4 Conmen

4 Corners? Is that the thing that produced a show on Najib for Australia’s ABC recently?

It seems that Mahathir has lost it totally and is reduced to the role of a vinyl record with a scratch, repeating the same things over and over again.

Let us see what Salleh Said Keruak has to say about the TV story highlighting stale and pathetic issues:


30 March 2016
The Four Corners programme is another attempt by Tun Mahathir to use Western media as part of his Anti-Najib Campaign. Having lost his attempt to topple the Prime Minister in UMNO and in Parliament, Tun Mahathir has no option left but to exploit other channels like Western media, whom he vilified when in power, and join forces with political opponents like Lim Kit Siang, whom he jailed when in power. 


Unfortunately, the journalists accepted the narrative they were presented hook, line and sinker. Weaving together a disparate set of events, they interviewed only Tun Mahathir and members of his Anti-Najib Campaign, who have publicly confirmed their intention to overthrow a democratically-elected government. There is no attempt at balance, and no proof provided to justify the wild claims.
The facts are:
1. Hussain Najadi had no involvement with AmBank since the 1980s. The Prime Minister’s accounts were opened in 2011. By then, Mr Najadi had not been part of Ambank for nearly thirty years, and had no involvement whatsoever in the accounts. Authorities such as the Royal Malaysian Police have confirmed that Mr Najadi never lodged any reports related to the Prime Minister’s accounts while he was alive. The murder of Mr Najadi was comprehensively investigated by the police and court process has taken place. There was no link whatsoever to the Prime Minister. 
2. Kevin Morais’ employer, the Attorney General, has publicly confirmed that Mr Morais was never involved in any investigation relating to 1MDB or the Prime Minister. Furthermore, Mr Morais was transferred from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to the Attorney General’s Chambers in July 2014, a year before the investigation into 1MDB was even launched. It was therefore physically impossible for Mr Morais to have written any 1MDB-related charge sheet. His murder has been comprehensively investigated by the police, following which individuals were charged and will be tried in court. One of those charged was investigated by Mr Morais, but the case had no link to 1MDB or the Prime Minister. 
3. Regarding Altantuya Sharibuu, the Prime Minister has made clear that he did not know, had never met, had never had any communication with and had no link whatsoever with her. Comprehensive legal process has taken place, including police investigations and court trials, including at Malaysia’s High Court, Court of Appeal and Federal Court. At no point during any of these legal stages was the Prime Minister implicated, even indirectly. The two guilty parties have been convicted and sentenced. They were not the Prime Minister’s personal guards – this is an intentionally misleading allegation that has been used to create false conspiracy theories. They were members of a police unit that provides rotating security for government officials and visiting dignitaries. The Prime Minister was not aware of the actions of the individuals until their arrest. 
It has been confirmed by the police, public prosecutor and the courts that these three tragic deaths were in no way linked to the Prime Minister. As these murders have undergone comprehensive police investigations and court process, these malicious allegations are therefore an affront not just to the Prime Minister, but also to Malaysia’s police, judiciary and criminal justice system as a whole. 
Tun Mahathir and the Anti-Najib Campaign have been trying to attack the Prime Minister on these issues for years. But there is absolutely no evidence of any wrongdoing, and there never will be – because these allegations are entirely false smears motivated by political gain.


Repeating issues is nothing new if it comes from Mahathir. He must have learnt it from someone who used to work for someone like him – a dictator. The name of the person was Paul Joseph Goebbles.

The following picture sums Mahathir up:

Courtesy of Scott Thong

Faulty Diversion

The heat is certainly on Lim Guan Eng on the #NoSwimmingPool issue. The silly #BadFengShui excuse given by Teresa Kok makes the whole circus even sillier. Who in the right mind would want to buy a property that has bad Feng Shui? To make matters worse, a Melaka DAP officeholder has quit the party to become an independent. Johor-born Lim Guan Eng was a Melaka DAP person until he found it difficult to get support there that he had to contest in Penang, making the Penang DAP folks look like they are incompetent to run the affairs of their own state.

Anyway, you can lookup the hastags above on Twitter and see what has been discussed.

