Withering Heights 

There was a time when Anwar Ibrahim and ADIL (later KEADILAN, and then Parti Keadilan Rakyat) enjoyed the massive support of the rakyat no matter the program. That was the time when those who hated his guts such as the DAP and PAS treated him and his party as a political mules. The jockeys rode to victory in many places in 2008 while PKR only got the MB seat in Selangor by virtue of PKR being able to provide a Malay candidate as the MB.

As time goes by, the rakyat can finally see that other than Rafizi, Wan Azizah, N Surendran, Nurul Izzah and Tian Chua, PKR has nonother candidates qualified to become anything, and that PKR is nothing but a vehicle to promote Anwar Ibrahim as the next Prime Minister, and stops at only that.

The above is evident in the latest cow-dung shat by PKR in the case of the Tian Chua-arranged meeting between Nurul Izzah and Jacel Kiram, discarding the sensitivities causedby the Lahad Datu intrusion.

So how much support does PKR and its loose coalition have nowadays?

The above Pakatan-organised (PKR) forum was held in Opposition-held Shah Alam, its own safe seat. Using the favourite opposition-leaning media’s words, “tens of thousands” attended. Here is a photo of the forum.

My guess is we will have a new Menteri Besar in Selangor – a DAP stooge.  DAP as usual will have the most seats in Selangor and Mat Sabu-led Amananah will contest. Pseudo-religious voters will support Mat Sabu and his massacre of cartoons and among these DAP-friendly candidates, one will become the Menteri Besar-designate.
DAP will eventually have its way in Selangor.

Jacking Shiite

While JAKIM could improve more than just being a body to justify what is Halal or Haram, I feel that it is a very much needed organisation to help regulate the understanding of Islam according to Mazhab Shafie of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah teachings.

Not Wahabbi, not Shiah. Not ISIS.

I don’t agree with some of JAKIM’s findings, but I don’t agree with calls to disband JAKIM. By NOT having JAKIM, however, only allows unwanted elements attack the foundation of those who do not have a good grasp of basic Islam – Fiqh and Tauhid. We see from time to time attempts are being made to proselytise Muslims; and we see how some have adopted very liberal interpretation of Fiqh to the point of mocking those conservative Muslims. We see how extremists have also taken advantage of the weak and those who do not practice by promising them paradise and so on so they would commit terrorism to “atone” for their sins as seen by the many number of Malaysians who suddenly think they can go to paradise by joining ISIS.

Today, another person has joined in the fray by mocking JAKIM.


Perhaps, this person who is always mudah lupa especially during the PKFZ hearings, has also lupa that he wants Malaysians to accept another version of Islam:

Before you begin thinking about what he has said, I would like you to ask yourselves if you would go down with him to Anwar’s favourite backyard?

Paradise Won

A flight of B-52 bombers from the USAF flew around Second Thomas Shoal and Mischief Reef in the Spratlys and were quickly challenged by Chinese Air Traffic Controller during the weekend of the 8th and 9th November 2015.

US PACAF released the transcript of the exchange between the bombers and the Chinese ATC and was reproduced by Alert 5 and are as follows:

Chinese ATC: “You have violated my reef. Change your course to avoid misjudgement.”

Chinese ATC: “You have violated the security of my reef. Change course to avoid misjudgment.”

Reply from the B-52: “I’m a United States military aircraft conducting lawful activities in international waters, and exercising these rights as guaranteed by international law. In exercising these rights as guaranteed by international law, I am operating with due regard to the right and duties of all states.”

China has been making de facto claims on the Spratlys by doing reclamation works on reefs that include the construction of airfields and enforcing its “Nine-Dash Line” policy all the way into Malaysian Exclusive Economic Zone. Being the sole regional Big Brother China has been flexing its muscle against its smaller neighbours economically and militarily. China’s runway at Fiery Cross reef has a runway that could land a H-6G bomber that could operate 5,700 kilometres from a home base, not to mention Shenyang J-11 fighters that could operate within a radius of 1,400 kilometres. Malaysia is now within a 45-minute strike distance.

As if that is not enough, the threat if asymmetric warfare from Sulu in the southern Philippines is also a clear and present danger. On the 15th November 2015, the Abu Sayyaf was reported to have met with elements from the IS to conduct terrorist attacks in Malaysia. The Abu Sayyaf is also notorious fir the kidnappings of westerners and Malaysians alike.


