail to realise is the rights of the majority should be held paramount. What about my rights to safety and security? Lest we forget under the same Declaration, I have a right under Article 3 which states that Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. Shouldn’t SUHAKAM be defending those rights too? Should SUHAKAM not weigh the interest of the majority versus the rights of the 13 militants? Maybe I should remind SUHAKAM that Article 29(2) of the Declaration sets the limits to one’s freedom; THEREFORE one’s freedom is NOT an absolute right.

Maybe SUHAKAM needs to revisit the mandate that was given to the body via Act597 and that is to promote human rights education, Advise on legislation and policy, and investigate human rights abuse – NOT act as a NGO. And please if any of the Commissioners read law, please get a refund.

And for those who say that the ISA is no longer applicable, if you find any Ringgit note of yours that was signed by Ismail Ali, please collect them and give to me as Ismail Ali is no longer the Governor of Bank Negara, therefore by your definition the notes are no longer legal tender.

I don’t want Malaysians or foreigners killed in Malaysia because we fail to nip terrorism in the bud.

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  1. When these terrorist detonate a bomb in a mall near Kuala Lumpur and children and grand children of these SUHAKAM Commissioners are maimed in that attack, would they still cry ‘human rights violation’?

    Really, I want to see this!

  2. Bros, if bombs starts exploding in malls and hotel lobbies God forbid, the same anti ISA people will then conveniently blame the Polis and the Gomen for allowing it to happen. They are a bunch of hypocrites.

    Agree the safety of the majority peaceful law abiding citizens of this country is more important then the rights of 13 militants detained by the Polis, ISA or no ISA I might add.

  3. Sdra,
    Kenyataan penuh Suhakam untuk rujukan.
    Muhammad Sha’ani b. Abdullah

    Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia Malaysia (SUHAKAM) meluahkan rasa amat kecewa dan terkejut dengan penangkapan terbaru 13 individu di bawah Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri 1960 (ISA) atas kegiatan gerakan militan di Sabah. Tindakan pihak berkuasa ini benar-benar mengejutkan dan sama sekali bertentangan dengan keputusan Perdana Menteri yang berani dan bersejarah untuk memansuhkan ISA serta pengiktirafan dan penghormatan terhadap hak asasi manusia serta perseimbangan antara hak tersebut dengan peraturan undang-undang dalam sistem demokrasi berparlimen negara – yang telah lama dinanti-nantikan dan amat dialu-alukan dengan sepenuh hati oleh rakyat.

    Selaras dengan seruan yang telah dibuat sebelum ini agar undang-undang penahanan pencegahan dimansuhkan, Suruhanjaya menggesa agar pihak berkuasa membebaskan kesemua mereka yang ditahan di bawah undang-undang tersebut dan memberikan hak mereka kepada perbicaraan terbuka dengan diwakili peguam. Suruhanjaya juga menyeru Kerajaan supaya menghentikan penggubalan undang-undang yang membenarkan penahanan tanpa bicara dan agar menangani isu berkaitan keganasan di bawah undang-undang lain yang sedia ada; dan sementara pemansuhan ISA dibuat, tiada sebarang penangkapan akan dijalankan di bawah Akta ini.



    Suruhanjaya Hak Assasi Manusia Malaysia (SUHAKAM)
    18 November 2011

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