To take the heat of Lim Guan Eng, the DAP has been giving all sorts of silly excuses to defend his purchase of the property at No.25 Jalan Pinhorn:

Enter Liew Chin Tong. Liew tries to divert the whole attention to this recently-revealed document, saying that Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah was part of the plot to topple Najib Razak, a claim underscored by an enraged Mahathir who had to even confess that he was a dictator!

Nice try, Ah Tong. I can come up with such an unsigned draft and claim that it was godsent. But all I have seen so far is this:

That Ku Li signed the declaration to support Najib Razak. And unlike the unsigned document above, he actually signed the declaration of support.

We won’t forget Section 165 of the Penal Code and how similar Guan Eng’s case is to that of Khir Toyo’s. The question now is when, since the MACC is trying best to protect Guan Eng by delaying taking his statement.

Tokong Mustn’t Lie

The above was sent to Lim Guan Eng. it states the valued price of the bungalow at No.25, Jalan Pinhorn. Yet, Guan Eng had the cheek to say the following:

It seems impossible for Guan Eng to NOT know about the value of the property or his claim to NOT know about the plans for the land at Taman Manggis. Mind you, let us see what are his other portfolios:

I have a message for you, Guan Eng:


Is The MACC On The Opposition’s Payroll?

I found the following on My Nation:

For the pasr three days I have been wondering if the MACC is part of the conspiracy as mentioned by Muhyiddin a few days back. The inaction by MACC on cases involving civil servants and Barisan Nasional politicians is telling…blatantly. This latest action by MACC seems like a red herring, a diversion from the pressure it is facing:

RM0.00 SPRM tahan 9 orang termasuk seorang pegawai kanan sebuah kementerian terlibat sindiket salah guna dana kerajaan.Akibatnya rugi dana RM100 juta-Agendanews
RM0.00 PENGARAH Siasatan SPRM,Datuk Azam Baki di PC tadi kata pegawai yang berjawatan Setiausaha Bahagian itu dianggar terima suapan RM20 juta-Agendanews
RM0.00 PEGAWAI itu kerap terbang first class keluar negara dgn keluarga.Banyak jam mahal.Ada satu RM400,000,kereta mewah,barang kemas,beg2 berjenama -Agendanews

Fine that it is acting against errant civil servants but has it said anything about Lim Guan Eng’s case.

Suddenly, Lim Guan Eng came up with a very weird statement:

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng today expressed surprise over the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) saying it previously investigated his tenancy at a Penang home, saying it never contacted him regarding the case.
He also questioned why the MACC neither announced that it had investigated him over the issue nor the outcome of the investigation.
“It is intriguing that the MACC in Penang said it once investigated my tenancy at the home in 2009. If that is so, why did it not announce to the public in 2009 that this was baseless?
– See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/after-macc-reveals-past-probe-guan-eng-questions-silence-about-outcome

It begs the question: is the MACC on the Opposition’s payroll?

Will MACC Not Act Again?

Today, Datuk Huan Cheng Guan has lodged a report against Lim Guan Eng on the No.25 Jalan Pinhorn property issue and how it is linked to the Taman Manggis land sale.

Earlier, Lim Guan Eng mentioned in a press conference that he had no knowledge that the Taman Manggis land had been earmarked for the construction of low-cost affordable homes. Perhaps Guan Eng also suffers from memory loss like Mahathir:

The MACC, probably under pressure to do something as the spotlight is now on the agency, has announced that an investigation paper has been opened on the Lim Guan Eng case:

A previous investigation on Lim Guan Eng was forwarded to the MACC HQ in 2010 but there was no further action – not even forwarded to the then-Attorney-General, not even to its oversight panel. Of course there wasn’t any donkey cries as in the recent case of the SRC/1MDB. Let me recap:

