Lim Guan Eng Is No Warrior

For the Opposition, it is okay to lie even during the month of Ramadhan. After all, God is intangible to them.

I saw a moron posting this on Facebook. This is what I call “kampung tactic” that one would use in the 1950s when there was no television sets let alone the Internet:

Of course, illiterate Malays and those who only use the Internet for sexual gratification or to fall for lies, would buy the bullshit posted above.

Lim Guan Eng did not go to jail for fighting for the rights of a Malay rape victim. He went to jail for contempt of court.

If you don’t believe me, ask his father Lim Kit Siang. I found this posting on his blog:

Next time use Google. Cheap fake sites like Malaysiakini won’t tell you any truth.

Rashid Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Melayu Pertama?

Masihkah anda ingat skandal-skandal yang pernah membelenggu UMNO akibat salahlaku dua orang penjawat awam UMNO pada tahun 1990an dan awal 2000? Sekiranya anda terlalu muda untuk mengingati peristiwa-peristiwa tersebut, mari kita imbas semula kejadian-kejadian tersebut.

Kejadian pertama pada tahun 1997 melibatkan Menteri Besar Selangor ketika itu iaitu Tan Sri Muhammad bin Mohd Taib. Muhammad yang sebelum itu mempunyai satu lagi skandal iaitu berkahwin lari bersama Tengku Zahariah binti Tengku Abdul Aziz Shah di Takbai, Selatan Thailand pada tahun 1993, telah ditahan di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Brisbane, Australia kerana cuba membawa keluar wang berjumlah RM2.4 juta tanpa membuat deklarasi kepada pihak berkuasa Australia.

Apabila didakwa di mahkamah di Brisbane, Muhammad dengan segera melepaskan jawatan beliau sebagai Menteri Besar negeri Selangor.

Muhammad diganti oleh Abu Hassan Omar yang ketika itu merupakan seorang Ahli Parlimen. Satu pilihanraya kecil serentak terpaksa diadakan di Parlimen Kuala Selangor dan DUN Permatang untuk membolehkan Abu Hassan bertukar kerusi dengan Jamaluddin Adnan. Namun Abu Hassan tidak lama menjawat jawatan sebagai Menteri Besar Selangor kerana didakwa terbabit dengan suatu skandal seka dan beliau pula melepaskan jawatan pada tahun 2000.

Maka, saya berpendapat adalah baiknya Saudara Lim Guan Eng juga meletakkan jawatan beliau sebagai Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang kerana telahpun didakwa atas kesalahan salahguna kuasa dan rasuah pada 30hb Jun 2016. Pertamanya, ianya tidak akan menyebabkan dakwaan terhadapnya terpalit dan memburukkan lagi nama parti beliau, DAP.

Kedua, sekiranya beliau tidak meletakkan jawatan ianya boleh membenarkan beliau masih mempengerusikan mesyuarat-mesyuarat yang melibatkan hal ehwal jawatankuasa kelulusan projek negeri Pulau Pinang. Sudah tentu ini akan merupakan percanggahan kepentingan bukan sahaja bagi pihak beliau, malahan juga buat Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang.

Ketiga, jika kita imbau kembali peristiwa Tan Sri Muhammad di Brisbane, Lim Guan Eng ada membuat kenyataan berikut kepada para pemberita asing:

Maka eloklah beliau lepaskan jawatan Ketua Menteri kerana ia membawa malu yang amat sangat kepada negara. Dan seperti kata beliau sendiri, “Ianya tidak memberi petunjuk baik mengenai tahap kawalan rasuah di Malaysia.”

Mungkin sudah sampai masanya Timbalan Ketua Menteri 1, YB Dato Haji Mohd Rashid bin Hasnon, mengambil alih pucuk pimpinan negeri. Saya amat yakin DAP, sebagai sebuah parti pelbagai bangsa, bersetuju dengan saranan saya ini.

The Never-Ending ProTun Saga

This was written by Ms Lim Sian See:

The PakaTun Chief Dedak Blogger, OutSyed the Box who deletes his posts within one or two days because he is scared of saman fitnah, has just written an article saying that MOF will be made bankrupt by a UK court in London on 11 JULAI 2016 (Raya Ke 5).
This view is of course shared by the Pentaksub Tuns such as my FB friend Blue Ocean Mohd Hanizam Bin Yunus’s post which has got many shares and likes.
But of course these are all tipu by the above people unable to accept defeat in the recent by-elections.
Firstly, this is related to an arbitration request made by Aabar to 1MDB to decide who is right or wrong in the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA). 
The LCIA is not actually a real court but non-for-profit company that is used as a service to solve disputes – normally between companies in different countries or between countries themselves.
This LCIA has NO jurisdictions and the result is NON-BINDING and the court CANNOT ENFORCE its decisions.
So, how does LCIA have the authority to declare the ministry of Finance as “bankrupt”?
This is not the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which doesn;t hear business disputes anyway. But the penipu PakaTuns probably confused this with the LCIA.

