Otak Katak Puru

Katak Puru adalah di antara lima binatang terbodoh di dunia. Walaupun saiznya yang besar yang bermakna saiz otaknya juga besar, ianya amat bodoh. Ianya dikatakan terbodoh kerana tidak dapat membezakan di antara haiwan lain yang masih hidup mahupun yang telah mati, terutamanya di musim mengawan.

Di Australia, Katak Puru jantan jenis Cane Toad biasa dilihat cuba bersenyawa berjam-jam lamanya dengan Katak Puru betina yang telah penyet digelek tayar kereta. Dan kebodohannya tidak terhad hanya kepada katak puru lain, ianya juga pernah dilihat cuba bersenyawa dengan cicak kobeng yang sudah mati, ular yang sudah mati, dan juga tikus yang telah dilenyek tayar kenderaan.

Dan kegigihan katak puru ini cuba bersenyawa dengan haiwan yang telah mati dapat dilihat apabila ia sanggup menghabiskan masa berjam-jam untuk menarik minat haiwan-haiwan yang telah mati ini untuk bersenyawa dengannya.

Begitulah keadaannya dengan segelintir haiwan bergelar manusia di Malaysia ini. Tengahari tadi saya disajikan dengan hiburan Whatsapp dari seekor katak puru versi manusia yang bekerja sebagai seorang jurutera di salah sebuah syarikat minyak dan gas swasta terkemuka.

Berikut adalah mesej Whatsapp yamg dikirim beliau dalam grup Whatsapp kami:

“Zahid Hamidi said : “Forget the past and vote BN.”

Maksudnya, lupakan yang telah lepas dan undi lah BN.

Eh, 1MDB bukan sejarah… GST bukan sejarah… Harga ikan kembong RM21 sekilo bukan sejarah…. Harga barang keperluan naik melambung bukan sejarah… Kenaikan harga petrol dan diesel bukan sejarah….

Orang UMNO kata, harga petrol dan diesel bergantung kepada harga minyak dunia….

Bila kita tanya berapa harga minyak dunia sekarang…? haram tak tahu….

Harga minyak dunia sekarang ialah USD68.85 per barrel.

1 barrel tu banyak mana…? 1 barrel = 159 liter.

USD68.85 = RM268.14

Jadi, 159 liter = RM268.14

Jadi, 1 liter = RM1.68

Harga sepatutnya : RM1.68/liter

Itu harga yang sepatutnya, tanpa subsidi dari kerajaan… iaitu RM1.68 seliter, kalau nak ikut harga pasaran dunia.

Tapi berapa harga runcit yang dijual kepada rakyat sekarang…? RM2.31 seliter…!!!

RM2.31 – RM1.68 = RM0.63

Jadi, sebenarnya rakyat yang memberi subsidi kepada kerajaan sebanyak RM0.63 bagi setiap 1 liter petrol yang dibeli….!! Sekarang…!!

Ini yang Zahid suruh rakyat lupa….?”


Kalau mesej ini datangnya dari seorang pelajar sekolah, saya boleh maafkan. Tetapi ianya datang dari seorang jurutera syarikat minyak dan gas. Beliau hanya mengambil kira harga minyak mentah, dan tidak mengambil kira kos-kos lain.

Setelah minyak dikeluarkan dari perut bumi melalui proses penggerudian, minyak mentah yang dikeluarkan ini diuji tahap kelekitan (kepadatan) dan tahap kandungan sulfur. Minyak mentah yang padat dan tinggi kandungan sulfur adalah sukar untuk ditapis.

Minyak mentah ini dibawa ke loji-loji penapisan untuk ditapis. Kos pengangkutan ini juga perlu diambil kira.

Kemudian kita ada kos penapisan. Dari setiap barrel minyak tersebut, ianya ditapis untuk menghasilkan bahan-bahan seperti minyak pelincir, tar untuk membuat jalan, gas penapis cecair, minyak kapalterbang dan hanya sekitar 51 peratus menjadi minyak petrol dan disel. Setiap jenis penapisan mempunyai kosnya yang tersendiri yang mesti juga diambil kira.

Kemudian, minyak yang telah diproses ini perlu dihantar kepada para pemborong atau terminal penapis. Ini juga mempunyai kosnya.

Minyak ini kemudiannya diedar kepada para pengedar di mana ia dicampur dengan bahan campuran (additives). Ini melibatkan dua jenis kos.

Akhirnya, minyak ini dijual kepada stesen-stesen minyak kepunyaan syarikat-syarikat minyak terkemuka dan pengedar terbuka. Kos penghantaran juga mesti diambil kira.

Sebelum ianya dipam dari stesen minyak ke dalam kenderaan kita, kos dan keuntungan pengusaha stesen minyak juga perlu diambil kira.

Jadi, berapakah kos akhir yang dikenakan kepada para pengguna setelah semua kos proses-proses di atas diambil kira? Sudah tentu bukan RM1.68 seliter.

Hal ini pernah dibangkitkan sejak tiga tahun lepas dan telah diterangkan beratus atau beribu kali. Kalau ini kaedah perkiraan yang digunakan, kenapa tak guna harga susu getah bila membeli tayar kereta?

