Ada Faham, Rais?

“I don’t know if i have a brain!”

Recently, 14 European Union ministers and 3 Charges D’Affaires met with members of Pakatan Harapan. Rais Hussin (above) who heads the Policy and Strategy Bureau of Pribumi wrote that the claim of Foreign Minister Anifah Aman that Pakatan had breached the sovereignty of Malaysia was ludicrous and off target. He went as far as quoting the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961.

Very laudable, Rais. Good effort in trying to at least look clever. They say ‘The Devil is always in the details‘, Rais. The very least you could do is read the statement by the Foreign Minister properly.

He said ‘mengundang campur tangan‘ which, if translated properly, means ‘inviting interference‘ in Malaysia’s domestic issues as well as the issues raised to the delegates would effect the image and sovereignity of the country.

The concern of the Malaysian Government is why is Pakatan Harapan members, especially PPBM members who do not even hold seats in Parliament (with the exception of self-proclaimed Brunei citizen Mukhriz Mahathir who is the ADUN of Jerlun), air domestic issues to representatives of foreign nations? What is the intention here?

Years ago, Mahathir chide the west for poking their noses into Malaysia’s domestic affairs. Now you are asking foreign nations to interfere but at the same time chide the Government for inviting foreign investments from China and the Middle East. That is blowing hot and cold at the same time.  It is a known fact that you are full of hot air anyway but you are undoubtedly a qualified and proven strategist. Just look at how spectacular Muhyddin is doing now (that was being ironic and sarcastic in case it escaped your alleged intellectual mind).

Did Mahathir chide Anwar for seeking support from Al Gore, Estrada etc? Wait! You reformed! Of course! That is why Mahathir has done a U-turn and is doing what Anwar did. So was Anwar right? Did Mahathir actually screw Malaysia for 22 years?

Bad mouthing our country to outsiders is simply in bad taste. Sabotaging the country for your own political gain? And it was thought that Mahathir and PPBM could sink no lower.

Are you hoping for the EU to place an embargo on Malaysia? It would definitely affect the Palm Oil industry which will in turn affect the small producers. So, when these people lose their income and can’t provide food on the table, will you be answerable?

You talk about 1MDB, SRC and Felda without any hint of knowledge concerning the matters. The US, Singapore, Switzerland took action after Bank Negara hit 1MDB with heavy penalties.

The SRC, Felda and Mara are still under investigation in case you are unaware. Any form of investigation would not happen if Mahathir were the Prime Minister because he would just instruct the MACC to turn a blind eye just like in the case of the BNM Forex scandal.

By the way, do you even understand what 1MDB is all about? You probably do a little after all those hours of trying to memorise and parrot what the blogs alleged. Or perhaps you received advice from Pakatan’s renowned economists i.e. Mat Sabu, who coincidentally is the person who coined the term ‘Mahafiraun‘ for your beloved ‘Prime Minister’-designate, a name that is still being used by the original reformasi people in reference to him.

With regards to the 1MDB, not one individual has been charged or arrested in the US despite all attempts by Pakatan to get the DOJ to take action. A civil action has been taken, which the DOJ had applied to the US courts but even that, further action had to be postponed. Why is this so? It is because although Pakatan sent its goons over to the US to report about the loss of money from 1MDB, the US DOJ is having problems trying to ascertain where the money is actually from as 1MDB has not lost any money.

However, you can be proud of the constant use of the word ‘kleptocracy’ which shows that you are capable of some form of basic intelligence – amoeba level, that is.

Those arrested and charged in Singapore were all bank employees who flouted the local financial regulations.  Sorry to spoil your stupid fun but those people are NOT related to, nor are they employed by the 1MDB.

Perhaps, if you were to put in some effort to properly read the Foreign Minister’s  statement (two months should do for you given your level of comprehension), the concerns were regarding the good name, integrity and guaranteed sovereignty of the country.  It did not at all touch on electoral monitoring groups.

