Speed Kills – Comment That Deserves A Mention

I post below a comment by a reader, Mustapha Ong, on my most recent posting:

My few sentences will describe the attitude and mentality of all those who are less civic minded in their shallow thinking and perception of the recently implemented AES high technology cameras based on a long period of detailed studies since 2003 through different agencies and stakeholders, both local and overseas. AES is a Federal government project that had to be sieved through a number of assessments and technological tests over the last 9 years or so, before the government decided to take a serious review of the project based on the following criteria:-

1. To create public awareness that speech kills;

2. To educate road users to be more civic minded;

3. To minimize any human contact between the enforcement officers
and the motorists and cyclists and other road users;

4, To check reckless drivings especially among public and commercial

5. To check and reduce corruption and abuses of power being targeted
at reckless and inexperienced drivers and other road users;

6. To deploy enforcement officers (traffic police, City and Local Council)
to other enforcement and national security agencies;

7. To improve efficiency of relevant enforcement agencies in terms of
human capital, financial and accounting procedures, etc.

8. To relieve the capitalization and allocation of public funds from the
Treasury to finance the AES project estimated cost of more than
RM700 million.

9. To relieve the government’s subsequent liabilities on the heavy
and regular maintenance of the high-tech cameras.

10.Any other reasons and justification due to the nationwide
implementation of the AES project as it phases out over the
projected variation at various stages.

As far as the government and the majority public knows, the AES project had been deliberately politicized by the the opposition-led states and some other less civic minded individual or interest group. I am not a lawyer, but the government should examine the legality of a Federal initiated national project nationwide, including those governed by the opposition. The issue should be referred for a jurisdiction review to be assessed by the AG Chamber.

In this context DAP leaders through CM Lim Guan Eng had taken the matter in their own jurisdiction in suspending the implementation of the AES project in Penang, Selangor, Kedah and Kelantan. DAP has clearly politicized the AES project to suit their own administrative agenda. I dare say that the PR state governments are of no saint or less evil and corrupted to the core as reported on the mismanagement of human capital, enforcement of business licences, public tenders and other resources and services, I therefore challenge LIM Guan Eng to look at their own backyard, especially the PR states of Selangor and Penang,

The enforcement officers and relevant agencies in the City and Local councils are abusing their power and encourage more corruptions than the previous BN state government. Clear examples are the existence of thousands of entertainment outlets including reflexology centers, SPAs, dinning joints with PROs, social escorts and prostitutes, illegal or pirate taxis and cargo lorries and trucks and many other sources of obtaining corrupted monies. If DAP and their crony allies PKR and PAS are so adamant to exploit and sabotage the Federal projects, I advise that they should wait for the opportunity to win the coming PRU13 and govern this country, according to their wimps and fancies. Until then, I gracefully request LIM Guan Eng to stop harassing the BN government and stop being too personal in this blog comments against our BN Ministers and other corporate leaders,cronies and supporters.

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