Secondly, this is USD6.5b or RM26b. Our current govt debt and GDP is certainly bigger than that. It is just 2.6% of our GDP, so how can MOF be made bankrupt? 
Another way to look at this is that your annual salary is RM100,000 every year, does it make sense that you get declared bankrupt over a dispute involving RM2,600?

Thirdly, the July 11 date is the date for 1MDB to file it’s reply. It is not even decision date. Arbitration can take years and 1MDB believes it has a solid case – which is why it refuses to pay the interest on the bonds which led to this arbitration even though it had the money to do so.
So, how can July 11 be the date when MOF is declared bankrupt when it is just the date to file its response before the case actually starts being heard – which could take years?
Fourthly. this amount of RM26b or USD6.5b is made out of:

– USD3.5b (being the bonds in dispute – which is already part of the very misleading RM42b or RM55b that PakaTUN people like to use.), 

– USD1.5b is for future interest of these bonds

– USD500m for the remainder of the Aabar options that 1MDB said it has paid but IPIC said no.

– USD1 billion, which is for the return of the money already paid by IPIC to 1MDB last June.

Therefore, the above amount is nothing new and with this dispute, 1MDB also does not need to pass over the financial assets that it intended to swap with IPIC and can thus liquidate or redeem them later.
Again, it is clear that the PakaTun penipus continue to take advantage of their followers ignorance with propaganda lies such as this – despite knowing that majority of Malaysians already reject your much repeated fairy-tales as shown in the recent Sarawak elections and the two by-elections.
I have full confidence that Arul Kanda, our MOF and 1MDB knows what they are doing and will resolve this irritation soon.

In the meantime, I challenge Hanizam, OutSyed and the rest of the PakaTun this:
If MOF is not declared Bankrupt by 11 July 2016 or even 11 Aug 2016, you must all make a public apology for your fitnah during Ramadan and quit writing forever.
In return, if MOF is indeed declared bankrupt on those two days, I will reveal my public ID, make a public apology and kow-tow to both of you and quit writing forever.
Do we have a deal? 

The Patriot Father

A little over 50 years ago, Tun Razak persuaded my father who was then a Special Branch staff officer in Bukit Aman, to accompany him to Bangkok for the negotiations to end the confrontation with Indonesia. My father was reluctant to leave my elder sister Juliana who was suffering from Thallasemia Major and had been given not long to live. “Just one night,” said Razak to my father.

It was during the negotiations with Adam Malik from Indonesia that my sister passed on. Tun Razak was told by his Aide-de-Camp of the news and he quietly went up to his room and locked himself in. My father knocked on the door to request permission to leave for Kuala Lumpur, but Razak never opened the door. In the end, my father climbed up the hotel wall and entered Razak’s room theough the window. Razak quickly held a newspaper in front of his face, replying to my father’s request only with a grunt. Razak was crying but did not want my father to see.

My father has always put the nation before himself. He knew that his first-hand information among others into the Kalabakan massacre of members of the 1st Platoon, ‘A’ Coy of the 3rd Battalion Royal Malay Regiment on the 29th December 1963 would come in handy during the negotiations.

I, too, was a sickly child. Diagnosed with Thallasemia Minor, I also suffered from Acute Glomerulonephritis. My father was the Officer in-Charge of Police District (OCPD) in Ipoh when the 13th May 1969 tragedy broke out. Tun Razak instructed my father to report to the National Operations Council (MAGERAN). With Ipoh being a Chinese-majority town, my father felt it was important he defused the situation in Ipoh first. He asked Razak to give him two days. With three of his men, he went to a sawmill in Lahat where hundreds of Chinese, armed to the teeth, had gathered. He persuaded them to put down their weapons. The Chinese representatives told my father that Malays from the surrounding kampungs were preparing to attack them and had sent their families to seek protection at police stations – an advantage the Chinese did not have. My father immediately called police stations under his charge to evict the Malay families seeking refuge there. As a result, the Malays did not attack the Chinese community in Lahat and a potentially bloody tragedy was averted.

