Being Hard Over Hadi

I wrote on Saturday how silly it is for people to go berserk over the private bill by Abd Hadi Awang of PAS seeking to enhance the Syariah Court (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act, 1965.

The religion of the Federation of Malaysia is Islam as given by Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution. However, other religions may be practiced in peace and harmony. The words peace and harmony are written explicitly to underscore the fact that other religions are being protected by the Constitution. One must also remember the first part of that article stating that Islam is the religion of the Federation. It is the religion and not the official religion.

The British came to Malaya through treaties. The states of Malaya, save for Pulau Pinang and Melaka, were never colonies of Britain. Malaya consists of nine sovereign states. Four were the Federated Malay States while five were Unfederated. The religions of these states have always been Islam. This is evident in a letter from Stamford Raffles to his cousin, Reverend Thomas Raffles that  “Religion and laws are so united” in Muslim dominated areas that the introduction of Christian beliefs will bring about “much mischief, much bitterness of heart and contention”. You can read more on this in a previous writing of mine called The Case for God .

I had had a lengthy debate with MCA’s Ti Lian Ker, a senior partner at Messrs Wong, Law & Ti, as he had went on to conduct a session for MCA members on the “far-reaching consequences of the Hudud bill.” When asked, Ti could not even tell me the name of the proposed bill.

For the benefit of the rest, the bill seeks to enhance the Syariah Court (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act, 1965; a law that is prescribed to Muslims only!

Ti asked me two questions: first – why the hush-hush before allowing Hadi to speak in Parliament about it? For a senior politician to not know the processes of a private bill tickles me. Hadi was merely seeking the August House’s permission to table the bill. He was not tabling the bill. And it is not a BN or UMNO bill. A private bill is a bill that is not proposed by the ruling government. It is proposed by members of the Opposition or backbenchers.

In this respect, Hannah Yeoh as the DAP Speaker for the Selangor State Assembly summed it up real well when Selangor UMNO actually wanted to table a Hudud bill for the state. Watch from 0:38.

Hadi, has as much right that has been accorded to other members of Parliament to table out anything, with the agreement of the House. For once I agree with PKR’s N Surendran who explained the process above.

Ti’s second question to me was:

This is what happens when you speak before your brain could even begin to think. Then you add chaos into the confusion. Article 145 of the Federal Constitution clearly states that the Attorney-General has no jurisdiction over Syariah laws. Syariah laws are made according to the sub-articles of Article 3. Imagine a senior partner of a law firm not knowing this. For the record, Ti never replied me.

And isn’t it detrimental to the cohesion of the Barisan Nasional that a very ill-informed and non-Muslim person such as Ti to go around explaining to members of the MCA something even he does not grasp? Maybe he should have asked a very recently former MCA member to give clarification on the issue instead:

Some of Ti’s followers, concerned that actual Hudud would eventually be enforced, refused to read Articles 3(1), 11(1) of the Federal Constitution that protects the right to practice one’s religion in peace and harmony. Instead they cited Pakistan as an example of extreme Syariah laws.

I don’t know what is it with people who don’t read. The official name of Pakistan itself is a dead giveaway. Since 1973, the country is known as The Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Even in the preambles of its Constitution clearly states the intent and spirit of the state and its Constitution:

Checkout how Article 2 of Pakistan’s Constitution differs greatly from Article 3 of ours:

We even have Article 11(3)(a) in our Constitution which states:

Every religious group has the right to manage its own affairs

By intruding, isn’t this right given also to the Muslims in Malaysia being denied by the non-Muslims? Remember, Islam is the religion of the Federation and others are given the rights to practice theirs in peace and harmony. So, why intrude into our affairs?

None of Ti’s followers or defenders quoted me those Articles as asked. Instead they continued to make comparisons between Malaysia and Pakistan.