RMAF assets involved in Ex Paradise 2/15 – photo by Marhalim Abas
With the above in mind, the Royal Malaysian Air Force conducted and concluded Exercise Paradise 2/15 from the 9th until the 20th November 2015. With the objective to test its combat readiness and capabilities in the Second Air Region, the RMAF deployed assets such as the F/A-18D Hornet, Su-30MKM Flanker, BAe Hawk, 108/208, C-130H-30 transport aircraft, KC-130 tankers, CN-235 transport aircraft, helos such as the Sikorsky S61A4 Nuri and the Eurocopter EC725 and also involved the RMAF Special Forces regiment. The Malaysian Army’s 10th Brigade (Para) provided a team of air despatchers.


A RMAF F/A-18D Hornet from No.18 Squadron – pic by Capt Rahmat
Up until the 18th November 2015, a total of 198 air sorties had been flown. During the Field Training Exercise (FTX) RMAF assets successfully conducted Air to Ground firing exercises as well as Air Drop operations and insertion of special forces elements to support ground operations.

During the War Exercise (WAREX), the assets were then combined for Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR), High-Value Air Asset Protection (HVAAP), Combined Air Operations (COMAO), Mixed Fighter Force Operation (MFFO) and Large Force Employment (LFE).

According to Exercise Chairman, Major General Dato’ Mohd Shabre bin Haji Hussein RMAF, the exercise achieved more than 90 percent of its objectives in accordance with the Scenarios of Exercise (SOE) and was a success.

The media was also invited to witness the exercise in a bid by the Ministry of Defence as well as the RMAF in educating the media, and in turn the public, on the capabilities of the RMAF and the importance of public support towards the Malaysian Armed Forces in general.

Members of media had the privilege to take part in a Aircraft Force Down exercise involving fighter and transport assets.


Members of the media experiencing aircraft force down procedures in a side-exercise – photo by Fadzli Hafiz
In an observation by this writer, the Ministry of Defence has to seriously look at beefing up the assets of both the Royal Malaysian Air Force as well as the Royal Malaysian Navy. The Chinese government gets away with murder in the South China Sea simply because Malaysia lacks effective deterrence. The RMAF for example should be equipped with AWACS aircraft as well as the still-elusive MRCA.


A KC-130 tanker leading a formation of F/A-18Ds, Su-30MKMs and Bae Hawks – photo by MINDEF
This writer opines that in line with the principles of force projection, MRCAs should also be based in Labuan in sufficient numbers to deter the advance of PLAAF and PLAN assets, while the Hawks concentrate especially in providing air support for the ESSZONE by having forward operating bases in Tawau and Lahad Datu or Sandakan. Without strong deterrence, Malaysia will never be able to have diplomatic bargainjng power against any larger forces in the region.

Endorsing The Enemy

Almost three years ago the nation witnessed the slaughter of several police officers and men by a bunch of low-life thugs from the Southern Philippines, men of the self-proclaimed Sultan of Sulu, Jamalul Kiram III landed in Kampung Tanduo in Lahad Datu and demanded for the return of Sabah to the Sultanate.

The women above lost their husband and their children have lost forever a normal life.

Anwar Ibrahim, too, lent support to the thugs. He met up with Nur Misuari before the incursion and Jamalul Kiram III openly announced his support for Anwar as the new Prime Minister of Malaysia should BN fall during the 13th General Elections.

Treachery must run deep in Anwar’s family. On the 9th November 2015, his daughter and MP for Lembah Pantai, Nurul Izzah, went to lend her support to Jacel Kiram, daughter if the now rotting Jamalul Kiram III. Talk about insensitivity! Jacel Kiram still claims that Sabah belongs to Sulu.

To add insult to injury, DAP’s Teresa Kok had this to say to reporters about Nurul Izzah’s visit:

The visit is not serious, she said, and the events that took place at Kampung Tanduo is a bit of an old story.

I hope she could tell China to now stop asking for an apology from the Japanese, and that the Jews should forget the Holocaust ever happened.

Whoever votes for these MOs again ought to be castrated and raw iodine poured on their wound.

Allah Nak Letak Di Mana?

Sebelum saya meneruskan penulisan saya ini saya ingin mengajak anda menonton klip video ini:

Ahli Parlimen DAP dari Kuching enggan berucap dalam Bahasa Malaysia
Ahli Parlimen tersebut telah membaca Artikel 161(1) Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang berbunyi:

Tiada Akta Parlimen yang menamatkan atau menyekat penggunaan bahasa Inggeris bagi apa-apa maksid yang disebut dalam Fasal (2) hingga (5) Artikel 152 boleh mula berkuatkuasa berkenaan dengan penggunaan bahasa Inggeris dalam Fasal (2) Perkara ini sehingga sepuluh tahun selepas Hari Malaysia.

