To Officially Act On Secrets

During the Emergency many Armed Forces personnel, the Army in particular, would remember how loose talks caused the death of many.

In the present day context, imagine someone from KOMTAR leaking documents pertaining to sale of lands by the Penang state government or of the channel tunnel deal.

Not that the DAP-led government cares anyway as long as money is or has been made.

Many a times raids on “massage parlours” welcomed by law-abiding citizens and housewives end up as failures because someone had leaked details of the operations to the operators.

I welcome the Attorney-General’s proposal to amend the Official Secrets Act. Many don’t realise the dire effects of having untrustworthy employee or public servants who whistleblow without giving due consideration to the course of law. Editors of the mainstream as well as alternative media would find these leaked information as a means to increase readership. There is nothing patriotic in how these editors treat the information at hand – money is the only tangible god in their world.

I don’t want to add on anymore to integrity and what-nots because it means shit for you holier-than-thou cow shit for brain people who think secrets are things that should be shared. But perhaps you would like it if official information on DAP evangelists like Teresa Kok, Lim Guan Eng, Hannah Yeoh are leaked to members of the local IS cells by officers without integrity.

Perhaps only then you would understand the need for such amendments to the law.