Their concern is the “protection of the Constitution.” I have written on Saturday how the Federal Constitution remains the supreme law of the land. All the proposals submitted by Hadi that trangress the limits given by the Constitution have been shot down as shown in this table that has now been widely shared:

Let me ask you this: is there anywhere there that says the amendments include its application to non-Muslims? Any proposal for non-Muslim houses of worship to be torn down?

Now, remember! Hadi is merely seeking the permission to table the private bill. Until then he cannot do so. The house will have to debate this and vote on it. So instead of making monkeys out of themselves, shouldn’t the BN non-Muslim MPs take a step back and digest the House rules like smart people should? The following would have been totally unnecessary:


Really? We know that you did not get the lion’s share of your respective community’s votes and this is a good opportunity to try and garner support. You could have done it smartly by saying “we will seek clarification from Hadi and explain to our community” instead of jumping up and down without knowing head or tail about the proposal. It should be the Muslim community to react and not the rest as it would be their liberties affected. Mind you, most of the proposals are already laws in all the states.

Take queue from the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party:

Perhaps the non-Muslim BN parties in the Peninsular too don’t believe in the democratic rights to speak as provided by the Parliamentary Standing Order No.49.

A Storm In The Hood Over Hudud

It is Dood Day + 3. And already there is a storm in the BN hood over Hudud.

Yesterday afternoon, a Kedah MCA man quit the party citing the failure of the MCA to stop UMNO from supporting the tabling of the Hudud bill in Parliament by PAS President Hadi Awang, and UMNO for failing to safeguard the Federal Constitution.

Malaysiakini report on the resignation of Mr Leong from the MCA

And today, MCA’s President, Liow Tiong Lai said that the tabling of the Hudud bill transgress the limits and is against the spirit of the Federal Constitution.

A report by The Star quoting Liow as saying the tabling of Hudud is unconstitutional


“Spirit of the Federal Constitution”

Big words coming from the two gentlemen who have no inkling whatsoever of the meaning of those terms.

Firstly, the Federal Constitution through Article 3 explicitly states that Islam is the religion of the Federation. Article 11(1) guarantees those other than Muslims the freedom to practice their religion. That still holds true to this day although many non-Malays do unconstitutional acts such as the propagating of other religions to the Muslims (in contravention of Article 11(4).

Let us go back to the year 2014 when PAS was in the heart of all DAP supporters:

“The Moon Represents My Heart” as in the Teresa Teng song. Dulu lain, kini lain, selamanya berlainan

In 2014,UMNO 

proposed to table specifically a Hudud bill in Selangor. Now I want you to remember the words in BOLD above.

The above words in the red box says:

“The DAP speaker in Selangor also welcomes the tabling of Hudud in Selangor.”

They must be kidding, right? Karpal Singh would not have allowed this to happen (although his son never objected to this). Let us see what were said by both Anthony “Olok-Olok” Loke and Hannah “The Lamb Chop” Yeoh:

Now what have we here? Two DAP stalwarts support the tabling of the Hudud back in 2014. One even went to town telling people not to be afraid of Hudud, explaining what are involved and why people shouldn’t be afraid. This is what MCA should be doing.

Of course that was then and this is now.

Alas! MCA is NOT in the position to do so. You only see a handful of MCA people actually still fighting the real fight, like Tan Khai Beng, Lee Beng Seng, Ang Chor Keong, while the rest have mostly blended in with the Chinese supporters of the DAP as not to be left out, and the following is why:

GE13 support for BN by race

MCA could only garner less than 900,000 votes (including votes of the non-Chinese)!

Both Leong Yong Kong and Liow Tiong Lai  probably suffer from this:

Not Yet Cooked Shoot Best

The bill that is being tabled by Hadi Awang is actually to seek amendment to the Syariah Court (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act, 1965. Remember nine paragraphs ago I asked you to remember the words in BOLD? The difference here is that this bill proposed by Hadi is NOT a Hudud bill, but one that seeks the enhancement of punishment for only a certain number of offences. This is to allow the Kelantan state government to apply such amendments in Kelantan.

