As 2012 Approaches

The sun has just set over Kuala Lumpur for the year 2011, and as usual at the end of every year, here I am to summarise the year in a few dozen words.  It won’t be as carefree as it used to be as this blog is now under scrutiny, and I don’t think I can write as much personal stuff as I used to do pre-August 2011.  However, this is still my personal blog, where I write my personal views and I’d like to reiterate that again – my personal blog, not a blog belonging to some political cybertrooper out to influence the thinking of others. I write what I feel about things and I couldn’t care less who’s in the firing line, or what your political inclination may be.

Work-wise: it has been a good year. No one has died offshore, touchwood, under my watch, although a sister company lost a diver last September which I blame the deceased’s surface supervisor. I am wearing two hats, one for the subsidiary I work for, the other being at corporate level. The Group has also given the go-ahead to merge with another giant to form the 5th largest service provider in the world, making us a very serious contender for projects worldwide. This merger has enabled us to have our reach as far as the Gulf of Mexico and Brazil. I am happy where I am, earning my Ringgit. Enough to feed the family and go for cheap vacations.

I also plan to do my Masters in the field I am now involved in. It won’t be easy, but it would satisfy my hunger for knowledge.  I am just looking for the appropriate place to do the course.

My health:  health has been good.  I did not lose much weight as compared to the same time last year.  I lost one kilo as compared to this time last year, but I gained a kilo more than I did during the fasting month.  I need to discipline myself more in terms of the things I eat, but at least apart from water, I drink at least 600ml of fresh fruit juice daily at work. I was 95.8 kilos on 31st Deecember last year, and this morning I weighed at 94.0 kilos. Well, that’s almost 2 kilos off.

On the personal side: life’s been good but work has been taking its toll too. I admit I have not been giving my wife and kids as much attention as I used to, but what I love about my wife is she will keep things in check and would get me to let things off my chest, admit my mistakes where it’s been made, and work out on how to improve or what needs a review. That is the thing about us, not wanting to get into that “me husband, you wife” routine, but regard each other as the best friends we were before we got married. And for that I value her understanding where I falter and get too deeply engrossed in my own world. There has been times where I do not play much role at home, getting on the PC and back at work when I am back at home, and end up either on the social network or playing games to get my mind off work so I could sleep. But an understanding wife is what forgetful husbands like I need…and I appreciate those hugs at night even if I never say much. From now on I will go home to a good long hug first no matter how crappy the day at the office had been. My wife has always been my best friend, that is how she will remain first as, before she is my wife.

I would love to have seen a better race-relations in Malaysia: we are still racially-polarised here in Malaysia, no matter what we say, no thanks especially to selfish politicians who are determined to keep Malaysians divided politically and racially. There have been instances where politicians introduced steps or other methods to split the unity of the people, for example, the attempt to introduce mosque-committee elections which would definitely split the unity of the Malays. That was a blatant attempt to dilute the voting power of the Malays, while keeping the support of the Chinese in particular, intact.

I would also like to see the quota system for public university intakes for Bumiputras to be removed.  I am in the opinion that Malay students think it is their birthright to have that quota, but they don’t do much studying.  The recent demonstration for “Academic Freedom” by undergrads jockeyed by a certain political party underscores this fact.  Give deserving students the university seats as well as financial aid so that we would have better quality Director-Generals, Departmental Heads in the civil service.

On that score, I would also like to see more non-Malays join the civil service and uniformed services, where they are given equal rights to promotion based on merit rather than quota. I remember how good the police and Air Force were right up until the mid-1990s. There were more non-Malay senior officers than there are now.

I would also like to see Ministers, politicians on both sides of the fence, senior government officials involved in graft cases to face the full force of the law. They must be made to remember that they have been put there to serve the people, not their self-interest. They have been given the responsibility to serve the people (rakyat) and manage the department, ministry, state, country on behalf of the people. If they breach that trust given by the people, they don’t belong in their posts.

The NFC issue is also a thorn in every one’s backside. In my opinion, the Prime Minister should have asked the Minister in question (whose family members benefited from the government loan and project) to step down and go on leave pending investigation. That would have been the best method instead of keeping quiet about it.  Now, whatever action that is taken against the Minister would be construed as “an election ploy.” it is far too late, and BN and UMNO in particular will have to live with this thorny issue during the next General Elections. This is one issue that will drag whatever effort Najib Razak has been doing to transform Malaysia, down.  It would take a huge effort for BN canvassers to answer this issue on the said Minister’s behalf.

For PR, it is plain and simple for Malays to see that their DAP partners have been jockeying Malay (and even Indian) interests for their own interest.  Selangor, in particular, is being administered in the background by Little Napoleons that even sensitive issues like the JAIS report on the DUMC issue has yet to be released to the public in full.  Maybe, the Menteri Besar has a leash in the form of a political noose around his neck, held by political “partners” from both DAP and within PKR. We will see what the future holds for Khalid Ibrahim.

Whatever it is, 2012 will be an interesting year for us all, be it in a positive manner or otherwise.  Let us just wait and see.

Happy New Year all and have a good year ahead.


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