Making Money Out Of Which RMAF Base?

I don’t know who is The Edge’s source, but this article RMAF Bases Eyed For Multi-Billion Ringgit Property Projects smells funny.

True enough that the Air Force have maade plans to do away with the base in Sungai Besi as it no longer serves a strategic purpose. Most of the units that are there will probably be moved to RMAF Subang and to the new base proposed in the Sendayan area. For that matter, RMAF Kinrara which was strategic as behind it was a rubber plantation (Kinrara estate) and also the Air Hitam forest reserve, very suitable for basic military training, is now surrounded by housing estates. It now houses only a logistics training school and does not have any strategic purpose. I suspect the unit will also be moved to either Subang or the new base in Sendayan.

What about the fighter base in Butterworth? Surely that will go because of profit-making opportunities as it has strategic importance.

Yes, the base has strategic importance. But of late, it too is surrounded by development, so much so that all you need is to be in one of the houses next to it to spy on the activities or shoot down a fighter on finals. Furthermore, Uncle Lim’s tunnel project will have its entrance/exit very near the base. That in itself is a security concern to add to the list above. However, I do not see any of the units there moving anywhere until an alternative fighter base is made ready to receive the units. I don’t see this happening even in ten years time.

I don’t know why The Edge had to list almost all the RMAF Bases as potential property projects as they are on prime development land. I do not see who on earth would consider the base in Jugra or the radar station perched in the middle of that jungle nowhere called Bukit Ibam as prime properties.

Perhaps, the list was made out to create discontent towards the government as the mention of SyedMokhtar al-Bukhary’s name is supposed to create sensationalism. Anything Malay, I guess.

The Edge has gone from a reputable newspaper to another oppo-leaning reading fit for idiots.

What Selangor Crisis?

When people ask me about the Selangor crisis, I give them a simple answer in the form of several simple questions:

Is the Sultan of Selangor still the Head of State? The answer is Yes.

Is there a functioning Menteri Besar as the CEO of the State? The answer is Yes.

Are there four State Executive Committee members assisting the Menteri Besar of Selangor? The answer is Yes.

Are people still going to work and earning their daily bread peacefully? The answer is Yes.

Are parents more worried about the UPSR exams this coming Tuesday? The answer is Yes.

Is PKR getting its way to have only sole nominations for Wan Kipas Azizah to become the Menteri Besar? The answer is No.

Therefore the crisis is in PKR only, not in Selangor. They are stubborn and continue to defy the request made by HRH the Sultan of Selangor and are doing so with absolute arrogance.

Is this the kind of party we want leading the rakyat through misleadings?
Hell, No!

See how arrogant PKR is:

PKR arrogantly defies the HRH Sultan of Selangor and towards PAS