And true to the spirit of the Federal Constitution, the proposals that went beyond the limits of the ones set by the laws made and passed under the Federal Constitution have been shot down even before the tabling of this bill!

And what did Najib say about this yesterday?

Only after most of the proposals have been shot down for going against the limits of the Federal Constitution was Hadi allowes to table the bill:


Even if this bill gets passed in Parliament it still needs the consent of the Rulers Council as well as the respective state religious authority to agree before it can be passed. And none affects the non-Muslims.

Where, oh Liow and Leong, is the transgression of the spirit of the Federal Constitution may I ask?

Next time do seek clarification before you start chewing on your foot, or use the stop-and-start method to prevent similar political premature ejaculation.

Save Our Soul

When the Save Malaysia declaration was announced on 4th March 2016, the intention was to garner the support of 100,000 Malaysians. It hardly gained any traction. Then the organisers, in an apparent battle for perception, announced that they would go for a million signatures instead.

The funny thing is, in the 69 days of collecting signatures of those who want Najib Razak to step down, they only managed to garner the support of 500,000 people. That translates into 7,246 signatures per day. This was announced by Kamaruddin Jaafar who himself admitted that the petition had missed its deadline. When asked if it would be presented to the Rulers Institution, he equivocated.

Two days later, Quisling-reincarnate Muhyiddin Yassin congratulated the 1.2 million who signed the petition. That is an increase by 700,000 signatures or 350,000 signatures per day!

So who is lying?

You can get 50 million people to sign if you want but it means shit constitutionally. The Yang DiPertuan Agong does not have the power to dismiss the Prime Minister. His Majesty can only appoint a member of Parliament whom His Majesty thinks has the most support in the August House. The only ways to dismiss the Prime Minister through democratic means are for him to lose the election, or for him to lose the support of the Barisan Nasional MPs.

Mahathir knows this hence his drive to oust Najib is a mere drama he’s known to play time and time again. But do his delirious and delusional young apprentices know? Maybe they do, maybe they don’t.

Looking at the HDR pic above of Mahathir hugging and being hugged by his fellow deceivers why they all cried, I can only deduce two things:

  1. The two deceivers were crying because they knew they were lying to the old man, and,
  2. The old man is crying just to put on a show to deceive his fellow deceivers into thinking that a change of government could soon happen using the 1.2 million signatures.

These crocodile tears shed by Mahathir and his cohorts are nothing new. They are seasoned politicians.

Quisling Muhyiddin cried when he was fired from the Deputy Prime Minister’s post

Mahathir’s son, Boboy, cried when he was fired from his job when he lost the confidence of the state’s assemblymen

Mahathir cried when HE fired HIMSELF from the Prime Minister’s post

So, don’t be fooled by these actors. They use crocodile tears to rile up the sentiments of the public and feed us with blatant lies and take us on a delusional path, constantly recycling old issues even though they have been addressed.

Just save your soul from these rancorous beings.

“Gua pun mau nangis. Bolo punyia anak bili banggalo talak swimming pu!”

The SUPP Strikes Back

9 May 2016
I am sad to read that there is a sizable number of people on social media who cannot accept the recently concluded Sarawak elections result have resorted to insulting and mocking Sarawakians.
Many of these insults including “jungle people”, “living on tree tops with no internet access”, “poor people easily bought with money: “idiots” and “stupid” have crossed the line.
It is also regrettable that many of these insults are of a race and religion nature.
The elections are over and Sarawakians have made our choice. This is democracy at work. Please respect democracy and accept the result of our own choosing.
Sarawakians did not insult anyone when the opposition won Selangor and Penang. No one should insult us either.
We reject politics of hate and insults.
Please stop.
If you respect us, we will respect you back.





