What Selangor Crisis?

When people ask me about the Selangor crisis, I give them a simple answer in the form of several simple questions:

Is the Sultan of Selangor still the Head of State? The answer is Yes.

Is there a functioning Menteri Besar as the CEO of the State? The answer is Yes.

Are there four State Executive Committee members assisting the Menteri Besar of Selangor? The answer is Yes.

Are people still going to work and earning their daily bread peacefully? The answer is Yes.

Are parents more worried about the UPSR exams this coming Tuesday? The answer is Yes.

Is PKR getting its way to have only sole nominations for Wan Kipas Azizah to become the Menteri Besar? The answer is No.

Therefore the crisis is in PKR only, not in Selangor. They are stubborn and continue to defy the request made by HRH the Sultan of Selangor and are doing so with absolute arrogance.

Is this the kind of party we want leading the rakyat through misleadings?
Hell, No!

See how arrogant PKR is:

PKR arrogantly defies the HRH Sultan of Selangor and towards PAS

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