When we finally moved to KL to be with him, my father would carry me on his shoulders in the middle of the night from our house jn Jalan Bukit Guillemard (now Jalan Bukit Ledang) to the playground at the Lake Gardens just to spend quality time with me. He did not want to miss any opportunity like he did when my late sister was around.

All that ended abruptly on 8th June 1974, the day after his predecessor was gunned down in cold blood near where the present Jalan Raja Chulan meets Jalan Tun Perak the day before. He spent his life as a police officer 20 years thereon combatting the communist terrorists, visit frontliners to boost their morale, and console family members whenever a policeman was killed.

When his brother Ainuddin passed away as a result of a motorcycle accident in August 1975, my father was away in Sandakan due to a critical situation. Tun Datu Hj Mustapha, the then Chief Minister of Sabah, offered to send my father back in his private aircraft. Upon arrival in KL, my father went straight to the Prime Minister’s residence to report the situation.

When done, my father asked Tun Razak, “May I take an emergency leave for one day, sir?”

“What for?” asked Razak.

“My brother passed away yesterday and I want to attend his funeral today.”

Tun Razak was aghast, asked my father why didn’t he attend the funeral first. Razak ordered an Air Force Allouette helicopter to fly my father back to his hometown in Teluk Intan. He made it just in time for the burial.

By the time he retired, his children were mostly married and had moved out.

My brother, the youngest in the family, passed on three years ago. After visiting my brother’s grave, my father sat a while inside my car and told me how he wished he was not the Inspector-General of Police so he could see his children grow up. He lamented how he cannot remember ever sleeping and hugging my late brother when he was little. I pointed out to him that he had saved tens of thousands of lives by doing what he did as the IGP. And due to the respect the police force still have for him, my late brother was accorded an escorted police hearse which made his final journey to his resting place smoother, and that at least 400 people joined during the jenazah prayer.

I don’t know if I managed to appease him. I hope I did. What he never realised is that it is because of people like him, millions in Malaysia still have a father to wish on this auspicious day.

But as a father, he still cries whenever he visits and recites the Surah Yaasiin at my brother’s grave. The IGP everyone knew him as, is just another father after all.

Happy Father’s Day, Ayah. You’ve sacrificed a lot for the nation and your children are proud of you nevertheless.

On A Suicide Watch

A month ago in the aftermath of the Sarawak State Elections, Mahathir remarked that the situation for Barisan Nasional were different in Sarawak compared to the Peninsula. Whilst national issues are natural concerns for the Malayans, Sarawakians were more concerned about their well-being. Nary a day passed without Mahathir campaigning against Najib.

This 91-year old thoroughgoing villain pulled out all the stops to have Najib removed albeit undemocratically even to the extent of cooperating with his political enemies, soliciting help from foreigners to throw baseless allegations and lies, as well as coming up with a nonsensical “Citizens Declaration” that was proven to have false signatures.

In the end, the parliamentary by-elections in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar proved that the voters totally rejected the destructive lies brought forth by Mahathir as well as his attempt to make Muhyiddin the Prime Minister to warm up that seat for his son Mukhriz. The opposition paid a heavy price for jockeying this mule when, despite heavy campaigning, they lost badly to Barisan Nasional and made an ass of themselves. That is the price they paid for aligning themselves with Mahathir thinking it would benefit them. Anwar must be smiling to himself in prison.

In 1905, George Santayana wrote “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Mahathir was a great man but he was a cruel and egotistical dictator nevertheless. He was rejected by his own UMNO division in 2004. Instead of remembering that episode, the opposition chose to ride on Mahathir’s “popularity.”

Unfortunately for them, most of the voters still remember Mahathir’s sins. This played well into BN’s hands where the backroom boys used to engineer the opposition’s downfall. And being the proud and egotistical person that he is, Mahathir refused to recognise that his campaign was disastrous. Instead of saving his “friends,” he dragged PKR, DAP and PAN deep into the hole that he had himself dug.

It’s a bit like a suicide watch…with a twist.

Dari Sungai Besar Ke Kualē

Esok merupakan hari penentuan buat para pengundi di Parlimen Sungai Besar dan Parlimen Kuala Kangsar. Kedua-dua buah kerusi yang kosong akibat kematian ahli-ahli Parlimen yang mewakili kawasan-kawasan tersebut bulan lalu menjadi rebutan di antara PAS, BN dan parti serpihan PAS iaitu PAN.