Namun ianya masih dikongsikan okeh mereka-mereka yang berkelulusan tinggi yang seperti katak puru tadi, masih cuba menghidupkan isu yang sudah mati.

Ada Faham, Rais?

“I don’t know if i have a brain!”

Recently, 14 European Union ministers and 3 Charges D’Affaires met with members of Pakatan Harapan. Rais Hussin (above) who heads the Policy and Strategy Bureau of Pribumi wrote that the claim of Foreign Minister Anifah Aman that Pakatan had breached the sovereignty of Malaysia was ludicrous and off target. He went as far as quoting the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961.

Very laudable, Rais. Good effort in trying to at least look clever. They say ‘The Devil is always in the details‘, Rais. The very least you could do is read the statement by the Foreign Minister properly.

He said ‘mengundang campur tangan‘ which, if translated properly, means ‘inviting interference‘ in Malaysia’s domestic issues as well as the issues raised to the delegates would effect the image and sovereignity of the country.

The concern of the Malaysian Government is why is Pakatan Harapan members, especially PPBM members who do not even hold seats in Parliament (with the exception of self-proclaimed Brunei citizen Mukhriz Mahathir who is the ADUN of Jerlun), air domestic issues to representatives of foreign nations? What is the intention here?

Years ago, Mahathir chide the west for poking their noses into Malaysia’s domestic affairs. Now you are asking foreign nations to interfere but at the same time chide the Government for inviting foreign investments from China and the Middle East. That is blowing hot and cold at the same time.  It is a known fact that you are full of hot air anyway but you are undoubtedly a qualified and proven strategist. Just look at how spectacular Muhyddin is doing now (that was being ironic and sarcastic in case it escaped your alleged intellectual mind).

Did Mahathir chide Anwar for seeking support from Al Gore, Estrada etc? Wait! You reformed! Of course! That is why Mahathir has done a U-turn and is doing what Anwar did. So was Anwar right? Did Mahathir actually screw Malaysia for 22 years?

Bad mouthing our country to outsiders is simply in bad taste. Sabotaging the country for your own political gain? And it was thought that Mahathir and PPBM could sink no lower.

Are you hoping for the EU to place an embargo on Malaysia? It would definitely affect the Palm Oil industry which will in turn affect the small producers. So, when these people lose their income and can’t provide food on the table, will you be answerable?

You talk about 1MDB, SRC and Felda without any hint of knowledge concerning the matters. The US, Singapore, Switzerland took action after Bank Negara hit 1MDB with heavy penalties.

The SRC, Felda and Mara are still under investigation in case you are unaware. Any form of investigation would not happen if Mahathir were the Prime Minister because he would just instruct the MACC to turn a blind eye just like in the case of the BNM Forex scandal.

By the way, do you even understand what 1MDB is all about? You probably do a little after all those hours of trying to memorise and parrot what the blogs alleged. Or perhaps you received advice from Pakatan’s renowned economists i.e. Mat Sabu, who coincidentally is the person who coined the term ‘Mahafiraun‘ for your beloved ‘Prime Minister’-designate, a name that is still being used by the original reformasi people in reference to him.

With regards to the 1MDB, not one individual has been charged or arrested in the US despite all attempts by Pakatan to get the DOJ to take action. A civil action has been taken, which the DOJ had applied to the US courts but even that, further action had to be postponed. Why is this so? It is because although Pakatan sent its goons over to the US to report about the loss of money from 1MDB, the US DOJ is having problems trying to ascertain where the money is actually from as 1MDB has not lost any money.

However, you can be proud of the constant use of the word ‘kleptocracy’ which shows that you are capable of some form of basic intelligence – amoeba level, that is.

Those arrested and charged in Singapore were all bank employees who flouted the local financial regulations.  Sorry to spoil your stupid fun but those people are NOT related to, nor are they employed by the 1MDB.

Perhaps, if you were to put in some effort to properly read the Foreign Minister’s  statement (two months should do for you given your level of comprehension), the concerns were regarding the good name, integrity and guaranteed sovereignty of the country.  It did not at all touch on electoral monitoring groups.

The point is, both the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister were disturbed by the actions of Pakatan bad mouthing Malaysia to outsiders.  And this begs a question from me: IF YOU ARE SO CONFIDENT OF FORMING THE NEXT GOVERNMENT, AND HAVE THE NUMBERS WHY DO YOU HAVE TO SEEK THE HELP OF FOREIGNERS?

Surely a person like Anifah Aman who has served two terms as the Malaysian Foreign Minister and widely respected on the world stage knows, unlike you, his subject matter. Anifah spoke facts on possible ramifications of the shallow-minded actions Pakatan had made.

The Foreign Minister made no mention that it is wrong for the EU Ambassadors to meet with MPs of the Opposition as this is the norm in democratic nations but the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations allows the Government to take the necessary action if any diplomat intervenes in the internal affairs of a country.

Unlike you, the Foreign Minister is a man who is not just a politician, but more so that he is a very well respected diplomat. He is well respected around the world, and in the US is well received by both the Democrats and Republican Senate reprentatives. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise to you that he also holds several important international portfolios and, unlike your master who gave Malaysian identity cards to foreigners in Sabah, has the undeniable loyalty and affection of the majority of Sabahans.

Stop behaving as if you are intelligent. Allah Knows. Ada faham, Rais?

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