KL 1 Million 12 and Miscounting

1,998, 1,999, 2,000, 1 million

That is probably how Pakatan Rakyat leaders and organisers of the KL112 rally count, given the fact that the DAP could not count 2,000 ballots correctly during its recent Central Executive Committee election.

PR leaders had tried to get 1 million participants for the KL112 rally, but until the end of the rally, probably only 40,000 or less attended.

Pakatan’s formal online voice, Malaysiakini, was reported to have put the number of people gathered at the Stadium Merdeka at 80,000. With a seating capacity of 35,000, with the field being able to take another 5,000, the picture published below by Malaysiakini would have had soooooome credibility (yes, that typo is intentional to demonstrate my stretching of that possibility):


But its blurry nature raised lots of doubt.

Let us compare the picture above with a much clearer one below:


Now, that looks a lot less than 40,000, doesn’t it? Now, that shows the gradual erosion of support to rallies that have the sole intention of promoting Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister, and very little of anything else.

When asked, a Pakatan supporter shrugged it off merely saying numbers are not important.

I guess since 16th September 2008 they no longer are. 😉

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