Malangnya, dalam video yang kita saksikan sebentar tadi, Ahli Parlimen DAP tersebut tidak menyebut mengenai had sepuluh tahun selepas Hari Malaysia, iaitu pada 16 haribulan September 1973. Sebaliknya, bekiau berkeras menyatakan bahawa ianya menjadi hak beliau sebagai orang Sarawak untuk terus menggunakan bahasa Inggeris di dalam sidang Parlimen.

Setelah Hari Malaysia 1973, iaitu tamatnya perlindungan hak sepuluh tahun berbahasa Inggeris, Akta Bahasa Kebangsaan 1963/67 (semakan 1971) secara automatik berkuatkuasa di seluruh Persekutuan Malaysia. Ini bermakna bahasa penghantar rasmi bagi Sabah dan Sarawak juga adalah Bahasa Malaysia. Walau bagaimanapun, Seksyen 5 Akta tersebut memberi kelonggaran untuk seseorang Ahli Parlimen mahupun Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri dari Sabah dan Sarawak untuk berucap dalam bahasa Inggeris di dalam majlis Parlimen tetapi dengan izin Speaker Dewan. Ianya bukan lagi suatu hak mutlak. Sekiranya tidak diizinkan oleh Speaker Dewan maka setiap Ahli Parlimen mahupun Dewan Undangan Negeri hendaklah menggunakan Bahasa Kebangsaan. Malah Akta tersebut dipinda semula pada tahun 1983 dan diperluaskan lagi.

Saya berasa hairan akan kedegilan pihak DAP yang terus menggunakan bahasa Inggeris sedangkan tidak berapa lama dahulu mereka memperjuangkan penggunaan Bahasa Kebangsaan dalam Kitab Injil malah tetap dengan pendirian mereka bahawa penggunaan kalimah Allah dalam kitab Injil adalah sebahagian dari ajaran Kristian yang tidak boleh diabaikan.

Oleh kerana mereka kini berkeras ingin gunakan bahasa Inggeris di dalam Parlimen, adakah ini juga bermaksud kalimah Allah tiada lagi kepentingan dalam perjuangan DAP?


Ini bukan kali pertama Ahli Parlimen Kuching daripada parti DAP ini mempersenda dan mempertikai apa yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan dan bersuara bagai menanam kebencian terhadap Malaysia.

Pada 17 September tahun lalu, Chong menganggap lagu kebangsaan Negaraku sebagai memalukan dan mengarut sebelum meminta maaf.


When M&Ms Aren’t Nice

M&Ms are nice. They melt in your mouth, not in your hands. Easy to swallow. Not so the M&M that are being referred to in this latest article posted by Sin Chew .

Muhyiddin isn’t new in the arena of backstabbing. He was rescued by Mahathir in 1995 after he fell out of favour with the then-Sultan of Johor when he was the Menteri Besar of Johor. Mahathir had him switch posts with Ghani Othman who was then the Minister for Culture, Youth and Sports.

He quickly aligned himself with Anwar Ibrahim whose meteoric rise to the Deputy Premier’s post was orchestrated by none other than Mahathir himself. So confident was Muhyiddin then that he announced to several reporters that “when Anwar becomes the PM, I will be his deputy.

When Anwar fell out of favour with Mahathir, Muhyiddin immediately abandons Anwar and pledged allegiance to Mahathir while another close ally of Anwar then, Zahid Hamidi, languished in a cell of the Kamunting detention center under the ISA courtesy of Mahathir.

Therefore, it is no surprise that when he saw the chance to oust Najib as Mahathir stepped up his attacks, Muhyiddin backstabbed Najib. He went around claiming ignorance of the 1MDB issue when he, as the DPM, had sat in the briefings by Arul Kanda.

In a recent exposé by Tawfik Ismail of the G25 movement Muhyiddin and Mahathir had approached the group for support to oust Najib. Tawfik had also told Muhyiddin bluntly that the latter has so many skeletons in the closet to be the Prime Minister of choice. Apparently those in the 20s too young to remember anything can read about some of Muhyiddin’s sins here.

The Master of Backstabbing however isn’t Muhyiddin. He should remember, he is not the second person who thinks that the MM thing stands for Mahathir-Muhyiddin. Mahathir’s one-time deputy, Musa Hitam found that out the hard way.

Mahathir and Musa was thought to have forged a concrete partnership that made UMNO formidable. MM, people thought meant Mahathir-Musa. Both once were presented with a motorcycle each bearing the plate number MM1 and MM2 respectively. But a journalist once asked Mahathir what MM meant and he replied, “Mahathir Mohamad.”