12-02-2010, 06:58 PM

GEORGETOWN: Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) Pulau Pinang sudah menyerahkan kertas siasatan berkaitan kos ubah suai dan sewa banglo mewah Ketua Menteri, Lim Guan Eng, kepada ibu pejabat suruhanjaya itu di Putrajaya, bulan lalu.
Perkara itu disahkan Pengarah SPRM negeri, Datuk Latifah Md Yatim, pada sidang media di pejabatnya di sini, pagi ini.
“Kami sudah serahkan kepada ibu pejabat untuk tindakan lanjut,” katanya yang enggan mengulas lanjut.
Julai lalu, Pemuda Gerakan Pulau Pinang, membuat laporan kepada SPRM berhubung kos pengubahsuaian banglo mewah yang disewa Guan Eng di Jalan Pinhorn di sini.
Laporan itu dibuat selepas Guan Eng tidak memberi maklum balas terhadap permintaan Gerakan yang mahu beliau menjelaskan isu berkaitan banglo sewa itu termasuk nilai sewaan.
Ketua Menteri berpindah ke banglo berkenaan kerana kediaman rasmi, Seri Teratai di sini, mengalami kerosakan serta banyak anai-anai.

Pada sidang media itu, Latifah juga memaklumkan tiada tindakan pendakwaan terhadap mana-mana pihak berhubung dakwaan Aminah Abdullah bahawa beliau cuba disogok supaya menarik diri pada pilihan raya kecil Dewan Undangan Penanti, Mei lalu.
“SPRM memperakukan tiada mana-mana pihak akan didakwa dalam kes ini,” katanya.
Menjelang pilihan raya kecil itu, Aminah yang bertanding atas tiket Bebas mendakwa didatangi pemimpin Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) dengan menawarkan jawatan Yang Dipertua Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang (MPPP) dan wang tunai RM80,000 supaya menarik diri daripada bertanding.
Aminah, yang juga bekas Ketua Wanita PKR negeri turut mendakwa PKR menawarkan jawatan Timbalan Ketua Menteri I jika beliau menang pilihan raya kecil itu, dengan syarat menyertai semula parti itu.

Beliau mendakwa didatangi seorang pegawai kepada Exco kerajaan negeri dan seorang ahli majlis PKR negeri untuk membuat tawaran itu.

So when an investigation paper on a member of the Opposition gets to the MACC HQ, it enters a black hole.

We will see how far will this “investigative” effort get. Perhaps, it will be just another NFA.

By the way, does anyone still remember that there was an allegation of abuse of power by a senior ranking MACC officer but was dismissed by the MACC top man? Apparently there already was a police report being made on that in Kota Bharu just after when the alleged abuse of power took place. No action was taken.

Recently there was another report made in the Klang Valley by the same complainant on the same allegation involving the same MACC person. So far that too has been met with silence on both the PDRM and the MACC side.

Is the MACC covering for the wrong-doings by its ranks?

The Silence Is MACC

Roughly a year ago the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission began drumming up for war against 1MDB with one goal and one goal only – to piece together selective evidences collected so there would be a corruption case against Najib Razak. As an investigator, that is how I perceive the investigation conducted by the MACC.

Recently, there has been an exposé on a certain property at No.25 Jalan Pinhorn in Georgetown, Pulau Pinang. In the words of MCA’s Tan Khai Beng:

This is the property in question:

The S&P sounds VERY similar to the case of the original Mr Botox, Khir Toyo, the former Menteri Besar of Selangor who, with his cohorts, caused the serious erosion of support towards the Barisan Nasional and its subsequent virtually irrecoverable loss in Selangor in 2008. Khir was sentenced to 12 months (I wish it was years instead) imprisonment for a similar property deal.

While surrounding properties have been valued at between RM5 million to RM6 million, this particular property cost Lim Guan Eng almost a third of its value. When asked about the price, Guan Eng’s pathetic excuse was:

I don’t care so much about the property. My real concern is this:

Why hasn’t the MACC concluded the investigation into the sale and purchase of the property at No.25 Jalan Pinhorn? The investigation paper was opened in 2012 and it’s been four years already with no end in sight. I am beginning to question MACC’s apartisanship and the integrity of its officers.

Perhaps, the MACC too has a price.

Muhyiddin’s Admissions

Apparently in September 2015 Muhyiddin acknowledged that there is a conspiracy to topple the Prime Minister.