Adam Yii. (俞小珊)

SUPP Central Publicity and Information Secretary. (砂人聯党中央宣教秘书)

18SX: Fuck Sarawakians

Dear Sarawakians,

It seems that after the state elections, this woman wants to fuck you for free. Of course that is if you have the desire to fuck her too after seeing this pic:

Gigi kuning misti bojob ata lasa punyia

She posted her offer to fuck you after you made your choice of whom to administer the state government of Sarawak. She said, you can use the $30 that she said you received from Barisan Nasional to fuck her.

You can go to her Facebook page and fuck her and her friends in the comments section too if you so desire.

Boh Ngereco

Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya seketika tadi mengumumkan kemenangan dua pertiga majoriti Barisan Nasional di Sarawak – suatu kemenangan yang lebih besar berbanding pilihanraya negeri Sarawak lima tahun yang lalu.

Eloklah saya memperingatkan para pengundi di Sarawak bagaimana anda dihina para penyokong Pakatan Rakyat ketika itu dengan kata-kata kesat kerana memberi kepercayaan sekali lagi kepada Barisan Nasional.

Tiba 2016, Pakatan Harapan kembali memberi janji manis serta menunjukkan sikap berbudi bicara dan hormat kepada para pengundi negeri Sarawak dengan harapan dapat menyingkirkan kerajaan Barisan Nasional pimpinan Adenan Satem.

Malang bagi mereka, kemenangan yang lebih besar diberikan kepada BN kali ini dan DAP kehilangan setengah kerusi yang disandangi pada PRN-10.

Marah dengan keadaan itu, para penyokong DAP dan PKR kembali mengeluarkan kata-kata kesat kepada orang-orang Sarawak. Nampaknya mereka tidak akan berubah pendapat terhadap orang-orang Sarawak.

Sila kongsikan posting ini dengan rakan-rakan anda di seluruh negeri Sarawak dan amatlah diharap agar pengajaran biadap yang diberikan oleh para penyokong Pakatan Harapan ini tidak dilupakan langsung oleh para pengundi negeri Sarawak dan dipelajari oleh negeri-negeri lain juga:


The Barisan Nasional lost one Member of Parliament, Datuk Noriah Kasnon, and possibly another, in a helicopter accident on Thursday evening. Every time Malaysia loses an aircraft, ugly cretins especially from the Peninsular rear their head on social media. Let us see this as an example:

A social media practitioner, Saiful Bahari Baharom rightly made his point about the cause of rift between many Malays and non-Malays in the Peninsular:

Any normal and decent human being would not wish for the death of others. Even animals know how to mourn the dead . Yet so-called human beings have no feelings whatsoever; not even sensitive towards the feelings of the family members of the deceased.

And we know where they are from:

This is what happens when you allow your children to grow up in an environment that indoctrinates your children according to the DAP way:

RM305 Juta Hanya Untuk Kertas?

Abdul Rahman Dahlan

Pengarah Strategik Komunikasi Barisan Nasional
6 Mei 2016
Untuk Siaran Segera
1. Pada November 2015, seorang Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) BN dari Pulau Pinang mengemukakan usul pada Sidang DUN supaya semua projek tambakan laut di negeri itu dibentang untuk pendengaran awam sebelum dimuktamadkan. 

Bagaimanapun, lima ADUN PKR tidak mengundi manakala seorang wakil rakyat DAP menyokong usul berkenaan.

Insiden itu menimbulkan kemarahan Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang merangkap Setiausaha Agung DAP, Lim Guan Eng, yang mendakwa tindakan enam ADUN itu sebagai ‘menikamnya dari belakang’.
2. Susulan itu, Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang memecat dua ADUN PKR berkenaan daripada menjadi pengerusi anak syarikat Kerajaan Negeri pada Februari 2016. Tempat mereka diganti oleh dua Ahli Parlimen DAP, masing-masing dari Negeri Sembilan dan Selangor.


