Malaysia’s Day: Death of the Psychopathic God (Part 1)


The greatest news I received on Malaysia Day was of Chin Peng’s death. I was some 250 nautical miles from Kuantan and had been sailing for more than a week without receiving any form of news from home, so imagine my feeling of jubilation.

Yes, it has almost been 24 years since the signing of the peace treaty in Hatyai between the Government of the Federation of Malaysia and the Communist Party of Malaya. I will cover more on the treaty in the second part. Many do not understand that the treaty was about the ending of hostilities between the two parties, but not about the CPM having to give their ideology up. So, when The Sunday Star decided to ask 19-year olds if the thought the communist is still a threat my mind instinctively asked, “what is the purpose of asking those who were still swimming inside testicles when the treaty was signed?” It just hinted malicious intent. Of late, the popular mainstream daily and ASTRO’s Awani sound like some leftist publications.

Many in KL would not remember the bombings, and shootings of police officers that occurred in KL itself. The last I heard of a gun-battle between the police and the CPM was in May 1983 on the old trunk road between Gombak and Janda Baik, near Mimaland. One policeman died, the other wounded but managed to kill both Min Yuens.

I read with disgust both on the mainstream media as well as on the online social media how sympathisers asked the government to allow for Chin Peng’s ashes be brought back to Sitiawan. After all, “the man is more a threat alive than when he is dead” quoted a member of a BN component party. If that was supposed to have moved me, then it had failed miserably.

Equally disgusting was the comparisons made between the bodies of the Sulu terrorists, bomb-making terrorists Azahari and Nordin Mat top, with Chin Peng. Nobody ever claimed the bodies of the Sulu terrorists, Azahari and Nordin Mat Top were Malaysian citizens and never did they wage war against their people – unlike Chin Peng whom I believe was never a citizen of the Federation of Malaysia, nor was he a citizen of the Federation of Malaya, as described in Part 1.1 (a) of the Second Schedule of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia. I doubt Malaysian-born Kamahl calls Malaysia home!

Worst is when PAS members also went to Bangkok to attend the wake of the man so determined to eradicate the Malays and their religion. I suppose in the name of politics and power, God comes second. After all, God is intangible, unlike Chin Peng.

And the statement made by a former Inspector-General of Police on the matter saying that the world would laugh at us if we do not allow Chin Peng’s ashes to be brought back for final rites is an insult to us servicemen (police and military), especially to those who continue to suffer as a result of the loss of limbs, or loss of a father, husband, or son. Perhaps this is why an ex-IGP was made an Ambassador while this ex-IGP continue to find recognition for the things he had done; but all he was famous for was punching Anwar Ibrahim while in custody!


Hitler killed Jews for only five years. Chin Peng waged war against the people he was supposed to liberate for 41 years. Why did not Chin Peng stop as soon as the Tunku had announced Malaya’s independence in Melaka in 1956? Why did he continue to wage war against this nation and her people? The British government servants were all serving the Sultans and Rajas and were answerable to the latter, with the exception of Penang, Melaka and Singapore that were colonies of the British Empire. So Chin Peng was not interested in fighting against colonialism, the Japanese also did that in Malaya!


Chin Peng was more interested in assuming this nation under communism, as a satellite nation to the People’s Republic of China. And thousands died fighting this man who was adamant to destroy their religion and way of life.


To those who continue to ask for Chin Peng’s ashes to be allowed a final trip to Malaysia, and ask others to move on, forgive and forget, do ask the Jews to forgive Hitler for the five years of atrocities committed against them. Then we should be able to move on eight times the amount of time taken for the Jews to forgive Hitler.

Chin Peng never showed any compassion, nor did he ever exhibit remorse. He was a psychopath worshipped by idiots who deserves not even a single whiff of sympathy.

Therefore, he should just stay out forever and not tarnish the soil of this beloved nation.

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  1. Once MCP member left party, British government and Tengku give them a piece of land and money. Whereas our military and police personal give their life, what do they get – NOTHING.

    1. Very true. Some members of the security forces are bitter about it. Difficult to get a taxi permit, no more discounts on MAS, and only weekday travel by KTM. Don’t talk about a piece of land.

      1. My uncle’s widow got a crappy box like structure which the engineering corp claimed to be a house (with one entry/exit door mind you) built plus about 10k in insurance payment plus a monthly pension of RM80. That’s the going rate for a Ranger back in 1980.

        For #@&% sake, he was not even awarded a medal in recognition of his sacrifice.

        And my dad know of a few reformed communists which he captured back in the 70s who are multi millionaire land owners as a result of their surrender.

      2. Thanks for your comment. If you are on twitter, get in touch with @firdyfire – we shouldn’t let your uncle’s sacrifice go empty

  2. My uncle was one of the 120 who died in the 2nd emergency from the army. In fact three of them died from the Ranger Regiment that April day in 1980. He left behind a 26 year old widow & a 4 year old son.

    The cut will fester if his remains are allowed back. These idiots petitioning for his return should have their bones broken, their loved ones hurt first to know how those affected by communist atrocities would feel. Until then they should stuff all that forgiveness crap up their anal crevices where the sun don’t shine.

    Btw, now that the rant’s done & dusted, nice piece mate.

  3. Thank you for the article. It was so spot on. I wish the younger kids who tried not to take sides will understand the sentiment. some even claim he was a hero for liberating Malaya!!! what loads of sh**.

    1. First of all they need to understand what firm of liberation and liberated government was Chin Peng fighting for. Not many have gone to lengths to explain this apart from the very basic things that were taught to us in school, that have now become a stranglehold on us. In Part 2 I will address this. Thank you for your comment.

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