The point is, both the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister were disturbed by the actions of Pakatan bad mouthing Malaysia to outsiders.  And this begs a question from me: IF YOU ARE SO CONFIDENT OF FORMING THE NEXT GOVERNMENT, AND HAVE THE NUMBERS WHY DO YOU HAVE TO SEEK THE HELP OF FOREIGNERS?

Surely a person like Anifah Aman who has served two terms as the Malaysian Foreign Minister and widely respected on the world stage knows, unlike you, his subject matter. Anifah spoke facts on possible ramifications of the shallow-minded actions Pakatan had made.

The Foreign Minister made no mention that it is wrong for the EU Ambassadors to meet with MPs of the Opposition as this is the norm in democratic nations but the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations allows the Government to take the necessary action if any diplomat intervenes in the internal affairs of a country.

Unlike you, the Foreign Minister is a man who is not just a politician, but more so that he is a very well respected diplomat. He is well respected around the world, and in the US is well received by both the Democrats and Republican Senate reprentatives. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise to you that he also holds several important international portfolios and, unlike your master who gave Malaysian identity cards to foreigners in Sabah, has the undeniable loyalty and affection of the majority of Sabahans.

Stop behaving as if you are intelligent. Allah Knows. Ada faham, Rais?

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 01.41.15
Mamak penjual kerakyatan Malaysia

Adakah Pakatan Bercadang Untuk Mensabotaj FELDA?

Satu delegasi Pakatan yang digambarkan diketuai oleh ‘Perdana Menteri’ Mahathir telah bertemu dengan 14 orang duta dari negara-negara European Union (EU).

Delegasi Pakatan tersebut yang juga dianggotai oleh Saifuddin Abdullah, Tan Kok Wai, Xavier Jeyakumar dan Mat Sabu telah membuat pertemuan tersebut di kediaman Duta dan Ketua Delegasi EU ke Malaysia, Maria Castillo Fernández.

Dalam perbincangan tersebut, Mat Sabu dikatakan telah mencadangkan agar Malaysia didesak untuk membenarkan negara-negara EU tersebut menerima pemerhati semasa pilihanraya umum yang akan datang.

Apa yang kita ketahui ialah negara-negara EU telah melarang minyak sawit dari diperdagangkan di negara-negara mereka untuk pembuatan biodiesel dua hari yang lepas. Langkah ini bukan sahaja menjejaskan para peneroka FELDA serta para pekebun kecil di Malaysia, malah juga para peneroka dan pekebun kecil di negara jiran kita, Indonesia.

Persoalannya sekarang ialah adakah Pakatan Harapan, dalam kegilaannya untuk merampas tampuk kuasa, telah bersekongkol dengan EU untuk memberi tekanan terhadap kerajaan Barisan Nasional?

Jika kita ambil kira kesanggupan Mahathir untuk menjilat ludahnya sendiri serta bersekongkol dengan mereka yang lazim memburuk-burukkan Raja, Islam dan institusi-institusi Melayu, tidak menjadi pelik sekiranya benar mereka bersekongkol dengan negara luar untuk menjahanamkan ekonomi negara.

Jumping To Conclusion

Arul Kanda was spotted at the opening of the UMNO General Assembly

I don’t know why Arul Kanda’s presence at the opening ceremony of the UMNO General Assembly is made a fuss.  So did Khazanah Nasional Bhd managing director Azman Mokhtar, Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB) group chairperson Abdul Wahid Omar, CEO Abdul Rahman Ahmad and Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera (LTAT) CEO Lodin Wok Kamaruddin.

It has always been a tradition for CEOs of Government-linked companies to be invited to the opening ceremony to listen to the UMNO President’s speech where it always touches socio-economic concerns.  Even President of BN component parties are invited.  In fact, among those who attended the final UMNO General Assembly with Mahathir as President were MCA’s then-President Ong Ka Ting and also PPP’s M Kayveas. So, what is the big deal?

