Allah: The Son and the Crescent


I wrote a posting early November 2013 on the issue of evangelism and the evangelical efforts to bring Muslims to accept the Trinity concept ( The Herald of Glad Tidings: Messianic Muslim Followers of Isa ).

Discovered on the Internet today is this article on Christian Today that speaks of the Allah issue and how Christians have made headway in getting Muslims to accept that Allah, or God, that is worshipped by the Muslims, is the same as the Trinitarian god worshipped by the Christians.

Go back to my article above after you have read this one and decide for yourself if subtle evangelism is not real:

Christianity Today: The Son and the Crescent

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  1. Sheesh … reading that article on The Son and The Crescent only led me to think that the Christians are a confused lot. I mean, if the doctrine that the Son of God can be discarded or reworded in order to attract the Muslims, does it not mean that the doctrine itself is lame and unnecessary?

    It also looks to me that the original source that they are all working on are the Greek bibles and not the ones written in the Aramaic language which was thought to be original biblical language. That kinda sounds like if Muslims were to use Yusuf Ali’s translation to produce another language translation instead of working on the original Arabic (which people can still learn). That sounds … sad. Like a really bad game of telephone, even.

    Nonetheless, it is evident that the choice to use the term Allah in Christian literature is definitely to cover some underhanded shenanigans. Tsk tsk.

  2. according to pas, murtad no longer exist. All umno propaganda try to scare malays.
    By their logic, utusan must own shares in this mag keke

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