Going On A Diet Again

It seems that Matthias Chang, who was earlier arrested under SOSMA as his selfie-crazed sidekick was, has gone on yet another hunger strike.

“I CALL UPON ALL OF YOU TO GO ON A HUNGER STRIKE WITH ME (NO FOOD OR WATER WHATSOEVER) TO DEMONSTRATE THAT WE ARE WILLING TO DIE FOR OUR RESPECTIVE CAUSES. The person who has died during his / her hunger strike shall be declared a VICTOR for his cause.” said Matthias.


This is not the first time Chang, the closest goon to Mahathir arrested by the authorities thus far, has gone on a “hunger strike.” The last time Matthias Chang went on hunger strike was in 2010 when he sued American Express for cancelling his credit cards, which he lost.

Then he scolded the judge and went to jail for one month and started a hunger strike in protest. I was told then that it wasn’t a real hunger strike but rather he avoided solid food.

That strike lasted only eight days.

What is interesting is that his arrest came 20 days after his sidekick Mr Botox, was arrested initially under the Penal Code. Therefore, this isn’t a blitz but more on acting upon more solid evidence perhaps spilt by Mr Botox himself.

Like his master who now worships the Shiahs, Chang started blurting out religious rhetoric:


Okay. He must be a psycho. Hopefully he gets his wish fulfilled and actually die for his cause.

Or we can all bring one each of the following just for him to enjoy the aroma!


We Signed The TPPA! Or Did We?

Zombies have begun posting lies about the conclusion of the TPPA negotiations accusing the Malaysian government of signing the agreement without first bringing the points for deliberations in Parliament.

Then again, they are zombies. Brain-dead.

The following is the press release from the MITI on the conclusion of TPPA negotiations:

For those with vision problems, here’s the shorter and larger version from the New Straits Times:

In short, all parties, the USA included, will have to get the agreement ratified by their respective  lawmakers before they can sign the agreement:

In another development, Malaysia’s secret service, the TADIKA KEMAS, has identified two agents from the FBI instructed by the opposition and Mahathir’s goons to arrest the Malaysian Prime Minister:


Liong Sik Mudah Lupa Too

Ling Liong Sik should just shut up. He should look back at how he almost destroyed MCA by trying to undermine Chua Soi Lek. What happened was the exact opposite. MCA rallied behind its then-leader and Liong Sik remained in the dark hole of obscurity- until today when he decided to interfere in UMNO’s affair by calling for the resignation of Najib Razak.

We all know he is just returning the favour Mahathir once gave during the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) when Mahathir conveniently forgot everything when he keeps saying now he is not senile. And because of Mahathir’s temporary loss of memory Liong Sik was let off the hook, and that contributed to MCA’s bad image in the eyes if the Chinese voters.

Ling Liong Sik should just spend the twilight years repenting for his contribution to the downfall in Chinese support for the MCA while advising Mahathir to do the same, instead of trying to meddle in UMNO’s affairs.

Unless Mahathir has again forgotten the sins of he and Liong Sik in the PKFZ fiasco.