Not too long ago, an archnemesis of the Opposition attended DAP’s Convention.  There, those who swore to spit on his grave lined up to smile, bow and shake hands with the man they all had wanted to send to prison for being a corrupt dictator.

Heil Mahathir!

Behind Mahathir in the screen capture above is the very man who used to go around the country calling the former a PEROMPAK (robber).

Of course, now Mahathir is forgiven.  All the RM100 billion according to both Lim Kit Siang and Barry Wain that Mahathir squandered have been forgotten, all in the name of politics.  And in the name of politics, all those with past sins are forgiven the moment they work hand-in-hand with Pakatan.

Arul Kanda, President of BN component parties, all sat with the rest of the guests an delegations. Mahathir, however, was given a seat on the stage with DAP’s central executive committee members.

DAP Member 001A was given a seat on the stage

So, is Mahathir a DAP member?  Maybe, Malaysiakini can answer this question.

Malaysia Will Go To Top Dog

Not too long ago Al Jazeera interviewed U-Turn Mahathir. In the interview Mahathir told all sorts of lies about the politico-economic situation of Malaysia.  Among the things he said was:

Malaysia will go to the dogs.”

Many disagreed and wondered why, that despite the good showing of economic growth, concurred by the world’s economic institutes, Mahathir said that Malaysia is now as doomed as when he was at the helm.

Mahathir’s 22 years of plundering the nation including allowing the Bank Negara to come to the brink of collapse during his tenure is now being investigated by a Royal Commission of Inquiry and the man is desperate to put the stops to it as it could lead him to become the oldest conman to be jailed.

Even PONY TUA, DAP MP for Petaling Jaya U-Tua wrote about Mahathir’s practice of cronyism once upon a time. Of course like the good Christian PONY TUA is, this is swept under the Pakatan carpet.

Mahathir has hinted that he might have to become Prime Minister again – a very scary thought. Almost all of us remember what it was like during his time to blog and be sent to Kamunting under detention without trial..

He covered that up later by naming a few people as potential Pakatan Prime Ministers including the useless Mat Sabu whose job in Pakatan is nothing more than to promote the “Planet of the Apes” franchise as well as hugging Chinese girls.  Something he could not do when he was in PAS.

Mat Sabu for PM

We all know that Mahathir knows only he is fit to become a Pakatan Prime Minister. He never stopped becoming the Prime Minister or power-broker until Najib Razak put a stop to it. And he is incensed by that.

Although he did not name himself a Prime Minister again, he has again hinted as being the person most qualified for the job. He is now Pakatan’s TOP DOG!

This prompted the biggest dog of all, who is also Mahathir’s arch-nemesis on the Internet, to bite the old dog.  And you wondered why there is an outbreak of rabies in this nation?

Whatever it is, Mahathir claims to be the Top Dog. And he did say to Al Jazeera that the country will go to the dogs. We know now which dog and pack he was referring to.

And with Mahathir as the Top Dog, Malaysia will be in for another round of screwing.

Top Dog enjoys everything

Dari Sungai Besar Ke Kualē

Esok merupakan hari penentuan buat para pengundi di Parlimen Sungai Besar dan Parlimen Kuala Kangsar. Kedua-dua buah kerusi yang kosong akibat kematian ahli-ahli Parlimen yang mewakili kawasan-kawasan tersebut bulan lalu menjadi rebutan di antara PAS, BN dan parti serpihan PAS iaitu PAN.

Kedua-dua buah kerusi ini adalah amat penting buat BN dan PAS. Bagi BN, kemenangan akan bermaksud rakyat masih meletakkan kepercayaan mereka terhadap BN walaupun sokongan para pengundi amat tipis ditambah pula dengan serangan-serangan tidak munasabah yang telah dilakukan oleh bekas ahli UMNO iaitu Mahathir Mohamad. Bagi PAS pula, ianya akan menjadi bukti bahawa sokongan terhadap PAS masih kukuh walaupun telah dikhianati oleh Mohamad Sabu dan konco-konconya.