He also admitted that funds are administrted by the UMNO President himself.

So why has he been jumping around like an irritated monkey?

FGV Acquires Zhong Ling

Media ReleaseZhong Ling Acquisition to Strengthen FGV’s Downstream Position in China


KUALA LUMPUR, 16 MARCH 2016 – Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad (FGV) is confident its latest venture, the planned earning accretive acquisition of a 55% stake (valued at RM976.25 million) in Zhong Ling Nutril-Oil Holdings Limited (Zhong Ling), will strengthen its presence in high margin downstream activities.

As part of its transformation strategy and aggressive growth plans, FGV has identified the Chinese market as a key pillar of revenue enhancement for the Group, and plans to strengthen its position in China through a strategic acquisition of a stake in a well-known local player.

China is one of the world’s fastest-growing major economies, with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rates averaging 7% from 2014 to 2015. With a population of almost 1.4 billion people, China has become one of the most important markets in the world for edible oils. 

As the largest importer of edible oils, China consumes almost a quarter of the world’s total edible oils (20% of worldwide consumption). FGV views China’s increasing demand potential as an attractive prospective market for expansion of FGV’s downstream capabilities, particularly in the Consumer Packed Goods (CPG) business.

The strong demand for blended cooking oil in China is also anticipated to provide an avenue for FGV’s palm-based products in the massive Chinese market. Ultimately, the Group will be able to penetrate further downstream palm-based products such as margarine, shortenings and food processing ingredients.

According to FGV’s Group President and Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Mohd Emir Mavani Abdullah: “We view Zhong Ling as a strong local partner for FGV’s downstream expansion in China not only because of its solid brand and deep market insights, but also for it being ranked 10th in the retail cooking oil market in China. Zhong Ling will be a firm avenue for distributing our palm oil products which is our main intention.” 

Established more than 20 years ago, Zhong Ling has a sales network of 60,000 retail outlets covering five southeast coastal provinces of Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu.

Since its establishment, Zhong Ling has experienced tremendous growth, recording a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of about 20% in revenue over the past four years and generating average profit margins in the region of 14% annually (2011-2014). In 2014, the company posted total revenue of RMB2.32 billion (RM1.5 billion), generating RMB326 million (RM207 million) in profits. Furthermore, based on its 2015 management account, Zhong Ling is backed by more than RMB1.0 billion (RM635 million) cash reserve and, most importantly, is a debt free company.

The intended investment has cleared all necessary due diligence, in accordance with FGV’s investment and governance policies. The financial and tax due diligence that FGV has performed covers Zhong Ling’s financials. All subsidiaries under Zhong Ling have been audited annually in accordance with China’s regulations.

In 2011, FGV has made its first foray into China through its joint venture FELDA IFFCO Sdn Bhd. Its subsidiary FELDA IFFCO South China Ltd, which operates in Guangdong, has two refineries and the second largest tank farm in South China. The company manufactures and markets a range of edible oils and fats including shortening and specialty fats for the large and growing Chinese market.


Do you know what hypocrisy is? Hypocrisy is when you tell your  
voters that so and so is the devil reincarnated, that he is out to destroy their way of life, their rights and their religion. Hypocrisy is when you tell those oppressed that the person oppressing them has made rich his family members as well as cronies,
And then you work hand-in-hand with the very people you’ve been so bent on destroying, just so you could fulfill your political destiny and personal goals, disregarding what mental stress that you have put your voters and supporters through.
These are hypocrites. Do you know what hypocrite is in Islam?
And no matter how much you try to justify their hypocrisy, they are still munafiks and your trying to justify their hypocrisy has to be the most vile of acts.

Ku Klux Kling

It is a well known fact that Mahathir hates his Kutty-blood so much that anything that has to do with the Indian diaspora would be bad for him unless he could subjugate them and they become subservient towards him. Veteran political watchers would understand what I am referring to.