Anwar too was almost certain of becoming the PM. Before he became DPM, Anwar used to go horseback riding with Mahathir,something the elder politician still does even when he is abroad in Argentina. When Anwar ousted Ghafar Baba, Mahathir said to his younger apprentice, “No more horseback riding, Anwar. It would be a security risk for us to be together.” Of course, in private Mahathir said something to the effect that “we might have a Brutus in the party.”

Mahathir ousted Musa, blocked Razaleigh, did nothing to help Ghafar Baba, ousted Anwar, and finally ousted Abdullah Badawi as the Prime Minister, reportedly with the help of Muhyiddin. Abdullah was too nice a man. Now he tries to get rid of Najib come what may.

Mahathir would oust anyone who disagrees with him as the puppet-master. Muhyiddin would likely face the same fate if he had become the PM. And when he doesn’t get things to go his way, he plucks stories from the sky and feeds them to thr masses, creating panic and distrust of the Najib administration. The universe, he thinks, must revolve around him. 

3,228 years ago, someone with that similar thinking, that the world revolves around him, ruled Egypt with an iron fist, and lived as long as Mahathir is now.

And for someone who “gate-crashed” the “Nothing To Hide” program a few months ago because he was interested to speak out on behalf of the “oppressed” rakyat, I find it amusing that Mahathir did not take the opportunity to question Arul Kanda at this morning’s event where Arul explained and took questions on the 1MDB issue.

It is true then that he never had any evidence on 1MDB. And he is only interested in hoodwinking the rakyat to serve his interests, and those of his cronies.

And where was Muhyiddin?

Alvin Taik

Nothing new with his antics, again he is provoking the Muslims from wherever he is in the United States of America.

This time he uses the Holy Quran to wipe his ass.


Zombies On My Timeline

After two days, I still see people share this:

I am not defending the minister but I would like these people to not behave like zombies, inattentive to their surroundings.

Don’t be like this man who blabs aimlessly and as admitted, without a scintilla of evidence to back his claims, yet zombies still believe him:

Let me point you to a video of the press conference and see for yourself if the minister had asked you zombies to wake up early if you don’t want to pay tolls – clique ici please.

Maybe Mahathir Should Just Debate Arul Kanda

Mahathir seems to have a lot to say, mostly without substance, and as he recently admitted, without evidence to put his money where his mouth is. This is Miss Lim Sian See’s take on the whiny old man’s latest post:

There’s a new blog post from Chedet today.
Tun M is still intent on defending his two MACAIs, the selfie-fan Khairuddin Abu Hassan and hunger-strike-until-death-fan Matthias Chang from charges of sabotage.
I wonder if Tun M knows what documents did both of them give to the foreign countries’ agencies – something which Khairuddin himself admitted he has done? 
Were they real OSA documents from govt or were they faked ones?
If both of them gave confidential Malaysian govt documents to foreign agencies, is it a crime?
if both of them gave fake documents to foreign agencies, is it a crime?
Anyway, Chedet ended his blog post with this:
“Since it was Najib who created 1MDB, borrow 42 billion Ringgit and invested the money and losing it, Najib should also be charged with sabotage.
Alternatively everyone, from the initial set-up of 1MDB to the borrowing, to the newspaper reporters and the reports to the police should all be charged with sabotage of Malaysia’s financial and banking systems.”
I am not sure RM42b was completely “lost” as Tun M said. If lost then how did Arul and 1MDB recover it?
And if RM42b was lost or billions were lost, how come two top international auditing companies could not detect such losses for five straight years? They useless is it?
I am also not sure you can say that newspaper reporters reporting on 1MDB can be considered the same as passing real or fake confidential govt documents to foreign countries and hence should also be arrested.
Anyway, what do I know? I am not “anugerah allah” PM for 22 years hence my logic will not match his.
But, if Tun M still needs further clarification that RM42b did not lesap, perhaps he should also participate in the upcoming Arul-Tony Pua debate/live talk show and ask questions too.
If don’t want to show face and participate, you can always WhatsApp your questions to Tony to ask on your behalf.
1MDB being settled and debts being wiped out on schedule- hence it seems Arul now has time to come out to debate Tony Pua and even went on a full 1 hour Q&A with the assembled press last Saturday.
As a side-note, it is interesting to see that his continued rants on his blog is no longer as popular.
Previously, for almost a day after a new post was posted, you would have difficluty accessing his blog due to high traffic.
Now, it’s really super-fast: Here: http://chedet.cc/?p=1904

Maybe Mahathir should just have a debate with Arul Kanda once and for all.