Kedua-dua buah kerusi ini adalah amat penting buat BN dan PAS. Bagi BN, kemenangan akan bermaksud rakyat masih meletakkan kepercayaan mereka terhadap BN walaupun sokongan para pengundi amat tipis ditambah pula dengan serangan-serangan tidak munasabah yang telah dilakukan oleh bekas ahli UMNO iaitu Mahathir Mohamad. Bagi PAS pula, ianya akan menjadi bukti bahawa sokongan terhadap PAS masih kukuh walaupun telah dikhianati oleh Mohamad Sabu dan konco-konconya.

Tidak timbul isu sama ada calon yang diketengahkan oleh parti-parti yang bertanding adalah merupakan “calon payung terjun” seperti yang didakwa oleh pelbagai pihak. Calon BN, Datin Mastura Mohd Yazid walaupun berasal dari Negeri Sembilan telahpun bermastautin di Kuala Kangsar selama 27 tahun dan adalah merupakan pengundi berdaftar di Kuala Kangsar. Beliau telah bekerja dengan arwah suami beliau untuk rakyat Kuala Kangsar sekian lamanya.

Berbeza dengan calon PAN di Sungai Besar. Azhar Ab Shukur, yang berasal dari Pahang tetapi menetap juga di Pahang.  Calon Pakatan Harapan ini tiada bezanya dengan ahli-ahli Parlimen lain Pakatan Harapan yang memegang serentak kerusi DUN dan Parlimen, kemudiannya sibuk berceramah di sana sini dan tiada masa untuk diluangkan secara peribadi di kawasan-kawasan yang telah memilih mereka sebagai wakil suara pengundi.

Malah, Azhar dengan berbesar hatinya telah umumkan kepada para pengundi Sungai Besar bahawa beliau akan lawat kawasan sebanyak dua bulan sekali! Sebulan sekali sekiranya beliau seronok!

Kalau inilah yang terbaik boleh PAN berikan untuk rakyat, eloklah kita ramai-ramai baling mikrofon ke arah Presidennya, Mohamad Sabu.

Jangan juga kita lupakan siapa sebenarnya di belakang  tabir mentadbir PAN – tidak lain dan tidak bukan parti DAP sendiri.

Sejak mula hari pencalonan lagi kelihatan “para pembesar” DAP kelihatan berkempen dengan agresif bagi pihak PAN. Ianya bukanlah sesuatu yang menghairankan. PAN lahir akibat hasutan jahat DAP terhadap ahli-ahli PAS yang pernah ada bai’ah bercerai suami-isteri talak tiga sekiranya keluar meninggalkan PAS. Maka keldai-keldai tunggangan DAP ini bekerja keras mengikut arahan yang diberikan oleh tuan DAP mereka untuk cuba memenangi kerusi Sungai Besar dan Kuala Kangsar. Kemenangan PAN adalah kemenangan DAP:

Apa yang nak dihairankan mengenai hukum bersama bekas isteri yang dicerai talak tiga kalau boleh bersekongkol dengan golongan evangelis yang tidak pernah senang dengan kedudukan istimewa Bumiputra dan agama Islam sebagai agama Persekutuan Malaysia?

Seorang lagi yang menangguk di air yang keruh bersekongkol dengan PAN dan DAP ialah Mahathir Mohamad, seorang yang mengaku Melayu kerana bencikan bangsa nenek moyangnya.

Kerja Mahathir adalah untuk mendapatkan sokongan rakyat untuk mencapai agenda persendiriannya termasuklah berbaik dengan musuh-musuhnya.

Sejak memulakan serangan terhadap Perdana Menteri, bekas ahli UMNO ini yang pernah menangis kerana memecat dirinya sendiri dari jawatan Perdana Menteri cuba membuktikan bahawa beliau masih mendapat sokongan rakyat dalam perjuangan memenuhi nafsu sendiri. Ini termasuklah mengitar semula isu lapok yang sudah berjawab dan membuat dakwaan-dakwaan yang tidak berasas di mana beliau sendiri akui bahawa beliau tiada bukti untuk menyokong dakwaan-dakwaan beliau, tidak ubah seperti para pejuang papan kekunci yang mengharapkan bayaran.

Malah, “sokongan” yang beliau perolehi juga adalah penipuan sebesar “sokongan” yang didakwanya.