Tidak timbul isu sama ada calon yang diketengahkan oleh parti-parti yang bertanding adalah merupakan “calon payung terjun” seperti yang didakwa oleh pelbagai pihak. Calon BN, Datin Mastura Mohd Yazid walaupun berasal dari Negeri Sembilan telahpun bermastautin di Kuala Kangsar selama 27 tahun dan adalah merupakan pengundi berdaftar di Kuala Kangsar. Beliau telah bekerja dengan arwah suami beliau untuk rakyat Kuala Kangsar sekian lamanya.

Berbeza dengan calon PAN di Sungai Besar. Azhar Ab Shukur, yang berasal dari Pahang tetapi menetap juga di Pahang.  Calon Pakatan Harapan ini tiada bezanya dengan ahli-ahli Parlimen lain Pakatan Harapan yang memegang serentak kerusi DUN dan Parlimen, kemudiannya sibuk berceramah di sana sini dan tiada masa untuk diluangkan secara peribadi di kawasan-kawasan yang telah memilih mereka sebagai wakil suara pengundi.

Malah, Azhar dengan berbesar hatinya telah umumkan kepada para pengundi Sungai Besar bahawa beliau akan lawat kawasan sebanyak dua bulan sekali! Sebulan sekali sekiranya beliau seronok!

Kalau inilah yang terbaik boleh PAN berikan untuk rakyat, eloklah kita ramai-ramai baling mikrofon ke arah Presidennya, Mohamad Sabu.

Jangan juga kita lupakan siapa sebenarnya di belakang  tabir mentadbir PAN – tidak lain dan tidak bukan parti DAP sendiri.

Sejak mula hari pencalonan lagi kelihatan “para pembesar” DAP kelihatan berkempen dengan agresif bagi pihak PAN. Ianya bukanlah sesuatu yang menghairankan. PAN lahir akibat hasutan jahat DAP terhadap ahli-ahli PAS yang pernah ada bai’ah bercerai suami-isteri talak tiga sekiranya keluar meninggalkan PAS. Maka keldai-keldai tunggangan DAP ini bekerja keras mengikut arahan yang diberikan oleh tuan DAP mereka untuk cuba memenangi kerusi Sungai Besar dan Kuala Kangsar. Kemenangan PAN adalah kemenangan DAP:

Apa yang nak dihairankan mengenai hukum bersama bekas isteri yang dicerai talak tiga kalau boleh bersekongkol dengan golongan evangelis yang tidak pernah senang dengan kedudukan istimewa Bumiputra dan agama Islam sebagai agama Persekutuan Malaysia?

Seorang lagi yang menangguk di air yang keruh bersekongkol dengan PAN dan DAP ialah Mahathir Mohamad, seorang yang mengaku Melayu kerana bencikan bangsa nenek moyangnya.

Kerja Mahathir adalah untuk mendapatkan sokongan rakyat untuk mencapai agenda persendiriannya termasuklah berbaik dengan musuh-musuhnya.

Sejak memulakan serangan terhadap Perdana Menteri, bekas ahli UMNO ini yang pernah menangis kerana memecat dirinya sendiri dari jawatan Perdana Menteri cuba membuktikan bahawa beliau masih mendapat sokongan rakyat dalam perjuangan memenuhi nafsu sendiri. Ini termasuklah mengitar semula isu lapok yang sudah berjawab dan membuat dakwaan-dakwaan yang tidak berasas di mana beliau sendiri akui bahawa beliau tiada bukti untuk menyokong dakwaan-dakwaan beliau, tidak ubah seperti para pejuang papan kekunci yang mengharapkan bayaran.

Malah, “sokongan” yang beliau perolehi juga adalah penipuan sebesar “sokongan” yang didakwanya.

