Why Is Rais Not Showing Tanda Putera?

I refer to my previous postings on the same matter: Show Tanda Putera and Screwing History.

Tanda Putera is probably the only film that has received the green light from FINAS but not allowed to be screened by a Minister, or so I was told.  I wonder what is so sensitive about the film that is so sensitive that it has received protests from both sides of the political fence.

Every day as the general election draws nearer we see lots of efforts in spreading disinformation especially about the nation’s history to people of a certain race, and younger adults whom have never seen a Malaysia without the Internet, highways and colour television sets.

Worse is when the disinformation by irresponsible politicians creates blind hatred towards one target group, and is never being countered by the Ministry of Information.

I was asked tonight whether it is true that the Malays burnt 6,000 Chinese houses during May 13 incident. I asked as to where one gets such erroneous information. The answer was, “It’s on Wikipedia on the History of Malaysia. Read the modern part of Malaysia. The distortions begin there.”.

No doubt Chinese racists have been re-editing Malaysian history to create a hatred for the BN Government in preparation for PRU 13.

And since the Ministry of Information has done nothing to counter these lies, the answer is in that movie called “Tanda Putera.”

Some people will jump at the moment this posting is published. They will start labeling the movie names their dog-masters wish them to bark. I wish they would watch the movie first before they come to whatever conclusion their limited brain can conjure. I have, and so should you.

As we all rot down the political sewers of GE13 which is not even here yet, I can only ponder at the ever-widening rift that awaits us all after the elections. If only the Ministry of Information does its actual job.

And I have only one person to blame: that dinosaur they call Rais Yatim.