3. Pada 24 Februari 2016, seorang daripada ADUN PKR yang dilucutkan jawatan, YB Cheah Kah Peng, mendedahkan kepada media, antara sebab enam ADUN PKR dan DAP memutuskan untuk tidak menentang usul BN adalah berikutan Laporan Jalan Utama dan Projek Terowong yang disediakan oleh Jawatankuasa Kira-Kira Wang Awam negeri.
Laporan berkenaan menyatakan, Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang bersetuju membayar RM138, 971, 572.61 bagi laporan kajian kebolehlaksanaan dan reka bentuk apabila laporan kebolehlaksanaan Terowong Pulau Pinang serta laporan Penilaian Impak Alam Sekitar (EIA) tidak disiapkan.


YB Cheah dilaporkan berkata, ramai ADUN mendapati sukar membuat justifikasi terhadap bayaran sebesar itu bagi kajian kebolehlaksanaan.  
4. Berdasarkan kajian kami dan kenyataan umum Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang, kami percaya bayaran itu adalah sebahagian daripada sejumlah RM305 juta yang diperuntukkan untuk kajian kebolehlaksanaan, reka bentuk terperinci dan laporan EIA bagi projek Terowong Pulau Pinang serta tiga laluan berkaitan.
RM305 juta hanya untuk kertas kerja asas.
5. Kami berkongsi kebimbangan 6 ADUN berkenaan yang menyifatkan RM305 juta adalah harga yang amat tinggi untuk dibayar bagi sekadar kertas kerja dan laporan. Tambahan pula, keperluan pelaksanaan projek itu masih diragui susulan pergerakan trafik di Jambatan Pulau Pinang yang secara umumnya masih rendah.
Kami yakin, peruntukan sejumlah RM305 juta boleh dimanfaatkan untuk kebajikan penduduk Pulau Pinang. Jumlah RM305 juta adalah dua kali ganda berbanding RM176 juta yang dibelanjakan Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang dari tahun 2009 hingga 2015 bagi Program Kebajikan Emas khusus buat warga tua, ibu tunggal, mereka yang mempunyai keperluas khas, pelajar, suri rumah, bayi baharu dilahirkan dan mahasiswa.
6. Lebih-lebih lagi, Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang melantik Consortium Zenith BUCG (CZBUCG) untuk menyediakan laporan kebolehlaksanaan ini bagi menentukan kesesuaiannya. CZBUCG adalah syarikat sama yang akan melaksanakan projek itu jika didapati bersesuaian.
Jelas sekali, Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang tidak memahami istilah “percanggahan kepentingan.” 
Malah, syarikat subkontraktor pertama yang dilantik oleh CZBUCG pada tahun 2013 bagi melakukan kajian kebolehlaksanaan ialah Astral Supreme Construction Sdn Bhd, yang mengakui gagal menyiapkan laporan itu pada Ogos 2014.


Pemeriksaan lanjut di Pendaftar Syarikat (RoC) mendedahkan CZBUCG adalah pemegang saham utama yang mengawal pemegang saham Astral Supreme — sekali lagi menampilkan berlakunya percanggahan kepentingan.
Ketika projek berkenaan dianugerahkan pada tahun 2013, CZBUCG dilaporkan berkata, laporan berkenaan dijangka siap menjelang April 2014.


Selepas banyak kali tertangguh, kami kini dimaklumkan laporan kajian kebolehlaksanaan itu ditunda lagi ke tarikh yang tidak dinyatakan – gambaran bahawa keseluruhan projek itu akan ditangguh.
Beberapa laporan media menyatakan paling awal keseluruhan projek itu dapat disiapkan ialah pada tahun 2025.
7. Laporan kepada Bursa Malaysia oleh Ewein Berhad bertarikh 31 Mac 2015, mengesahkan Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang membuat pembayaran pertama pada 17 Februari 2015, dalam bentuk kawasan perdana di tepi laut. Berdasarkan maklumat Bursa, syarikat usaha sama syarikat Ewein telah membeli kawasan tanah berkenaan daripada CZBUCG.    