Serangan Mahathir juga tidak terbatas kepada Najib; malah Abdul Hadi Awang juga menjadi sasaran kempennya. Maka apakah agenda Mahathir kalau bukan membantu evangelis untuk menjatuhkan Islam dan Melayu?

Di hari terakhir tempoh berkempen ini, fikir-fikirkanlah. Undilah calon yang boleh membawa kemajuan, pembangunan, peluang pekerjaan, penambahbaikan mutu kehidupan, perpaduan dan kesejahteraan.

Siapa pun yang bakal anda pilih, janganlah dipilih calon parti keldai yang hanya akan menjenguk anda dua bulan sekali.

Mari kita tonton video terakhir:


Do you know what hypocrisy is? Hypocrisy is when you tell your  
voters that so and so is the devil reincarnated, that he is out to destroy their way of life, their rights and their religion. Hypocrisy is when you tell those oppressed that the person oppressing them has made rich his family members as well as cronies,
And then you work hand-in-hand with the very people you’ve been so bent on destroying, just so you could fulfill your political destiny and personal goals, disregarding what mental stress that you have put your voters and supporters through.
These are hypocrites. Do you know what hypocrite is in Islam?
And no matter how much you try to justify their hypocrisy, they are still munafiks and your trying to justify their hypocrisy has to be the most vile of acts.

Withering Heights 

There was a time when Anwar Ibrahim and ADIL (later KEADILAN, and then Parti Keadilan Rakyat) enjoyed the massive support of the rakyat no matter the program. That was the time when those who hated his guts such as the DAP and PAS treated him and his party as a political mules. The jockeys rode to victory in many places in 2008 while PKR only got the MB seat in Selangor by virtue of PKR being able to provide a Malay candidate as the MB.

As time goes by, the rakyat can finally see that other than Rafizi, Wan Azizah, N Surendran, Nurul Izzah and Tian Chua, PKR has nonother candidates qualified to become anything, and that PKR is nothing but a vehicle to promote Anwar Ibrahim as the next Prime Minister, and stops at only that.

The above is evident in the latest cow-dung shat by PKR in the case of the Tian Chua-arranged meeting between Nurul Izzah and Jacel Kiram, discarding the sensitivities causedby the Lahad Datu intrusion.

So how much support does PKR and its loose coalition have nowadays?

The above Pakatan-organised (PKR) forum was held in Opposition-held Shah Alam, its own safe seat. Using the favourite opposition-leaning media’s words, “tens of thousands” attended. Here is a photo of the forum.

My guess is we will have a new Menteri Besar in Selangor – a DAP stooge.  DAP as usual will have the most seats in Selangor and Mat Sabu-led Amananah will contest. Pseudo-religious voters will support Mat Sabu and his massacre of cartoons and among these DAP-friendly candidates, one will become the Menteri Besar-designate.
DAP will eventually have its way in Selangor.

KL 1 Million 12 and Miscounting

1,998, 1,999, 2,000, 1 million

That is probably how Pakatan Rakyat leaders and organisers of the KL112 rally count, given the fact that the DAP could not count 2,000 ballots correctly during its recent Central Executive Committee election.

PR leaders had tried to get 1 million participants for the KL112 rally, but until the end of the rally, probably only 40,000 or less attended.

Pakatan’s formal online voice, Malaysiakini, was reported to have put the number of people gathered at the Stadium Merdeka at 80,000. With a seating capacity of 35,000, with the field being able to take another 5,000, the picture published below by Malaysiakini would have had soooooome credibility (yes, that typo is intentional to demonstrate my stretching of that possibility):


But its blurry nature raised lots of doubt.

Let us compare the picture above with a much clearer one below:


Now, that looks a lot less than 40,000, doesn’t it? Now, that shows the gradual erosion of support to rallies that have the sole intention of promoting Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister, and very little of anything else.

When asked, a Pakatan supporter shrugged it off merely saying numbers are not important.

I guess since 16th September 2008 they no longer are. 😉