While The Malays Sleep

For the life of me I am just too lazy to search for the video that I want to put into this posting.  Maybe for starters, Shahrizat Jalil could have asked her husband to take a look at this video first before getting involved in the NFC. For GE13, I don’t think it is fair for BN supporters to be answering on Shahrizat’s personal issue on behalf of her and her family as the BN members at large do not benefit from the business.

Coming from a renowned boarding school in Kuala Kangsar, I am privy to some info from old boys who are pro-government supporters as well as from those who oppose.  With 9th January looming on the weekend’s horizon (I am writing this on a Saturday while waiting for my wife to finish making her Mee Tomato), the story of succession in both PKR and Pakatan Rakyat in general, comes to mind.  It is interesting to note that some people in PKR’s up there has hinted that the Youth Chief of PKR, Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, will take over the helm.  Nurul Izzah, the daughter of Anwar Ibrahim, is being promoted by her mother, Dr Wan Azizah, much to the behest of Anwar’s long-time loyal-for-some-fishy-reason lieutenant, Azmin Ali, who wants the Party’s No.1 position all to himself, while the name of Badrul Hisham Shaharin, Rembau’s PKR’s Chief, was not mentioned at all.  Badrul Hisham lost in his bid for the No.1 Youth’s position to incumbent Shamsul Iskandar, and therefore does not have the locus standi (if I may use that term) to stake his claim at the National level.

Shamsul Iskandar’s appointment would serve DAP’s and PAS’s interest as it would seem to be a move away by PKR from Anwar’s shadow.  Anwar, who used to walk the streets flanked by leaders of the other opposition parties, now often seen walking alone up the staircase of the court during his sodomy trial, save for the company of his wife, daughters, and occasionally, Azmin himself.  But Shamsul Iskandar may not be welcomed by DAP and PAS to replace Anwar, whom they have successfully jockeyed for political mileage and support to get on the plane they are on now.  It would be naive to say that both DAP and PAS do not know of Anwar’s character weaknesses as the latter was part of the BN machinery; and especially DAP, had put a lot of effort in exposing BN MP’s dirty linen in public. Therefore, another leader, acceptable by both DAP and PAS, and some members of the public, would be the best to lead – and this person is reported to be none other than Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah himself.  PKR, being the weakest among the three parties, would have to accept this decision and take the backseat duty thenceforth.

I think it was on New Year’s Day that I saw the headline on one tabloid quoting DAP as saying, “We don’t need the MB’s seat.”  This was, I think, made in response to speculations.  We all know that in the states of Perak (when it was briefly under the Pakatan Rakyat) and Selangor, the real administrator of the states was and still is for Selangor, the DAP.  Even when the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) was raided by the Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS), Khalid Ibrahim, the de jure Menteri Besar, quickly apologised to Pastor Daniel Ho on the Thursday after the 2nd August 2011 raid.  On the 8th the de jure Menteri Besar had a “meeting” with several DAP excos such as Tan Kok Wai, Ronnie Liu, Ean Yong Hian Wah, V. Ganabathiroa & Senator S. Ramakrishnan.  The result of the meeting can be found here.  Dr Hasan Ali, the Selangor State Religious Affairs Exco was immediately bashed by all quarters from the Pakatan Rakyat over this issue.  Dr Hasan Ali holds his ground until now, while fellow Selangor parliamentarian from PAS, Khalid Samad, is reported to deny that the act of proselytizing never took place at the DUMC, and continues to deny.  This is despite the fact that HRH The Sultan of Selangor had issued a proclamation that the act did take place (please refer to the full text of HRH’s proclamation).   I always wonder what hold does the DAP have on Khalid Ibrahim and Khalid Samad that they seem to be dragged by their nose by the former on this issue.

PAS is also seen as digressing away from its original path.  With the Ataturks (I refuse to term them as Erdogans, as Tayyib Erdogan fights for Islam while Ataturk fights for power, doing away with Islam) having 60% control and the Ulama controlling only 30%, PAS now seems to have forgone Islam and would deal with the Devil himself for power.  People with baggages like Mat Sabu and Mahfuz Omar now sit as Vice Presidents of PAS.  These are people who can easily be held at ransom given their past.  How do you see them lead a so-called Islamist party?  I personally feel that they are nothing more than Trojan horses for a force outside PAS, that would lead PAS to kowtow to anything that the other partners in Pakatan Rakyat do.

Gunning for Johor
Pakatan Rakyat is gunning for Johor

The Penang government led by DAP also tried to introduce mosque committee elections.  This, in my opinion, was malicious of nature.  DAP knows that it has a solid support from the Chinese voters in Penang, but not so from the Malays.  Perhaps mosque elections would split congregations politically, and dilute Malay solidarity at the grassroot level.

Recently, we also saw attacks on Article 153 of the Federal Constitution – a move seen to chip away at the Special Rights given to the Malays and other Bumiputeras.  There was even an attempt to confuse the masses by introducing historical facts that are totally wrong and misleading.  DAP-led forces are also trying to dilute UMNO’s influence in its final bastion – Johor.  If  UMNO’s influence in Johor  could be drastically weakened, BN may not even win a simple majority. And UMNO may be forced to abdicate its seat as the leading party in BN.

I have nothing against other races.  What I have is hatred towards those who are bent on chipping away at the fundamentals that have been holding this nation together.  While the Malays sleep, DAP continues to chip away at their cohesiveness, and spirit of Malayness that we used to see not too long ago; but these values have eroded so much that many do not realise the implications of losing the Special Rights.  While I take swipes at what I think is wrong with people in UMNO, I am against any attempt to usurp the power of the Malays through the religion of Islam and the protection of the institution of the Malay Rulers.  If Pakatan Rakyat wins 2/3 majority, with DAP being the biggest winner, DAP will be in the position to propose for amendments to the Federal Constitution.  The Malay Rulers would have a smaller role, probably similar to what was proposed during the Malayan Union, and would be powerless to even protect the religion of Islam in their respective state.

By then, it would be too late for the Malays to wake up from their slumber.

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