8. Pendedahan lanjut oleh Ewein Berhad menunjukkan dua perjanjian bertarikh 28 Disember 2015 dan 15 Januari 2016 telah ditandatangani untuk membeli dua lagi plot kawasan perdana tepi laut berhampiran Gurney Drive daripada CZBUCG.


Jika dihitung, ketiga-tiga perjanjian ini membabitkan pembelian tanah bernilai RM3.14 bilion daripada CZBUG yang sudah atau akan diberi oleh Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang sebagai bayaran projek walaupun kajian kebolehlaksanaan belum disiapkan.
9. Difahamkan, kos RM6.3 bilion bagi keseluruhan projek akan dibiayai oleh Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang menerusi bayaran dalam bentuk tanah perdana tepi laut kekal yang dikenal pasti seluas 110 ekar, dinilai mengikut harga tahun 2013.
Apa yang menimbulkan persoalan ialah mengapa Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang menetapkan harga tanah perdana mengikut harga tahun 2013 bagi projek yang hanya akan disiapkan 12 tahun akan datang iaitu pada tahun 2025?
Oleh kerana tanah perdana pinggir laut Pulau Pinang adalah aset cepat meningkat nilainya, ini bermakna kawasan seluas 110 ekar itu akan bernilai dua atau tiga kali ganda menjelang tahun 2025 – bermakna projek itu akhirnya akan menyebabkan rakyat Pulau Pinang menanggung kos RM20 bilion atau lebih.
10. Sebagai tambahan kepada membiayai sepenuhnya kos RM6.3 bilion itu, Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang turut memberi CZBUCG konsesi selama 30 tahun untuk mengutip tol bagi terowong berkenaan.
Ini jauh berbeza dengan amalan biasa perjanjian konsesi yang mana syarikat konsesi akan membiayai projek dan mengutip tol bagi memperoleh kembali pelaburan mereka.
Dalam hal ini, nampaknya Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang akan membiayai keseluruhan pembinaan bagi membolehkan syarikat terbabit mengaut keuntungan dan menikmati keuntungan pada masa depan menerusi kutipan tol.
Dan bukankah jalan bertol bertentangan dengan manifesto Pakatan?


11. Pendedahan berterusan berkaitan Taman Manggis dan banglo Ketua Menteri di Jalan Pinhorn yang dijual pada harga lebih rendah berbanding nilai pasaran, menarik tumpuan terhadap pelbagai perjanjian tanah negeri itu oleh Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang sejak tahun 2008 bernilai RM40 bilion atau lebih.
Sehubungan itu, kami mendesak Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang menjelaskan perkara yang berkenaan: 
1) Jelaskan mengapa kos keseluruhan pelbagai kajian mengenai projek itu yang pada dasarnya adalah kertas kerja, boleh mencecah sehingga RM305 juta?
2) Apakah penanugerahan untuk melakukan kajian ini dibuat secara tender terbuka? Jika ya, tolongan jelaskan mengapakah kajian kebolehlaksanaan awal dianugerahkan kepada pihak yang tidak melantik perunding atau pakar sepatutnya untuk melengkapkan tugas itu sebelum mengakui ia tidak boleh dilakukan.
3) Mengapa syarikat swasta itu menerima bayaran pendahuluan berjumlah RM139 juta walaupun kajian belum disiapkan?
4) Jika kajian kebolehlaksanaan mendapati projek tidak sesuai diteruskan, apakah Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang akan memperoleh kembali RM139 juta yang sudah dibayar?


5) Apakah syarikat swasta itu didenda kerana kegagalan menepati tarikh akhir projek yang dipersetujui?