I still remember when the first two Malaysians summitted the Everest in 1997, RTM being the official media carried a live cross from the Everest base camp where jubilant Malaysians who never made it to the top were seen celebrating in the background just as Mahathir, who was the Prime Minister then, was talking to the Chef de Mission. When told of the identities of the two Malaysians, Mahathir asked, “Siapa lagi? Itu aja?” (Whom else? Only those two?)

It was a proud moment for Malaysians but you cannot help but hear the tone of disappointment in Mahathir’s voice. I Googled to find reference to that moment but had found just this:

It was for that reason the subsequent expedition, which I became part of, was a 100 percent Malay expedition. As part of the organising committee and the Deputy Jump Leader, together with another ex Air Force officer, Lt Aziz Ahmad, we were tasked to select freefallers from the Wilayah Skydivers, the Army’s Grup Gerakhas, the Navy’s Pasukan Khas Laut, the Police’s Komando 69, and of course from Aziz’s and my former unit, the Air Force’s Pasukan Khas Udara. TV3 was selected as the official media.

We had a fellow skydiver who was from the Transportation Corps that we would have liked to have on board but he was an Indian and was not allowed to join the team. Likewise, TV3 mustered its best documentary team and sent its best journalist who was also trained by NatGeo, the renowned Karam Singh Walia. Our Chef de Mission, the late Abdul Rahim Dahlan aka Rahim King told TV3 that no Indians were allowed to join us to the North Pole.

The damage to my friendship with the Indian officer was irrepairable. He would make fun of me to others while I had to keep myself calm and not reveal the reason his name was rejected to protect the Prime Minister from being hated by a military officer. And I never did for 18 years – until today.

All of us in that expedition to the North Pole were patriots in the face of the possibility of dying at the North Pole – and Mahathir’s vision of Malaysia Boleh.

For whatever reason, Mahathir is never proud of who he really is. He is neither Indian, nor as he claims to be – a Malay. In Penang, he would be referred to as a Kling. I could name many great Indians right from Ashok to Narendra Modi, but not a Kling one. Mahathir was great to me but only because I thought he is a Malay.

Mahathir was so great to me that when he left UMNO, I left too in 2004. I dumped my AJK Bahagian and Ketua Cawangan posts and left politics, not that I was really a politician. The only difference is I am not the hypocrite Mahathir is, so when he rejoined, I stayed out.

However, I continued to support Mahathir’s stance in almost anything and had great doubts in Najib especially when the latter was all silent at the beginning of the 1MDB hoo-hahs. That was all true until the Kling in Mahathir surfaced. He started blabbing about Altantuya, changed the 1MDB goalposts and figures several times; it was almost as if he was just casting a net to see what could be caught. When he began to sound ridiculous and helped the Opposition attack Tabung Haji, I decided the old man had gone bonkers.

I was always a pro-Mahathir. When he fired Anwar Ibrahim in September 1998, I stood outside Anwar’s official residence with a few other friends from the Kelab Bekas Komando Malaysia among the hundreds that gathered, wondering what has happened. It was the night I made my choice to support my Prime Minister because he was then my Prime Minister.

To see him now holding hands with those he incarcerated and when he was in power just whonare also those who want to undermine the sanctity of Islam in this country, so he could oust the current Prime Minister, is heartbreaking for lack of a better word. You don’t burn your house down or work with outsiders just because you have a quarrel with a sibling. Like it or not, Najib is the elder brother in UMNO and Mahathir has to respect that. He should not have resigned in 2003 if he cannot accept that his successors would have their own style and once gone he is a has-been. Working with the enemies of your party just so you can save the party is just a stupid excuse to cover up one’s insidious personal agenda.

And until Najib is found guilty ina court of law, I will continue to support him as the Prime Minister of this nation.

So who is the only other Kling that I could think of who has made it to the history books? Raja Mudaliar aka Raja Mendeliar – the Kling that helped the downfall of the Melaka Empire.

Life of Annie had every reason to disagree with my calling Mahathir Mendeliar a few months ago. I guess Life of Annie has now seen Mahathir’s colours.
On the bright side, Mahathir’s reverse  metamorphosis from a statesman back to the kling he originally was, has brought about some good for the economically oppressed Malaysians whose holidays are mostly spent abroad.