Dear Mukhriz 

The author of the message to Mukhriz below was written by someone whom I have known since 1970.


Dear Dato Seri Mukhriz Mahathir, JP
I’ve written some humble words of comfort and advice to you and sent them to your private number only to find that all my messages to you over the years have not even been read. U didn’t even bother to read them, what more offer some kind of response. I realised that I was not very important to u, when I watched u in pain trying to remember my name at an accidental meeting. It’s a very simple name sir with only four letters. So every other next sightings of u, I try to spare u frm the same pain. I will just wave u from afar, and u’d return it with your generous and brilliant smile. 
My message is simple and if u’d care to read it, it’ll make me very happy indeed. If u’d act on it, it’ll make me proud. I will refrain making any analysis of issues surrounding the situation firstly bcos uve ignored those same ones in the past so I won’t bark at the same tree twice. Secondly I don’t really want to waste my time if uve always considered me wasting yours. I’ve made appointments without success since u took office, even at the time I was a division head. Politics unmanaged is influence lost. Perhaps u were advised that I was a trouble maker, and perhaps they’re right. I blame u mostly for the results of Kuala Kedah elections but that’s for another day. 
Today, I want u to be successful. I want u to show the world what ure made off… Of sterner stuff, I pray. And, stepping out of the shell and shadow of dear old dad at last. 
Anyone can be a billionaire or a glamorous politician just being son of the greatest Malaysian leader DrM. But can he be a leader on his own? This is a test for u sir. 
An anwar styled ‘rakyat’s’ uprising. I don’t think that’ll be very successful since your oratory skills are short of inspirational. Nevertheless money can buy show of force and rental of many buses, but can it be sustained?
Your cyberteam can prolong a perception war, but if ure no longer MB, the team would slowly dispurse as power attracts and no power dispells. 
Best for u now, is to call for calm. To say in your press release that, saya menyerahkan keputusan seluruhnya kepada pucuk pimpinan yg telah memberi keyakinan kepada saya selama ini.’ 
Secondly, please call the Prime Minister whom you have never voluntarily called to explain and report to him on the situation. 
The issue now, is not between u and him, mukhriz and najib, but between u and the 15 bahagians which have lost confidence in u ( including yours). 
The third action is to call them for a meeting since ure still party head of Kedah, so they can tell that they have lost confidence in u to your face and be answerable to your cross examination. 

On this point I am truly perplexed that u haven’t the faintest idea this was coming and not addressed them early. Ignoring phone messages is not same as ignoring a coup my friend. U can turn this around and still comeout smelling like roses if u chose to. A leader is measured by how he handles a challenge and comes out of a trial. 
Be that man or do the honorable.
Latt Shariman Abdullah

Bangsal Kambing