6) Walaupun bersetuju membiayai sepenuhnya kos pembinaan, mengapa Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang bersetuju memberi konsesi tol selama 30 tahun kepada syarikat terbabit.
7) Mengapa Kerajaan DAP Negeri Pulau Pinang bersetuju membayar dengan menggunakan 110 ekar tanah perdana di tepi laut – bernilai RM6.3 bilion pada tahun 2013 – bagi projek yang hanya akan disiapkan paling awal pun pada tahun 2025, dengan mengambil kira kawasan yang telah dikenal pasti ini mungkin bernilai dua atau tiga kali ganda berbanding RM6.3 bilion pada tahun 2025?
Apakah ini bermakna kos sebenar projek bagi rakyat Pulau Pinang boleh melonjak tiga kali ganda dan mencecah RM20 bilion?

Dasar Aziz Pebulak

Apa dosa nenek tok? Jaik gilak perange cucu nya. Habis semua di anok sidak paloi tok.

Dasar DAP parti pebulak. Dari atas sampei dibahnya pebulak!

Baca agik sitok!

Buang DAP! Tulak Pakatan Harapan! Kekalkan perpaduan dan kemajuan kita urang-urang Sarawak tok!


Kamek kurang paham dengan parti DAP tok. Sidak nang selalu jak madah yang DAP tok satu parti yang miskin. Yang heran nya, mampu juak sidak tok nerbang sukarelawan dak volunteer dari Semenanjung ke sitok jadi Polling Agent ngan Counting Agent (PACA) indah. Diat jak kitak urang gambar dari facebook Skyz Wong Yuee Harng, Pengerusi Publisiti Pemuda DAP Pulau Pinang.

 Bayangkan ajak, duit yang diderma oleh sidak penyokong toklah dipakey sidak nerbang para sukarelawan, dak volunteer ke Sarawak tok pakey menjadi agen pusat undi dan agen pengiraan undi. Dahya di pakey gik sidak menjamu ngidang sidak tok makan, njamu barang makan nok mahal-mahal kedak Ikan Empurau tok. DAP yang sik berduit tok lah kata kita tek sik mampu?tapi mampu beli handbag mahal? Bagi kitak urang tok sik keterlaluan kah?Diat ajak kitak video dibah tok mun masih kitak urang sik pecayak.


Kali tok kamek nak nanyak sigek soalan ngn kitak urang: kenak DAP perlu ngimpot agen pusat undi ngan agen pengiraan undi munlah sidak udah ada penyokong di Sarawak di tempat-tempat sidak bertanding? Kenak?

Tong derma standby

Barangkali DAP nang sik pecayak ngan kesetiaan sidak penyokongnya di Sarawak tok. Mun sik, sidak DAP tok ragu-ragu, was-was dengan kebolehan urang-urang Sarawak pakey molah tugas-tugas kedak ya. Kenak?Adakah sidak DAP tok nganggap urang Sarawak tok sik pandey kah kedak sidak urang-urang Semenanjung?

 Mun sik, kenak duit yang “diderma” tek sik diguna pakey urang-urang Sarawak ajak?

“You! I want your donation now!”


Coba SEDAR gik wahai urang-urang Sarawak! Jangan kitak urang ditipu agik oleh sidak DAP ngan kawan-kawan sidak nya dengan tipu janji nok sik ditepati ya, dahya kinektok dimintak lagik sidak lima taun agik pakey mengguna peruntukan DUN molah kerja-kerja parti DAP, bukanya pakey rakyat duit ya.

Lim Guan Eng pun nang suka pebulak, nipu urang Sarawak. Nya menafikan akan mansuh GST di Sarawak tok sekiranya DAP berkuasa. Tapi apa yang tercatit dalam manifesto sidak DAP?

Dan toklah calon DAP. Fikir-fikirkanlah.Nenek nya mpun gik sik suka ngan nya:

Kerja pun sikda tapi mok jadi CM…mok tetak pun tedah

Buang DAP! Tulak Pakatan Harapan! Kekalkan perpaduan dan kemajuan kita urang-urang Sarawak tok!