Serangan Mahathir juga tidak terbatas kepada Najib; malah Abdul Hadi Awang juga menjadi sasaran kempennya. Maka apakah agenda Mahathir kalau bukan membantu evangelis untuk menjatuhkan Islam dan Melayu?

Di hari terakhir tempoh berkempen ini, fikir-fikirkanlah. Undilah calon yang boleh membawa kemajuan, pembangunan, peluang pekerjaan, penambahbaikan mutu kehidupan, perpaduan dan kesejahteraan.

Siapa pun yang bakal anda pilih, janganlah dipilih calon parti keldai yang hanya akan menjenguk anda dua bulan sekali.

Mari kita tonton video terakhir:

Pernicious Pakatan

I still remember before the 12th General Elections when the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat came up with 23 promises in their manifesto. The first category, “Administration” had these:

  1. To ensure that all state assemblymen are always clean from misappropriation or corruption throughout their term of service.
  2. To form a special body To investigate any misappropriation regarding the administration of land and other state resources.

Everyone lauded the now-defunct Pakatan Rakyat for the manifesto. Soon after forming the state government the MACC was already investigating shady deals involving the state government that led to the demise of witness Teoh Beng Hock whose death benefitted DAP more than the Barisan Nasional, and the aide of former Menteri Besar, Khalid Ibrahim who has sinced been sentenced to prison with whipping.

Recently, PKR’s Chicken Blower Rafizi Ramli (above) made a report to the MACC on bribes being asked by members of the Selangor administration.

The bribes, in the form of women, are said to be asked to those wanting favours from people in the state government.

Today, we have been shocked once again – a former PKR Selangor MP has been arrested by the MACC for receiving bribes amounting to RM30,000 to facilitate a contractor’s tender process. He is also being investigated for eight other offences.

A despicable offence that he is also being investigated for is the misappropriation of provident funds of a disabled person. The money totaling  RM60,000 was siphoned out from the provident fund account after he convinced the disabled person to withdraw the savings and passed to him.

All the offences above were committed while he was still in office yet not one special body was set up by the Pakatan Rakyat government.

Pakatan Rakyat/Pakatan Harapan mase so much noise about the alleged abuses done by the Barisan Nasional from 1974-2008. Yet, the Selangor state government has managed to do despicable things within the first eight years alone.

They had no qualms cheating a disabled person of his life savings. And do you still want to give them power?

58 And Wanting

Will the 58th Air Force Day see the full retirement of the MiG-29N?

2016 has seen the Royal Malaysian Air Force lose two of its valuable assets – a CN235 transport aircraft, and a MB-339CM lead-in fighter trainer. To top that, there is still no announcement of a stop-gap measure to replace the MiG-29N.

The shortfall is very noticeable especially among observers whom have noted that in regional exercises, the RMAF would normally commit four fighters per squadron while a neighbour could easily muster ten.

The Royal Malaysian Navy has recently embarked on its Littoral Combat Ship program. This has been a long-awaited program given that China has forward bases in the Spratlys after reclaiming some 1,170 hectares. Commercial aircraft have been landing at the airstrips built there, we know what those airstrips are able to handle.

The Falklands War of 1982 and the Force ‘Z’ disaster closer to home on 10th December 1941 are poignant reminders that air superiority and the element of surprise are critical in modern air and naval warfare. Without the MiG-29s or their replacements force projection is somewhat limited. Maritime Patrol Aircraft play an important role in locating   enemy surface assets, while airborne tankers will allow air assets to have longer loiter and patrol capabilities. As written in a previous article an Airborne Early Warning system would also help the RMAF to “see beyond” what it currently could. The RMAF has been in want of AEW assets since the 1980s, a dream yet to be fulfilled.

Also important would be a mobile radar in the Peninsular with at least three in Sabah and Sarawak would enhance our air defence capabilities. Passive radar system would also enhance aircraft identification process.

Importantly everything should be at a minimum operational and combat readiness level of seventy percent. And this number should include the spares we need to run these systems.

The RMAF has very good and skilled human assets but without the tools needed to make the organisation combat-effective. Again, it is hoped that the government can pay serious attention to the needs of the Armed Forces – the RMAF in particular. A stop-gap measure with over 70 percent operational and combat readiness is what the government needs to assist the RMAF with.

Only then the RMAF would truly be “Sentiasa Di Angkasaraya.”

Happy 58th Anniversary, RMAF. We hope your dreams will soon come true.